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Chapter 1709: Multi-Headed Monster!


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 Pangu was extremely strong, a primal chaos being. He could cut the sky easily and he could use his body to transform into the ten thousand things of creation. He was one of the most honorable and venerable beings in the universe. . .

Ancestor Pangu’s two eyes could make day turn into night or night into day. He could even use them to reincarnate people. He could use his hair to create grass and trees. He had used his blood to create rivers and oceans as well souls.

Then Fu Xi, Nü Wa and the Human Ancestor continued his work. They created trades; they passed on knowledge; then humans had children. That was how Huaxia became a glorious and wonderful place.

But the ten thousand things of creation were all different, so tensions arose between some clans, including between Chi You’s beast clan and humans. Humans tortured animals for tens of thousands of years, so beasts naturally hated humans.

After that, the beasts had finally decided to take their revenge. Under Chi You’s leadership, the beast clan and humans had a thousand-year war. Both sides suffered tragic losses, but the beasts had suffered a great defeat.

The beasts wanted to eliminate humans completely. They didn’t want Nü Wa to receive the fire of Yan Huang’s Clan. Humans took advantage of the fact that beasts were afraid of fire to win quickly, burning many of them to death.

Huaxia had burned for a long time. All the spiritual Qi Pangu had left in Huaxia had been burned. Many mountains and rivers had disappeared, and many cities had collapsed. Most importantly, all sorts of beasts had been killed.

Then the sky had started collapsing. Water had fallen from the sky and had destroyed absolutely everything!

Yan Huang’s Clan had an advantage over Chi You’s clan since they controlled fire. They had easily expelled his clan from the humans’ territory. Then they had used the Yan Huang Jing to Seal the beasts in Ba Huang. They had used nine cauldrons to protect the world, and then humans had finally started living in peace.

Chi You had been sealed in Ba Huang and gone insane. He had decided to slaughter every creature in the universe that wasn’t a beast. Chi You couldn’t give up and join hands with Dao Yi now, could he?

“Dao Yi, I know that you support Lin Feng because you want to destroy all the beasts and me! So today, I will destroy him and ruin your plan!” Chi You screamed explosively. He started transforming into something even more terrifying!

His body started swelling like it was going to explode, but it quickly reached dozens of zhang in size. Eighty-one heads appeared on the terrifying creature. Every head had a different face, but they all looked ugly.

“Eighty-one brothers, you couldn’t die just like that! Today, use my body to come back to life! We’ll conquer the world together!” Chi You’s head shouted madly.

“Leader Chi You, we knew you’d never forget us. Our clan will never be other people’s slaves. We have to avenge our fellows who died fighting for our freedom! Let’s build our brilliant and glorious future again!” shouted a beast enthusiastically.

The other beasts roared ferociously. A gigantic head glanced around greedily.

Chi You said, “Thank you for your trust, brothers. Remember back in the days when we were imprisoned in Ba Huang? If you hadn’t sacrificed yourselves and let me eat your bodies, I would have never been able to survive. I would have starved to death. How could I forget such a thing?”

Back when Chi You was imprisoned in Ba Huang, they had no food, so he ate his friends!

His eighty-one friends had decided to let him eat them. They had killed themselves and Chi You had sworn to their bodies that someday, he would free the beasts from Ba Huang and that they would then go and eliminate all humans.

Now Chi You had even brought his friends back. He felt like a glorious hero. He looked at Qing Huang Tian and the others menacingly.

Chi You’s transformation left them feeling terrified. Chi You was as big as a mountain and ready to kill everyone!

“Lin Feng!  I’ll take one step forward first, take care!” Qing Huang Tian was ready to sacrifice herself, but Lin Feng was already lifting his sword and charging Chi You.

Chi You raised his monstrous claws and charged Qing Huang Tian. He stared at Qing Huang Tian like she was a mere ant who wouldn’t withstand a single attack.


The monster smashed Qing Huang Tian, who was blown away coughing blood. Her body fell from the sky into the dark ocean like a leaf.

The black water was filled with terrifying fish. Many of them came to the surface to devour her. One of them jumped out of the water and opened its mouth.

