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Chapter 1710: Battle to the Death!


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 “You said you were the ultimate ruler of this place, but I don’t believe it. I cut off one of your heads. I now have the advantage. It proves that you are not an ultimate ruler in this world. You’re just relying on your eighty-one friends’ extra strength,” said Lin Feng, observing Chi You carefully to see his reaction. 

When Chi You heard Lin Feng, he couldn’t help but look astonished.

Lin Feng had a plan. He continued, “I think that if I destroy your eighty-one friends’ souls, then the isolated world you created by joining hands with them will be destroyed. Then you’ll be doomed!”

Chi You’s expression changed again. He was shaking with fury. He hadn’t expected Lin Feng to see through his plot. He wasn’t the real ultimate ruler of this place he called the Capitol, but he could have been, if Lin Feng hadn’t existed!

Lin Feng had forced the Eight Old Men of the Cauldrons to fuse the eight Cauldrons of Emptiness together and then had put them in his body. Chi You had failed, even though he was so close to success. The reason why Chi You hadn’t modified Lin Feng’s soul wasn’t because of the Eternal Demon; his real goal was actually to take Lin Feng’s body for himself and use it!

That was the only solution if Chi You wanted to fuse the eight cauldrons he had in his body with Lin Feng’s cauldrons, which would allow him to gain a Cauldron Body; then he would be able to become the ultimate ruler of Huaxia!

“Hmph! Lin Feng, forget it. We’ll see who wins the battle!” said Chi You. He raised his claws again and attacked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t dodge. He threw a palm strike as well!

Lin Feng and Chi You were both pushed back several steps. Their blood felt like it was boiling already. Lin Feng’s arms felt numb, but he said resolutely, “You have the strength of eighty-one beast souls in you, and you’re still that weak.”

Chi You’s face stiffened, but he remained silent. Chi You already felt great pressure. It was the power of the nine cauldrons. It was a kind of ultimate ruler’s imperial Qi!

Chi You was furious. If he had known that earlier, he wouldn’t have asked the eight old cauldron men to refine Lin Feng’s body. Not only couldn’t he use Lin Feng’s three souls and seven mortal forms now, but he had also helped Lin Feng under the Tao of the Nine Cauldrons! The game was not worth the candle!

But now it was all too late. The only thing he could do now was fight as hard as he not just to win, but also to live!

Thinking that, Chi You couldn’t help but realize he had to use his full strength at all costs. Suddenly, he struck his forehead, and his Qi started surging. Eight shadows emerged from his body and turned into eight layers of protection. They all fused together to form a suit of armor!

Purple armor also slowly appeared around Lin Feng, but there was only one layer. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Chi You, even though your armor has eight layers and is thick, it can’t compete with mine which used to be eighty-one layers, fused together, and turned into just one layer!”

“Bah! Bullshit! Let’s see, then!” Chi You shouted explosively while charging Lin Feng. He raised his gigantic claws and struck his own armor. It seemed incredibly resistant.

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be too slow. He raised his right hand; flames appeared and turned into purple cauldron Qi. They collided with Chi You’s Eight Layer Armor.

There were three explosions. Chi You’s gigantic body was pushed a few centimeters into the ground. The ground shook violently, and cracked under Lin Feng’s feet. The mountain was about to collapse!

At the same time, the sky crackled. Chi You looked glum. Lin Feng’s theory was now confirmed. It was Chi You’s isolated world, and it was on the verge of collapse. Once broken, Chi You would suffer a crushing defeat!

It was the last thing Chi You wanted to see. He couldn’t even conceive of such a thing.

He didn’t wait for Chi You to strike back. Lin Feng immediately threw a kick, Chi You raised his claws to cut Lin Feng’s leg. Lin Feng suddenly bellowed, “Good!”

Lin Feng took his left leg back and suddenly flew up ten zhang. He spun in the sky and threw a kick at Chi You’s head!

Chi You was gigantic, so he was slower. By the time he reacted, Lin Feng’s foot was already on his face!

 There was an explosion. Chi You slipped back over ten meters. One of the beasts’ heads exploded when Lin Feng kicked it. Black, bloody smoke appeared.

