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Chapter 1705: Nothing to Say!


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 Lin Feng was extremely worried when he saw that. He immediately took out his Xuan Yuan sword and stabbed the walls of the taotie’s stomach. Since they couldn’t get out through its mouth, they had to make a hole in its stomach!


When the Xuan Yuan Sword struck the taotie’s stomach, lightning exploded. Rainbow-colored lights emerged from the wall and illuminated the whole area, but the stomach wasn’t pierced.

Lin Feng attacked several times, but nothing worked. Each time, powerful rainbow-colored lights absorbed the strength and dispersed it.

The precious treasures inside of the taotie’s stomach were as tough as iron. Its stomach was also like an iron cauldron. It seemed impossible to destroy.

If it continued, even if they didn’t get digested and melted, they would just end up dying of old age at some point. They would be prisoners in that stomach forever!

Lin Zu suddenly pointed in a direction and said, “Hurry up and look; what is that?”

Lin Feng looked and saw something floating above their heads. A disc was spinning, energies rolling in waves around it. It was a head!

“Eh?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why could the taotie keep the precious treasures under control inside of its body, but not that head? Why could that head roam around freely? Could it be that its nature was different from the other precious treasures?

Lin Feng grabbed the head with one hand and realized he hadn’t seen what it was before because it was floating in energies. It wasn’t a head; it was just a face mask! Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of material was used to make it, but it was extremely tough.

As Lin Feng was inspecting it, the mask suddenly started shaking. The mouth of the mask opened and bit Lin Feng’s finger!

“Ah!” Lin Feng shouted. The mask could bite?! What a piece of crap!

Lin Feng hastily pushed the mask and threw it away. He looked at his bleeding finger. Lin Feng raised his sword angrily and charged the mask, which was floating in the distance. 

The mask suddenly shouted. It… could speak!

“The Dragon-Phoenix blood succeeded in finding its Master…” Lin Feng took his sword back. The mask seemingly became softer, and a warm energy emerged from the mask. The atmosphere around them became illusory.

What did it mean, the Dragon-Phoenix blood had successfully found a Master? Could it be that…? Lin Feng suddenly remembered he had Dragon-Phoenix blood in his body. Could it be that the mask now considered him its master?

But even if that was the case, what was the point? They were imprisoned in the taotie’s stomach. He had no time to take care of a fake face.


The mask suddenly moved towards Lin Feng, emitting whistling sounds. Lin Feng was startled, and lifted his sword without even realizing it, struck the mask. Surprisingly, the mask became liquid and then slowly turned into an intact mask again.

“Lin Feng, that mask thinks you’re its Master now, so why don’t you take it?” Qing Huang Tian advised him curiously. 

Lin Feng looked pensive, and grabbed the mask. It felt like real human skin when Lin Feng touched it. Lin Feng slowly put it on his face. Surprisingly, the mask suddenly started transforming and fusing with his skin.

Nian Ling Jiao shouted, “Ahhh! Lin Feng! Throw it away!”

Lin Feng dropped the mask and asked Nian Ling Jiao what was wrong, “Why did you make me throw it away?”

Nian Ling Jiao didn’t have time to reply, Qian Jin Cai Yue said, “A moment ago, it started stealing your face, and your face started transforming into someone else’s! It’s not a good item!”

Lin Feng hastily asked, “I was transforming into someone else? Into whom?”

“You were transforming into… Chi You…” said Qian Jin Cai Yue worriedly. Lin Feng looked at the statue. At that moment, it didn’t look like Chi You at all. It was just a faceless face. It didn’t look like anyone at all.

Suddenly, Lin Feng understood. The taotie protected Chi You’s statue; Lin Feng was now convinced that that mask was Chi You’s!

In the end, Lin Feng had started turning into Chi You… Lin Feng asked, “I’ll put it on again and you tell me who I look like…”

“Don’t put it on again! It’s an ancient and strange item, but I don’t think it’s good at all…” said Qing Huang Tian and Nian Ling Jiao together. They didn’t want Lin Feng to turn into someone else. What if Lin Feng couldn’t turn back into himself again?

Lin Feng was too curious. He grit his teeth and said, “It’s alright! I want to try!”

