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Chapter 1713 – The Tian Dao



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Now they had to fight together; they would defeat Chi You and the Way of Heaven.


As Lin Feng hesitated, a sharp sound came, and huge thunder and lightning came splitting down!


It was too late for them to escape with this attack.


It hit Lin Feng’s shield. With a bang, the border was shattered!


As the thunder and lightning was about to hit them, a white light rose from Lin Feng, covering the people and taking the attack. Lin Feng gushed out a stream of blood!


The thunder and lightning did not dissipate. Instead, they turned into two silver dragons, circling Lin Feng and the others. They kept spraying out huge bolts of lightning, bombarding Lin Feng’s reconstituted border!


In the past, when Lin Feng formed the border, he didn’t consume much Qi. Under the pressure of the Way of Heaven, he had to spend ten times more Qi than before. After several repetitions, Lin Feng felt very suppressed!


Seeing that they couldn’t attack Lin Feng and others, the two dragons turned their attacks on the Buddha beads protecting Lin Feng and others. They shot out lightning, which hit the Buddha beads and exploded fiercely. The light penetrated the void, just like giant cobwebs, ferocious and terrifying!


The brightness of the Buddha beads dimmed, as if they were about to collapse. Lin Feng quickly sent out a strong Qi, so they would not collapse instantly!


There was a dark voice, “The one who goes against the Way of Heaven will die. If you don’t conform to the Way of Heaven, what are you waiting for?”


This voice was so remote and resounding through the whole world; all the people had run out of their wits thousands of miles away in the city and countryside, many timid women and children were so scared, they even knelt towards the light in the sky!


This situation meant that the unusual astronomical phenomena and the celestial phenomena were something different. This must be the Demon God; they had to yield to this power!




The senior leaders of China were having an emergency meeting. At this phenomenon, they all agreed that it was a kind of aurora. Although it was a little abnormal for the aurora to appear in China, there was a scientific explanation!


However, the voice of the Tian Dao resounded throughout the Earth, and all the people were shocked. How could they think that there was a Way of Heaven in this world?


An old man dressed as a soldier came in with a very serious face. “The fighters we sent out were all destroyed.”


A middle-aged man jumped up from his seat. “What? Destroyed. Who did it?”


The old man looked up to the sky and sighed, “It is not someone who did it. It’s the Way of Heaven! Is it the will of Heaven, punishing us?”


At this time, an old man suddenly said, “This is the Tian Dao that the cultivators often talked about. It’s not the Way of Heaven, as we call it. But the cultivators can’t help us, what a great irony!”


The old man was reminded of something, and quickly said, “By the way, the report sent back by our pilot said that they saw a Major General named Wang Yuan, and there was a group of people with him. One of them was the cultivator named Lin Feng!”


“What, are you serious?” that middle-aged man asked urgently; the old man nodded!


The middle-aged man clenched his fists and said, “We will not die! Since Lin Feng is there, it must be okay. It is said that Lin Feng has a very high level of cultivation, and defeated the Ancestor of the Fusang cultivation world. He must be able to fight against this Tian Dao!”


The old man sighed, “It is hard to say. I haven’t finished yet. According to the pilot’s report, they saw many humanoid Beasts. They should be demons with intelligence.”


Everyone looked at the old man in horror; the old man firmly continued, “I believe our pilots are not wrong. These kinds of fierce Beasts have appeared before. In the old house of the Feng family in Jiangnan City was the Demon Wolf, which was killed by Lin Feng!”


There was a ray of hope in their eyes when he mentioned Lin Feng. Suddenly, a man in the main position asked, “What are we waiting for? We should organize the cultivators to help Lin Feng!”




Lin Feng was not reconciled to the eight trigrams in the sky. He shouted, “You are not the Tian Dao! You help tyrants destroy the innocent, and help Chi You bring disaster to the world!”


As soon as Lin Feng finished speaking, the huge voice sounded again with a pulse of light, “You dare to question the Tian Dao, can you even understand the Tian Dao!?”


