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Chapter 1711 – Hong Meng and Hundun 



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“Go die!” Chi You’s voice was full of resentment. It was overwhelming, like it was going to tear the sky apart!


Lin Feng couldn’t help but lament. Would he die? There were too many things he hadn’t finished, especially his  promises to Qing Haung Tian and others. He promised them that he would take them back to the World of Battles!


If he died like this, they would never return to the World of Battles. What was more, they would be killed by Chi You, without even leaving a body!


As soon as he thought about it, Lin Feng suddenly shouted, “No! I can’t give up!”


Chi You’s sharp claws were only ten centimeters away from Lin Feng’s chest, but Lin Feng suddenly burst out with a powerful light; Chi You instinctively closed his eyes!




At the same time, Chi You could feel that his giant claw was bounced back. Chi You opened his eyes and saw something he couldn’t believe!


There was a strong cohesive force around Lin Feng’s body, integrating the surrounding space!


These tiny bits of space became part of Lin Feng’s purple armor. Chi You exclaimed, “Hong Meng Taoism realm!”


Lin Feng didn’t understand what the Hong Meng Taoism realm was, and didn’t have time to study it carefully. He penetrated the Hundun border and came to the Pangu Compass, which he stabilized. All the people in the Compass were dizzy!


“This is impossible! You can’t build a Hong Meng Taoist realm!” Chi You shouted, taking out a sharp sword and stabbing Lin Feng in the back!


However, his sword was blocked by Lin Feng’s armor. Chi You could not thrust forward, even with all his strength!


His sword shrieked as it broke into several pieces. Chi You didn’t give up; he exhausted his all vitality, and stabbed at Lin Feng again!


Lin Feng waved and formed a transparent shield in front of himself!


Lin Feng was surprised. Why had he only had to think about it, and a Qi shield formed?


Chi You was shocked, blurting out, “Your thoughts turn into real things! You are in the Hong Meng Taoism realm!”


Seeing that his sword was blocked, Chi You did not hesitate to jump back, getting a hundred meters away from Lin Feng. Glaring at Lin Feng, Chi You condensed another sword, and charged Lin Feng. 


BAM! Chi You’s hands were moving fast, attacking Lin Feng from all directions!


However, no matter how Chi You attacked, Lin Feng’s Taoism shield blocked the attack; his two swords kept hitting Lin Feng’s shield, but both of them broke again!


Lin Feng was at ease facing Chi You’s attacks. Gradually, Chi You began to weaken, and the border he had formed collapsed. 


The dozens of beast heads on Chi You were becoming more and more irascible. They roared crazily, “Chi You, why are you so weak? Why can’t you defeat a younger cultivator?” 


Their voices were unwilling and blaming him; these beast heads had their own consciousness and purpose. They were battle-brothers in the past, but at this time, they were starting to resent him!


A huge snake monster said, “We sacrificed ourselves to protect you, but you are so useless! Did we die in vain?”


Chi You replied fiercely, “Wait a moment, brothers! Our Beast Clan forces will be here soon. I’ve heard that  through the transmission channel between Earth and the World of Battles. It won’t be long.”


As soon as Lin Feng heard that, he immediately realized that Chi You had been fighting with him for a long time. He didn’t expect that Chi You had another trump, and was trying to use the transmission channel between the Earth and the World of Battles. What was Chi You going to do?


The Beast Clan forces? Did Chi You want to bring forces from the World of Battles to conquer the Earth?


If this was true, the consequences would be unimaginable. Those Beasts were all cold-blooded killers, and very powerful. If they came to the Earth, few of the cultivators on Earth would be their opponents!


“Chi You! You are so ambitious; you want to wipe out the Earth by using the Beasts! I have to kill you today!” Lin Feng was very angry as he thrust at Chi You!


Chi You was still explaining to the heads of the beasts when Lin Feng’s sword unexpectedly hit his head. He screamed several times as Lin Feng cut off more than ten heads in an instant!


Chi You was seriously injured, and dared not fight again, turning and running away. Lin Feng hurried to catch up with him; there would be trouble if he escaped!



He chased Chi You for thousands of miles. They arrived at the Luoxia mountains in the suburbs of Beijing. If they went further, they would reach the city’s boundary, where there were a lot of civilians. If Chi You hid in the crowd, it would be difficult to find him!


Lin Feng chased and fought with Chi You. Chi You was hit by Lin Feng’s fist. His body was unstable as he fell to the Luoxia mountains!


As soon as Chi You fell into the mountains, there was earth-shaking roar in the forest!


There was a cloud of smoke in the quiet forest, and countless huge black clouds rushed towards Lin Feng!


At the same time, the sound of the mountain collapsing and ground cracking rang out, and countless Beast Clan members appeared!


These Beasts were not the same as those they had seen before. First of all, they were all heavily armored! 

Secondly, their equipment was complete; they were a team equipped with cold weapons!


The rows in the back all had strong bows and crossbows, guarded by infantry and soldiers. There were many tall chariots and tens of foot high ripzapers, which was strong!


The smell rising off them filled the whole area, making people sick!


At this time, the Beasts were shouting the same slogan, “Chi You, leader of the army, this world will be unified!” 


Their voices were loud, and spread all over the space. It was frightening to hear! 


“Lin Feng, what’s going on here?” Wang Yuan asked, horrified. In Wang Yuan’s understanding, this horrible and weird scene could only be seen in a movie. Now, it was appearing in front of him. He was naturally scared.


If these Beasts unified the world, all human beings would be exterminated; there would be no human beings left!


Their civilized society, which had been built over thousands of years, would collapse and become ruins!


“Wang Yuan, what are you doing?” Lin Feng saw Wang Yuan wanted to call someone!


Wang Yuan retorted, “There is no signal here. It’s very urgent. I have to report the situation to my superiors and let them come help us! Otherwise, there will be a tragedy!”


Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “It is not something an ordinary army can deal with. They’d better not come.”


The huge light burst again with dazzling brilliance, enveloping the mountains, rivers, cities, and villages for dozens of miles around!


There was a hidden bright spot on the spot of the light column, growing rapidly!


“Ah, what is that?” Qing Huang Tian and others screamed!


Lin Feng and others were watching the bright spot. It was in the shape of huge Yin-Yang eight-trigrams. The yin-yang eight-trigrams shape was rotating slowly, and the fierce light was pulsing from it!


“Haha, Lin Feng, today is the time for the Beasts to unify China. It’s time to kill the human race! This day next year is the funeral anniversary of your humans! Heaven has opened, my master comes to the world, and I will become the Eternal Ancestor of the Earth! We will conquer all human beings and let you suffer all the pain in the world. You will be the slaves of the Beasts!” Chi You became very excited when he saw the trigram!


Lin Feng was stunned, Chi You said Heaven had opened, and his master would come; did he have a powerful master?


No matter who was coming, no one dared to call himself the Heavens; this one was brave. He was going against Heaven!


Chi You was standing on a tall chariot, which was glowing with golden light. Chi You held a long gold whip, constantly waving and shouting crazily!


The energy coming down from the light column infused into Chi You and the Beasts, dyeing them all with a layer of golden light. There was a feeling of gathering strength!


The brilliance around Chi You reflected a string of nameless Runes, surrounding him and adding a kingly aura to him! 


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