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Chapter 1708: Primordial Soul Children!


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 “Eight Old Men of the Cauldrons, he’s yours. Take him and create the strongest soul possible, for my son the Eternal Demon!” said Chi You thoughtfully, agreeing to do what the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil had proposed.

The Eight Old Men of the Cauldrons looked surprised. Lin Feng was extremely strong. If they wanted to kill Lin Feng, it would be easy, but capturing Lin Feng and then refining his body would be extremely complicated!

When Chi You saw those people hesitate, he looked unhappy and demanded, “What are you doing standing there? Hurry up already!”

The Eight Old Men of the Cauldrons suddenly moved forwards, Qi emerging from their bodies and rolled in waves around them. The eight threads of Qi then turned into a gigantic vortex with Lin Feng in the center.

Lin Feng felt some pressure. He wanted to get out of the vortex, but he realized he couldn’t. There were black talismans in the vortex which kept attacking him.

When the black talisman collided against Lin Feng’s protective energies, his energies crackled. The attacks were extremely powerful!

“Hahahahaha! Lin Feng, have a taste of my hellfire! I will make your seven mortal forms go to Hell!” shouted an old man, laughing like a maniac. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would get stuck so quickly.

There was an explosion. The vortex was on fire. The temperature suddenly became scorching hot. His energy armor slowly started to burn.

Black, bloody light beams crashed against Lin Feng’s protective energies and sparked. His armor crackled even more.

Lin Feng realized that his body was getting all soft and powerless, and he was slowing down. He tried to attack the vortex with his Xuan Yuan Sword, but in vain.

Lin Feng was getting desperate when he heard a low sound. Two silhouettes flashed in front of him. It was the two primordial soul children!

The boy and girl were the children Nü Wa had created. After appearing there, the flames in the vortex moved towards them. Not only didn’t they get hurt, but they also smiled, “Hehehe. Nü Wa made this heavenly fire!” said the little girl excitedly. She started inhaling the fire through her mouth. Everybody was dumbstruck.

Chi You and the others panicked. The old cauldron protectors had never seen those two children, so they didn’t understand.

“Lin Feng, what the hell!? You looked for two people to help you? How shameless!” shouted one of the old men. “Don’t think that we’ll spare your life in any case! No matter who they are, nobody can save you!”

Lin Feng glanced at that old man indifferently, then asked the two children worriedly, “What are you doing here? Hurry up and leave! Don’t worry about me!”

“Hehehe, Lin Feng, since when are you so considerate? You think we’re afraid of this fire?” said the primordial girl, smiling proudly. “Nü Wa melted stones to make this Holy Fire. We were created using that fire! We’re so happy to have this fire again! We’re enjoying ourselves so much!”

The two children stretched out their hands and inhaled even more fire. They weren’t injured at all!

“What’s going on, husband?” asked the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil gravely. She was worried already. . .

Chi You frowned and replied, “I didn’t think Lin Feng would get some help from Nü Wa. Those two children are the primordial soul protectors of Huaxia! I thought they had gotten lost and died in the corridors of time. I didn’t think I’d ever hear about them again, or see them. And I never thought they’d help Lin Feng on top of that!”

The old cauldron protectors were covered in cold sweat. One of them hastily asked Chi You, “Ancestor, what do we do? I don’t think we can destroy them! The two kids absorbed all of our Holy Fire! We can’t harm Lin Feng any more!”

It was a fact. Lin Feng wasn’t in pain anymore. He sat down cross-legged in the vortex. His enemies didn’t understand what he was doing. He started making hand seals, and purple lights appeared around him.

Chi You looked at Qing Huang Tian and the others, then he raised his hand and said, “Ignore Lin Feng, get rid of those people first!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil said, “I think we shouldn’t. They’re all high quality bodies. If Lin Feng continues refusing to submit, then we can kill them one by one until he changes his mind!”