At that moment, there was an explosion. The Eight Old Men of the Cauldrons were blown away. The vortex in which Lin Feng was suddenly blew apart. An incredible energy emerged from his body and rolled out as it covered the ocean.

Lin Feng flew towards the ocean; half of Qing Huang Tian’s body was already in the fish’s mouth. Lin Feng grabbed her hand and suddenly flew up dozens of meters. The fish closed its mouth, but Qing Huang Tian wasn’t in there anymore. The fish fell back down in the water, then came back up to jump and try to eat Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian a second time.

“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng. He threw a palm strike at it with brute force. Lin Feng was surprised when it turned into a Buddha hand hundreds of meters tall. It didn’t destroy just that one fish, but scores of them. Some were dozens of meters long, some were smaller, but in any case, many died!

The attack caused a gigantic wave. Lin Feng hastily went back to the top of the mountains. One of Chi You’s heads, a gigantic wolf’s head, lunged at Nian Ling Jiao to bite her neck.

Lin Feng hadn’t even landed on the ground when he cried out in fear, “Nian Ling Jiao, be careful!”

At the same time, Lin Feng swept out his sword; an extremely powerful Qi cut the sky and the wolf’s neck. Blood splashed across all the other heads.

“Ah!” Chi You screamed. Blood kept gushing in all directions.

Even though the wolf’s head had been cut, it wasn’t dead and shouted, “Chi You, please avenge me…”

“Lin Feng, you killed my brother! Today we have to kill you all!” Chi You howled, cutting with his claws and attacking again. His gigantic demonic claws and Lin Feng’s gigantic Buddha hand collided with a powerful explosion. Chi You was pushed towards the ground violently from the impact of Lin Feng’s Buddha palm!

Lin Feng put the injured Qing Huang Tian down. He quickly took out medicine and had her take it. Then he said to everybody, “Get on Pangu’s Compass! I’ll get rid of them!”

Lin Feng felt confident. Wang Yuan asked worriedly, “We’re not going anywhere! We’re fighting our enemies together!”

“Come, Lin Feng, wipe your sweat off first!” said Chang’e, smiling and giving Lin Feng a towel. She said, “Lin Feng, you can’t defeat them alone. Have Qing Huang Tian and the others get on Pangu’s Compass, and we’ll help you!”

“Lin Feng, we’ll perish together if we have to. Even if we die together fighting, we can’t let Chi You and the beasts harm any more humans!” said Most Exalted Lord Lao, taking out a golden pellet and giving it to Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng pushed his hand away and declared, “I don’t need a golden pellet! Keep for yourself!”

The God of Thunder promptly stole the golden pellet from Most Exalted Lord Lao’s hand and shouted, “You like to play tricks, huh, old man?! Last time, you said you have no golden pellets left. How come you have so many now?!”

“Pooh! That’s what I saved in case of emergency to save people!” shouted Most Exalted Lord Lao furiously. He was worried now, wondering if they were going to survive…

Back then, he had prayed to obtain the Supreme Great Tao, he had prayed to obtain a longevity skill, but now he was facing the risk of death. He heaved a sigh and said, “Sigh, forget it. Let’s all share this golden pellet together! It may be our last battle ever. Let’s do our best not to die! We have to fight with the vigor we used to have when we were young.”

When Lin Feng saw them wasting time like this, he couldn’t help but release energies which pushed Qing Huang Tian and the others onto Pangu’s Compass. Then he turned around and looked at Chi You!

“Chi You, you and I have to fight. Let’s see how strong the beast clan which suffered for thousands of years is!”

Chi You looked quite solemn now. All his other heads had stopped moving. They looked like tentacles with heads on top because of their long necks.

“Lin Feng!  I’ve already become the ultimate ruler, it’s my realm! You think you’re entitled to fight against me?” sneered Chi You, but at the same time, he was hesitant inside. Lin Feng’s attack had cut one of his heads already, so he could feel a threat…

Lin Feng grunted icily and said, “Chi You, that’s an empty show of strength. You’re making a fool of yourself. You’ve never fooled anyone. Nobody believes you.”

“You… What is that supposed to mean?!” shouted Chi You defiantly. One could see panic in his eyes. He was afraid that Lin Feng might be telling the truth. 

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