A huge pressure crushed the border of Lin Feng. Lin Feng was angry. His Xuan Yuan Sword pointed at the sky and swore at the eight trigrams, “You don’t know right and wrong! No one in the world dares to disobey you. It’s because people in the world are too kind and credulous. I’m just going to be the first person who goes against the Tian Dao! I will go against the Tian Dao, but also break the fake Tian Dao!”


Lin Feng’s sword soared to the sky and stabbed into the heart of the eight trigrams!


As soon as Lin Feng left the protection of the Buddha beads, he immediately felt a huge pressure from above. His body felt hundreds of times heavier!


The false Tian Dao laughed and said, “You are so ignorant! How dare you talk about the reincarnation of heaven? I’ll let you know how powerful the Tian Dao is!”


There was a loud bang after the voice; the huge eight trigrams suddenly sank, and two huge empty shadows of eight trigrams quickly fell and covered everything like a huge spider web!




The first eight trigrams slammed down on Lin Feng’s shield, and the shield was smashed directly. Lin Feng fell from the sky like a kite. He fell heavily to the ground, and spurted out a mouthful of blood!


The beasts immediately rushed up; they wanted to eat him!


However, at this time, the second eight trigrams hit the ground again, affecting the hundred meters around Lin Feng. The beasts who just rushed up did not have time to respond, and were crushed to pulp!


On the ground was a huge eight trigrams-shaped pit, which they could not see the bottom of. Red lava was slowly gushing out!


“Lin Feng…” The cry sounded, Qing Huang Tian, Nian Ling Jiao, and Qian Jin Can Yue rushed to the pit one after another, shouting desperately, but there was no trace of Lin Feng!


The power of the Tian Dao was too powerful to be countered by one person!


Lin Zu’s eyes were red, he struck at the sky and cursed, “If you have the ability to show up and fight, why do you hide and play tricks?”


“Haha, another ignorant young man. Those who violate the Law of Heaven will die! You will follow the way of Lin Feng!” The Tian Dao also said, “You should submit to me quickly; do you want to be like Lin Feng?”


Qing Huang Tian and others were devastated. If Wang Yuan and others hadn’t held them by force, they would have jumped into the pit to look for Lin Feng!


They loved and relied on Lin Feng, but he had died in front of them. They had no reason to submit to this false Tian Dao!


“We’d rather die than surrender to you. One day someone will kill you completely, and return the world to justice!” Qing Huang Tian swore.


After saying that, Qing Huang Tian and others had a tacit understanding at the same time; they jumped up and flew towards the eight trigrams, challenged the false Tian Dao like Lin Feng!


They knew that they would die. Even Lin Feng was not its opponent, let alone them!


But death was only a matter of time in this situation. Lin Feng was dead, and they didn’t want to live alone. Instead of being devoured by these inhuman Beasts, they might as well fight against the fake Tian Dao!


The fake Tian Dao was infuriated and shouted, “You are stubborn, so you can all go die!”


With a loud bang, the third set of eight trigrams fell from the sky. It created a huge ripple in space and sent out a sonorous cry. The Earth itslf rippled up and down!


But, Qing Huang Tian and others were surprisingly calm. They formed a ring hand in hand, and at the same time, they released their Qi to meet the final blow!


“Lin Feng! We’re here! We’ll be together, even if we die!” they pledged!


The huge eight trigrams did not stop at all. It had already reached merely a few feet from the top of their heads. At this critical moment, a burst of resonance came from the ground below. A flash of white light came from out of the pit!


The white light turned into a huge image of eight trigrams, and instantly collided with the eight trigrams of Heaven!




The two eight trigrams collided with each other fiercely, setting off huge shockwaves. There were countless fractures in space. Inside these broken pieces were many different worlds!


This huge wave swept out in all directions. It lifted all the Beasts within a kilometer into the air, and dropped them hard. Many of them died!

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