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Chapter 1712 – Fought Together



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A layer of light burst out on Chi You, scattering everywhere. Chi You laughed wildly and said, “I have been crowned the Earth’s king at last! China will belong to the Beasts!”


The Beasts shouted, “Long live the Beasts, the Beasts will never be slaves, the Beasts will unify the three worlds!”


Lin Feng looked back; he saw a row of dark shadows appear in the sky. Lin Feng knew this was bad!


“Lin Feng, there are planes coming! We are saved!” Wang Yuan exclaimed happily, but Lin Feng disappointed him.


“They will die when they come here! This is dangerous!”


These planes were very fast and entered the area of the light column. However, as soon as they entered the light, they immediately lost formation. They were like flies without their heads, and many of them directly plunged to the ground!


“Wang Yuan, you should tell them to withdraw. They can’t get in here!” Lin Feng was anxious; the airplanes would only die in vain, and add to the chaos!


Wang Yuan patted his mobile phone helplessly and said, “There is no signal, I don’t know what’s going on! My phone has enough power, but it’s not working!”


Lin Feng thought some and said, “These airplanes lost control once they entered the area of the light. I think their electronic equipment malfunctioned, so they flew and crashed randomly. Your mobile phone is the same way.”


Before Lin Feng finished, some airplanes slowly regained control and unsteadily flew into the battle. They should be elite pilots who could fly without relying on electronic equipment!


The Beasts were excited; some of them rushed to the sky and grabbed towards the airplanes, trying to drag the planes to the ground!


Lin Feng saw that they could not fly very high; he was relieved. Suddenly, a huge riprap machine turned. A massive stone was hurled into the sky with a roar. At the same time, countless rockets were launched into the sky!


It was difficult to avoid; some planes were hit by the stones and plunged to the ground.


The attacking aircraft launched revenge, they attacked the Beasts on the ground, but the effect was not good. These Beasts were big and armored. They didn’t care about this kind of attack at all!


Unless the missiles and bombs blew them up!


This was the confrontation between ancient weapons and modern military technology, but the ancient weapons had powerful magic; they were far stronger than ordinary bows and arrows!


The fighters roared, and a large number of armed helicopters joined the battle, constantly firing at the ground. Lin Feng and others were shot at by several missiles. If Lin Feng had not forced the missiles to change direction, they would have been blown up!


There was a cry from Wang Yuan. Wang Yuan quickly took out a communicator and exclaimed, “There’s a signal!”


Wang Yuan quickly adjusted the channel and began to shout, “XXX military channel, I am Major General Wang Yuan of the Secret Service Department. Please answer me!”


But there was no sound at all. Lin Feng quickly said to Wang Yuan, “Their electronic equipment is out of order. You are receiving interference, not a stable signal.”


“Beat them down! Ballista!” Chi You suddenly called out, and at the same time, he waved out a long gold whip at Lin Feng and others!


The force was powerful, and screamed through the void. Lin Feng clapped two palms, and presented an Imperial Imprint to Chi You!


When the gold whip struck Lin Feng’s palm, it burst into fire. The palm strike was split in two by the whip. The whip was unexpectedly powerful; Chi You’s cultivation seemed to have increased a lot!


If Lin Feng hadn’t blocked it, the whip would have struck those with him. The power of the attack left Lin Feng’s palm aching!


“Lin Feng, the Way of Heaven has opened; if you won’t conform to it, you will die!” When Chi You’s attack failed, he began to clamor aggressively!


Lord Laozi shouted, “Lin Feng, is this the Way of Heaven? We have practiced for tens of thousands of years in order to reach the Tian Dao and live forever. Now the Tian Dao has come to the world!”


Chang’ e said excitedly, “I didn’t expect that Chi You was in line with the Way of Heaven. Is Chi You the Lord of the world selected by the Tian Dao? Are we going against the Law of Heaven?”


They were all shaken!


Yang Jian said coldly, “We should not have betrayed Chi You. Now we have violated the Law of Heaven. Our tens of thousands of years of practice will be wasted in vain!”


Lin Feng was angry and said, “Don’t you understand that it can’t be the Tian Dao? If that is the Way of Heaven, how can they kill innocent people? What’s more, Chi You has said that he wants to kill all human beings. Do you think he will spare you? Think about the fate of those who followed him!”


Everyone was silent. The Demon Mother, the Holy Buddha, King Zhou; all those who had followed Chi You were devoured by the beast heads. How could such a cruel man tolerate their existence?


Chi You’s chariot flew into the air, drawn by four huge Beasts carried the chariot. Chi You waved his whip and hit Lin Feng’s shield again. With a loud noise, the shield was torn apart!


Lin Feng felt that his shield was more fragile than before; was it because of the so-called Light of Heaven? Or was it because of Chi You?


Lin Feng and others felt a strong pressure from the sky when the boundary was broken. They fell to the ground directly!


“Haha, Lin Feng, you will die! It’s time to sacrifice these traitors to the Way of Heaven. I’ll unify China and enjoy the blessing for all time. I won’t forget to burn some paper for you then!” Chi You laughed.


Although Lin Feng was shocked by the pressure, he forced himself to calm down and form a new shield!


The Beasts kept bumping into the border, arousing a lot of streamers. Fortunately, although these Beasts were fierce, their strength was not too abnormal, and they couldn’t break the border for a while!


“Don’t split up!” Lin Feng warned loudly, and released all his weapons. Now was the most critical time. He would die if he didn’t fight with everything!


“Yinghun! Today is our last battle!” Lin Feng said gloomily.


Yinghun did not belong to this world and had nothing to do with this dispute, but now she was involved in this because Lin Feng brought the Yinghun Sword from the World of Battles to Earth. She had been implicated by Lin Feng!


Lin Feng felt guilty. If Yinghun did not want to go through this battle, Lin Feng would not force her!


“Lin Feng, don’t worry. Although I am a woman, I am brave. I will never forget the favor of restoring me, even I die!”


Yinghun had been hidden in the Yinghun Sword for many years. If Lin Feng had not opened the prohibition with his own blood, Yinghun could not have seen the sun again, so Yinghun was grateful to him!


She controlled the sword and out. The sword turned into a huge sword blade several feet long. She cut into the Beasts on the ground. With a bang, she directly cut down several siege towers. The towers fell down, and the Beasts on them were chopped into pieces!


The Yinghun sword swept out again and cut down off the heads of dozens of Beasts. The Beasts were frightened and ran in all directions in a messy panic!


“Buddha beads will purify all demons!” Lin Feng threw the Buddha beads to the sky, and the beads suddenly grew larger, covering Lin Feng and others inside, flashing with the bright white light of Buddha, and resisting the Beasts who came to fight!


In the light of Buddha, the Beasts’ violent Qi was greatly reduced, and they became docile, their spirits became lax, and they began to wander around!


“Lin Feng, let us out; we want to fight with you side by side.” Qing Huang Tian and others cried out, wanting to help!


Nian Ling Jiao said, “Lin Feng, you can’t be so selfish and take all the danger. If you were killed, how can we live alone?”


What Nian Ling Jiao said was the thoughts of everyone, and also an objective fact. If Lin Feng died on this Earth, no one could compete with Chi You again!


At that time, all the human beings and cultivators of this world would surely die. Although Nian Ling Jiao and others had high cultivations, they couldn’t fight against Heaven. Their lives would be horrible!

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