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Chapter 1707: Betrayal!


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 Chi You interrupted the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil and said, “Lin Feng, even though you’ve always been lucky and accidentally became the ruler of space and time of the Earth, you’re also unlucky to be Chi You’s enemy. In the past, you used to be the pride of the real cultivators of the Earth, but now you became their biggest tragedy. Now, we’ll give you one last chance…”

Lin Feng had no time to reply before Chang’e spoke first, “Chi You, what do you mean by one last chance?”

Chi You looked glum. He looked at Chang’e, Most Exalted Lord Lao, and the others angrily. He said icily, “I’m saying I’ll give Lin Feng an opportunity. Regarding you and the others, I won’t give you any chance. You will all die. You are all traitors.”

“Great Immortal Chi You, we are not enemies. We’ve never been enemies. Besides, I have nothing to do with Lin Feng. I agree to submit and pledge allegiance to you…” someone suddenly spoke up behind Lin Feng. It was a cultivator who had submitted and pledged allegiance to Lin Feng at the same time as Most Exalted Lord Lao!

When that cultivator said that, someone else instantly spoke out as well, “Great Immortal Chi You, we agree to submit and pledge allegiance to you. We’re willing to help you kill Lin Feng and the others!”

Lin Feng hadn’t expected these people to betray him!

“Holy Child of Fire! What did you just say? You’re going to betray me?” yelled Most Exalted Lord Lao, pointing at one of the two cultivators. The two cultivators looked terrified. They hastily ran over to Chi You and stood on his side.

One of them swallowed and said, “So what? Even if we betrayed you, Most Exalted Lord Lao, so what? Initially, we were on Great Immortal Chi You’s side. YOU threatened us and said we should follow Lin Feng! Now, we don’t agree anymore!”

Initially, those two people were working for Most Exalted Lord Lao; they made golden pellets for him using fire. They were also in charge of protecting the pellet cauldrons. He hadn’t expected them to betray him!

Most Exalted Lord Lao stroked his beard and pointed at the two cultivators. “You scumbags! I saved you back in the day! If I hadn’t saved you, you’d be dead already!”

When the Earth had sunk into chaos, the two cultivators were ordinary people; Most Exalted Lord Lao had saved them.

After that, they had followed Most Exalted Lord Lao and had meditated in seclusion together. They had worked hard and had also absorbed lots of spiritual Qi. They had become cultivators like that!

Therefore, no matter what, Most Exalted Lord Lao was like their father. Now they betrayed him; it was extremely cruel.

The two of them glanced at each other and said, “Most Exalted Lord Lao, you indeed saved us, but then you used us as your slaves, and you insulted us all the time!”

The other said, “Do you remember when we ate a few of your pellets and you used a fire horsetail whisk to hit us for forty-nine days? We’ve never suffered more than on that day!”

He suddenly lifted his robe. Lin Feng and the others swallowed. His entire body was covered in red scars. They were quite fearsome!

Most Exalted Lord Lao looked glum as he took out his horsetail whisk and answered, “Nonsense! Back then, you two chose how you wanted to get punished. If I had known you would betray me, I would have burned you to concoct some more pellets.”

The two of them smiled icily. “Indeed, you gave us a choice and we chose to be whipped. Do you think we are so stupid we would kill ourselves? You forced us to become your slaves. We don’t feel any gratitude anymore. It’s all your fault.”

The other one said, “Most Exalted Lord Lao, you’re a hypocrite! We’ve served you for thousands of years. What did we get in exchange? Nothing. You’ve never even given us a valid pellet. You once gave us a pellet, but it was rotten so it had no effect!”

When Lin Feng heard them, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh. It seemed like Most Exalted Lord Lao and these two hated each other. He had saved them and now…

Most Exalted Lord Lao’s face went red. “You two are not nice at all. Back then I may have gone a little bit too far when I whipped you, but after that you destroyed my pellet stove on purpose! You destroyed many golden pellets. You think I didn’t find out? I had a guilty conscience, so I didn’t say anything. On the contrary, I even let you share a pellet which was eighty percent efficient. Without it, you would have never become who you are now!”