Kacha! There were lightning bolts in the sky. The sky crackled even more as Chi You charged again. At the same time, his other heads’ necks grew longer and longer as they struck at Lin Feng with their mouths agape.

If those beasts bit him, then Lin Feng’s cauldron Qi would be crushed. Chi You’s chances of winning would increase!

However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let them eat him so easily. He lifted his sword and cut another one of Chi You’s heads. Chi You’s main head paled even more, and looked weaker.

The two of them exchanged even more attacks. Their powerful blows made the mountains collapse even more. Gigantic boulders kept falling in the black water of the ocean, and the monstrous fish fled in all directions.

“Primordial Chaos Formula!” shouted Chi You, looking grave and solemn. The sky became dazzling. The Qi in the air stiffened and became blurry.

The sky looked like crystal. Lin Feng suddenly felt even more under pressure. He could barely move! It felt like he was stuck in mud!

Chi You smiled icily, “Today, I’m going to show how powerful my primal chaos formula is. I will destroy you!”

Lin Feng looked at the mountain under his feet. It was already on the verge of collapse, turning into sand. The most terrifying part was that Lin Feng realized his purple armor was also completely crackled!

There Lin Feng heard the sound of something getting torn apart. The whole space was shaking violently. The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil shouted in panic, “Husband, don’t! Don’t kill us like this!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil and the others were running in all directions.

Chi You laughed frantically and shouted, “Hahahahaha! I am not going to Hell! Other people are! You always say that; since it’s that way, enjoy the power of the primal chaos world!”

The Holy Buddha Mother of Evil cried out in fear, “Husband, please! I beg you!”

“Hmph! You’re dead, girl. Have a good rest. I’m saving the beast clan here, you’re nothing in comparison. My main goal is to kill Lin Feng. Once I kill him, I’ll be the ultimate ruler of Huaxia and then I’ll be able to find any hot girl whenever I want. I’ll find women who are much sexier than you! Hahahahahahahahaha!” 

 “You fucking pig, Chi You! We’ve done all we could for you! We helped you get out of Ba Huang! We helped you come back to life! And now you’re going to kill us? You don’t deserve to live, scumbag…” shouted the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil. She had never thought her husband would be so heartless!

Chi You grabbed the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil with a claw and dragged her back to him, then said to his other heads, “This woman is yours. Eat her and you will be stronger. Let’s destroy all the human scum of this world!”

The other heads immediately started feeding on the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil. She shouted in pain and used her last thread of Qi to curse, “Chi You, I would do anything for you to be annihilated forever! Lin Feng… You should kill this evil…”

She suddenly stopped talking. Blood gushed, and the beasts finished eating her!

In less than a minute, the Holy Buddha Mother of Evil was eaten by the heads!

The people behind Chi You were terrified. They had all wanted to follow Chi You and conquer Huaxia with him. They would be able to enjoy life with him after that. They hadn’t thought Chi You would slaughter people like this at the last minute!

They wanted to escape, but to where? The vortex was all around them, thousands of meters wide. The speed at which the wind blew was astonishing, like a wall!

Chi You didn’t have any empathy for them, either. He immediately ate them all in one bite.

Lin Feng had seen people eat other people before, but he was astonished by the number of people who were eaten. No wonder they were known to be ferocious and bloody!

Lin Feng was even more worried for Qing Huang Tian and the others. He turned his head and looked at Pangu’s Compass. He couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous. The Compass was in a terribly violent tornado. He started flying towards it quickly.

However, Lin Feng couldn’t get any closer to the Compass… It was like they were in different worlds. When he moved, he was slowed!

“Hahahahaha! Die now, Lin Feng! Even though you are extremely talented, you can’t compete with my primal chaos Great Tao. It can destroy the sky; how could you, the descendant of a real cultivator, compete with it?” Chi You smiled mockingly, and drew closer and closer to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng realized that Chi You wasn’t affected by the primal chaos technique at all!

It was the first time Lin Feng had felt so close to death. Chi You’s claws were moving straight towards him! 

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