He put the mask back on. The mask seemingly had a soul. It immediately surrounded Lin Feng face and started fusing with his own skin!

“AAAAHHHHHHH… Lin Feng… How come you look like me now…!” Qing Huang Tian was terrified and stepped back. Her eyes were wide; she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised because when he put the mask on. He had been thinking that he wanted to turn into Qing Huang Tian, and it worked! Didn’t it prove that he could control the mask mentally?

Lin Feng hastily asked, “Who do I look like now?”, thinking, Turn into Nian Ling Jiao… Turn into Nian Ling Jiao…

“Oh, Lin Feng! You transformed into Nian Ling Jiao!”

“Indeed! How come you transformed into me now?” Nian Ling Jiao was dumbstruck.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “I knew it. This item is strange and ancient indeed, but I can use it to turn into whomever I want. Look, I’ll turn into Qian Jin Cai Yue now…”

Lin Feng now had the face of a beautiful woman; thin, long, soft, and beautiful, with arched eyebrows. He also sounded like Qian Jin Cai Yue. If he didn’t have a male body, anyone would have thought he and Qian Jin Cai Yue were twins.

Lin Feng said helplessly, “Even though it’s a strange item, I don’t know what its use is. Could it be just a mask used for fun to play tricks on others?”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel bored, and tried to think of a way to escape again. At that moment, he was astonished; the taotie’s stomach surprisingly became transparent! Lin Feng could see everything outside!

Chang’e and the others were fighting against the beasts, but there were more beasts than humans, so it was complicated. Chang’e was already exhausted and in danger. The beasts didn’t seem like they wanted to kill them though. Their mouths were moving.

Chang’e was terrified and shouted, “Piss off fucking beasts! Shameless scumbags!”

Lin Feng looked awkward. Were those beasts in heat?! Why did they surround Chang’e? Why did they completely ignore the other cultivators?

Lin Feng shouted furiously again, “Fucking beasts! I will destroy you!”

After that, he cut out with his Xuan Yuan Sword, which streaked across the sky and scared the beasts, which dispersed and ran in all directions. Chang’e cried out in fear, “AAAHHH!… Lin Feng! You’re not dead! Destroy those despicable beasts!”

Lin Feng was startled. He realized that he hadn’t come out of the taotie’s stomach, so why had his Xuan Yuan sword worked? He had even managed to kill a few beasts!

Lin Feng walked to the wall of the stomach and was astonished when he realized he could step out. The taotie looked down at Lin Feng. It didn’t look ferocious anymore at all. It looked at Lin Feng and regarded him kindly!

Lin Feng whispered, “Could it be that this taotie submitted…? Could it be that it now considers me its master?”

Thinking about that, Lin Feng pointed at the taotie with his sword and said, “Taotie, hurry up and release my friends, otherwise…”

He wasn’t even done talking when the taotie opened its mouth, and its stomach contracted. Lin Feng thought the taotie was going to attack him, and hastily lifted his sword, but then the taotie spat out a few people.

Plop, plop, plop! They all fell on the ground. The taotie had spat out all the people it had eaten. 

Most Exalted Lord Lao was astonished. “What’s going? I thought the taotie ate but never excreted its food. Could it be that the rumors are wrong?”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but think about it. He checked Qing Huang Tian and the others; they were fine!

When the beasts saw the taotie spit out Qing Huang Tian and the others, they immediately came back to attack. Lin Feng had no time to even lift his sword before the taotie had already eaten some of them up!

The other beasts hadn’t expected such a sudden change. One shouted furiously, “Taotie! How dare you eat your own people? Hurry up and spit them back out!”

When the taotie heard them, the taotie opened its mouth, but Lin Feng hastily shouted, “I forbid you, taotie!”

The taotie immediately closed its mouth again. That beast cursed, “Taotie, you dare betray Chi You? Aren’t you afraid of being sealed again?”

The taotie looked hesitant again. It seemed terrified of Chi You. Lin Feng started getting worried. He hastily said, “Taotie, Chi You sealed you for thousands of years. Could it be that you want to continue being sealed for a long time? It’s time for you to get your revenge now. Eat those people and you’ll be free!”

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