As the two sides were arguing, Chi You suddenly screamed, “ENOUGH! I don’t give a damn about your stupid stories!” He told the two cultivators, “Since you want to submit and pledge allegiance to me, then go and kill Most Exalted Lord Lao!”

The two cultivators were astonished. They looked at Chi You. Chi You looked at them and said angrily, “Is there a problem? If you can’t kill him, then you’re pieces of trash; why would I need pieces of trash?”

He was heartless and emotionless. In the world of real cultivation, only those who were strong had value. The others were useless!

The two cultivators glanced at each other and grit their teeth. They said to Most Exalted Lord Lao, “Most Exalted Lord Lao, today, we’re going to resolve our issues by killing you!”

They took out horsetail whisks from their robes. These weapons turned into fire dragons and charged Most Exalted Lord Lao!

“AAAHHH! Abstruse fire!” Most Exalted Lord Lao cried out in fear. At the same time, he also took out his horsetail whisk, which flowed into a long silhouette.


There was an explosion as the three horsetail whisks collided in the air. The three people fighting were all pushed back.

“Hehe, Most Exalted Lord Lao, you’re an old man. You better surrender. Great Immortal Chi You may spare your life.”

“Traitors! You dared attack me with the horsetail whisks I gave you! I got them from my mother! How despicable!” spat Most Exalted Lord Lao. Golden lights emerged from his horsetail whisk and turned into sharp swords.

The two cultivators were too weak. How could they compete with someone as strong as Most Exalted Lord Lao? They attacked a few times in vain before Most Exalted Lord Lao whipped one of them. He fell rolling to the ground.

Lin Feng had clearly noticed that when the horsetail whisk had reached him, Most Exalted Lord Lao had removed some deadly Qi because he didn’t want to kill them.

But even then, the cultivator coughed blood and rolled over ten meters, stopping at Chi You’s feet. He struggled to get back up, he wanted to say something, but Chi You smiled icily and looked down at him, “Die, you damn piece of trash!”


Chi You grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up. Chi You closed his fist, and the man’s neck crackled. Chi You threw the corpse away.

The other cultivator was having a fierce battle against Most Exalted Lord Lao. When that cultivator saw the other was dead, he shouted, “Brother!”

The two cultivators were actually biological brothers. When he saw that his brother was dead, he hastily stopped fighting against Most Exalted Lord Lao and ran to his brother’s corpse. Then he took him in his arms and burst into tears.

Most Exalted Lord Lao shouted, “Be careful!”

It was too late. Bloody smoke emerged from the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil’s chest and hit him. He was pushed ten meters back and crashed at Most Exalted Lord Lao’s feet. He coughed blood several times and whispered, “Most Exalted Lord Lao… I… I…”

He didn’t have to finish his sentence and died. What he wanted to say was obvious; he regretted he had betrayed the old man.

Most Exalted Lord Lao looked at the dead cultivator and heaved a sigh. “Sigh… You disobeyed me so often… You didn’t take what I said seriously… Without proper foundations, how could you improve?”

“Lin Feng! Is there anything else you’d like to say? You destroyed my Eternal Demon body, so now you have to pay for it!” Chi You declared icily. “Your life is in my hands! Hahahahahaha! Will you kill yourself or do you need me to do it?” Chi You and the others then burst into manic laughter, totally heartless.

“Husband, Lin Feng is strong. His body is of high quality. We could use him to bring the Eternal Demon back to life. We can use the eight cauldron soul refining technique to make a new soul and recreate our baby, the Eternal Demon!” said the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil, staring at Lin Feng.

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil had been watching and plotting against Lin Feng since he had come from the World of Battles to the Earth. She was curious about his cultivation, especially since he was young and handsome, and surprisingly, he was very strong. She really didn’t want Lin Feng to die. She wanted to have sex with him! 

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