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Chapter 1706: Space and Time In The Demon Region! 


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 The beasts suddenly looked nervous. The leader of the group spat angrily, “Everybody join hands! Let’s kill him!”

The dozens of beasts charged Lin Feng at the same time. They wanted to kill Lin Feng and regain control of the taotie. However, as they were jumping forward, the taotie suddenly soared up, opened its gigantic mouth and ate half of them in one bite. Lin Feng killed the other half with his sword.

The taotie licked its lips and burped loudly. Lin Feng wanted to flatter it when the taotie said, “You can release me now, master. I’ve been sealed here for thousands of years. I need to see the outside world…”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He took two steps back. Lin Feng hadn’t expected the taotie to speak their language!

Wang Yuan was behind Lin Feng, also astonished. He asked Lin Feng, “What’s wrong with you, Lin Feng?”

“Don’t worry. I just hadn’t thought that the taotie could speak our language, so I nearly fainted!” Lin Feng explained. He felt embarrassed. 

Wang Yuan looked stupefied and said, “What? The taotie can speak our language? Really?”

“Eh? Didn’t you just hear him?” Lin Feng asked Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan shook his head. Lin Feng looked at Qing Huang Tian and the others, they all shook their heads. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. . .

“Master, other people can’t hear what I tell you. Look at my mouth, it doesn’t move when I speak,” said the taotie.

As it said, the taotie’s mouth didn’t move, but Lin Feng could hear the loud voice in his mind. The taotie said, “Master, let’s hurry up and leave. This cave is going to collapse. If we don’t leave…”

As the taotie was speaking, Lin Feng suddenly heard rumbling sounds. The ground cracked. Lin Feng and the others flew away speedily!


When they came out of the tunnel, Lin Feng and the others realized that the situation was terrible. The guards had lost the battle. They had gone and fled after losing too many people. The beasts were interested in those humans. They chased after them to eat them alive!

Lin Feng and the others looked at the beasts. The beasts roared. They flapped their gigantic wings and charged.

Chirp… Chirp… Chirp!… It seemed they were calling their friends. A loud bellow came from the horizon. Something flashed in the dark sky.

The bird-like creatures were so numerous that they blotted out the sky and covered the earth. Lin Feng was startled. The taotie roared furiously at that moment. It raised its gigantic claws and slammed one of the bird creatures.

The strange beast hadn’t thought one of its colleagues would attack it. The beast immediately looked angry and charged Lin Feng and the others. Dozens of creatures also surrounded the taotie.

The taotie’s body shone with light. Five colors emerged from its body. It was turning into a godly rainbow beast! Its gigantic body rose into the air. It started fighting against the strange creatures and the strange bird-like creatures. Now and then, some creatures fell from the sky. Lin Feng and the others were on the ground, their weapons were dancing around them. They had to destroy the creatures.


A gigantic bird landed in front of Lin Feng. The bird wasn’t dead, still struggling. When the bird saw Lin Feng, it looked even more ferocious. It screeched furiously, raised its claws, and charged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng threw a punch. He didn’t expect his fist to bounce off the bird. It felt like he had punched something made of iron. The bird didn’t give up. Lin Feng hastily cut with his Xuan Yuan Sword again. The bird suddenly looked scared and flinched back.

Lin Feng had no time to strike the bird though; the taotie descended from the sky and swooped down on the bird, cutting it with its sharp claws. Suddenly, there were gaping wounds all over the bird’s body, and stinking black blood emerged from its wounds. When drops of the blood landed on the ground, black smoke appeared.

The monstrous bird quickly collapsed. In the end, its flesh and muscles disappeared, leaving only a skeleton behind; then the skeleton turned to ashes and was carried away by the wind.

At that moment, the ground started trembling again. Suddenly, bright dazzling lights appeared and mountains appeared in them, then buildings appeared. The images kept undulating, and the ground kept shaking violently.

Nian Ling Jiao was astonished. She ran over to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, what’s going on? Is it the end of the world?”

“It feels so familiar. It feels the same as when we traveled from the World of Battles to the Earth! Don’t you think?” Lin Feng frowned. Qing Huang Tian was astonished.

A hole appeared in the sky. The world on the other side was spilling in through the hole. It turned into space and time Qi, moving at different speeds. It was putting pressure on the planet Earth.

It looked like the end of the world. People bemoaned their fate and ran away in all directions. Many people were too slow; the lights surrounded them and they turned into black threads of smoke in midair. They completely disappeared, like they had never existed!

Many people were terrified when they saw that; nobody knew what those lights were and didn’t know what to do. They didn’t know what was going to happen.

Lin Feng hadn’t even had time to think about it when the lights undulated even more and put more and more pressure on the ground. There was an explosion. A gigantic wave of space and time energy rolled out

The sky went dark again, and a very strong wind blew. Energies rolled in waves in the sky. Each wave surged loudly, and the ground was still shaking violently.

Lin Feng and the others realized that the places the waves reached became illusory. The ground turned into a shiny transparent ocean. The Earth transformed, and turned into another place.

Lin Feng and the others were standing on the edge of the ocean. They quickly flew up to avoid touching the ground. Lin Feng hastily took two steps back and took Qing Huang Tian and the others in his arms as they were panicking.

Wang Yuan shouted, “Oh my Heavens! What the hell is happening?”

Wang Yuan was a real cultivator from Earth, so he wasn’t familiar with space and time energies. He had never seen anything like this before. He whispered, “Lin Feng, where are we now? Has our planet, the Earth, been destroyed? What about my parents…?”

Chang’e was astonished as well. She clenched her fists and asked, “Lin Feng, are we now in Heaven? Are we dead?”

Most Exalted Lord Lao and the others all looked excited. Yang Zhi said, “Could it be that we are in Heaven now? So Heaven is like this? But then why…”

Yang Zhi didn’t have time to finish that sentence when they heard a woman’s voice. Everybody quickly turned around, and saw many people and beasts behind them. They all looked at Lin Feng and the others ferociously.

Lin Feng noticed a few familiar faces. Chi You’s evil and ferocious smile! The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil and her proud sneer! The Eight Old Men of the Cauldrons! King Zhou! Da Ji, and others! All kinds of strange people!

“Lin Feng, we finally meet again! Hehehehe!…” said the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil, smiling and stepping forwards, rolling her hips seductively.

Lin Feng calmed down. He didn’t really understand what was going on. What if something happened to them?

Lin Feng pretended to be indifferent and replied, “Holy Buddha Mother of Evil, I’d like to ask you what’s going on here. What kind of spell did you use? Or is it just an ordinary illusion?”

If it were an illusion, then it was quite astonishing. Lin Feng didn’t know who had created it, so how strong was that cultivator? There was no difference between this illusion and a real world!

“Hehehehe! Lin Feng, since you’re so curious, I can tell you the truth. It’s not an illusion. It’s a real world. My husband Chi You created it. He’s the ultimate ruler here! He made a new isolated world with space and time energies. And now we’re going to destroy you scum!” the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil laughed loudly and evilly.

Wang Yuan asked angrily, “What about the space and time of the Earth? Has it been destroyed?”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil looked at him mockingly. She shook her head and sighed, “The space and time of the Earth? Hehehehe. Here is the space and time of your Earth! But it’s a new space and time and a new Earth, that’s all. Now, we’re going to destroy all the cultivators of the Earth. It’s time for the Beast Clan to rule the universe, and you ordinary humans should all die! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” 

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