Chi You nodded and shouted at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I’ll warn you one last time. If you continue resisting, we’ll kill your women! I think you better not waste anymore time. Are you a coward? Are you going to let your women die because of you?” asked Chi You, sneering at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was furious. He frowned and looked at Chi You menacingly. He grit his teeth and cursed, “You bastard, Chi You! So shameless! You dare people to threaten me? I will not let you have it your way!” Lin Feng was furious and continued cursing.

“Since you are dull and stupid, then don’t blame me for being impolite. Come and save them yourself!” said the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil. The beasts were already charging Qing Huang Tian and the others!

A gigantic ox at the front charged Yang Zhi. Yang Zhi took out an ax. When the blade of the ax reached the ox’s head, nothing happened!

Yang Zhi shouted explosively, “Everybody, be careful! Our cultivation seems like it’s been restricted! I can’t use more than thirty percent of my strength!”

Yang Zhi was strong enough to behead such an ox, but because their cultivation had been restricted, it didn’t work.

“Hahahaha! Yang Zhi, it seems like you don’t understand what’s going on. You are in the space and time world where you’ve always wanted to be! It’s the Central space and time, so of course your cultivation is restricted! Stop struggling now. Submit and play allegiance to me like good little boys. I may even spare your lives if you do!” Chi You scoffed at them.

Yang Zhi was speechless. Chi You was right. Their lives were indeed in his hands. They couldn’t beat him if their strength was restricted!

At that moment, there was an extremely loud voice, “Chi You, I hadn’t thought you would still be so obstinate and continue causing trouble. Back in the days, Yan Huang shouldn’t have been merciful!”

The person who said that was… Lin Feng! But with Dao Yi’s voice! Chi You was astonished and shouted furiously, “Dao Yi… You… You’re.. not dead…?”

Dao Yi and Chi You were founding Heavenly Godly Ancestors. The difference between them was that Dao Yi had gone to Hong Meng and then held himself aloof from the world. Chi You had then become greedy, and had even fought against Yan Huang. He had lost, and had been Sealed for thousands of years!

Chi You had forgotten about Dao Yi. He had thought he had died in the corridors of time. Now Dao Yi was using Lin Feng’s body to communicate. Even Chi You was surprised.

“How could I, Dao Yi, die so easily, Chi You? Not only am I not dead, but Nü Wa, Fu Xi, Hong Jun, and the others are also all alive and well. But you’ve always been obstinate and evil!” declared Dao Yi earnestly and paternally. He continued, “Chi You, you should resign yourself. You have to understand your fate and accept it. Forget your anger. You may have an opportunity to come to Hong Meng someday…”

Chi You was surprised. King Zhou whispered, “Ancestor Chi You, that old grouch wants you to become his slave…”

Da Ji also said, “Ancestor Chi You, you can’t abandon us! Don’t do the same as Yan Huang back then! They slaughtered the beasts! Their blood flowed everywhere. This ground is made of their blood and flesh! Now humans want to use you as slaves, if not eat your flesh! Is that what you want?”

Chi You initially hesitated, but what Da Ji said was fanning the flames of his fury. He had suffered a lot. Their clan had lost lots of people. He remembered those eighty-one tribes in the Li Clan, as well. They had become martyrs in Huaxia. Everybody looked at Chi You angrily, and asked, “Chi You, you promised to help us get our revenge. You agreed to join hands with all of us to obtain the leadership of Huaxia. Are you going to go back against what you said?”

Chi You clenched his teeth and cursed, “Dao Yi, old grouch, I know you’re lying. You want me to come to Hong Meng to become your slave, huh? But you and Fu Xi are evil bastards! You’re on Yan Huang’s side, and Yan Huang slaughtered my people! How could I agree to become your slave? The weak are the prey of the strong in this world, it’s the law of the jungle! If you want to fight, I’m ready to fight, even a battle to death!”

Dao Yi heaved a sigh. “Chi You, you’re really stubborn. We’re in Hong Meng now! We don’t care about worldly affairs anymore. I told you to come here, not for you to suffer. On the contrary, I want you to give up your bad habit of being evil. Come and enjoy life here, otherwise, you’re going to die in tragic circumstances.”

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