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Chapter 1714 – The First to go Against the Tian Dao


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The people were shocked, and a little surprise flashed in their eyes. What was going on? Was Lin Feng not dead yet?


“Bold and stubborn! You dare to go against the Law of Heaven. If I don’t use a thunderbolt, I can’t destroy you!” the Way of Heaven sighed.


All of a sudden, a familiar voice rang out, “Don’t talk any more; I am not dead!” At Lin Feng’s voice, a burning man climbed out of the fire pit!


The man shook all the lava on his body to the ground. At the same time, a dazzling light radiated from him. It was extremely holy, and directly brightened the dim sky!


“Lin Feng!” Qing Huang Tian and others immediately exclaimed, and they ran towards Lin Feng with tears!


They rushed into Lin Feng’s arms at the same time and cried, “Lin Feng, that’s great! You haven’t died!”


“Don’t cry, he’s not the Tian Dao; he’s just a fake!” Lin Feng said firmly.


At this time, the voice of Heaven came from the sky, “Lin Feng, who are you? How can you withstand the punishment of Heaven?”


Lin Feng put Qing Huang Tian and others behind him and told them, “You can go back to the Pangu Compass. I’m good enough to deal with this fake Tian Dao!”


The others were not at ease, but Lin Feng did not allow them to refute, directly sending them to the Pangu Compass!


Lin Feng was quite different from just now. His whole body emitted a very holy light; it did not radiate from the surface of his body, but from every cell, making his whole body appear translucent!


There were eight slowly rotating virtual cauldrons beside Lin Feng. They were more like walking lanterns slowly spinning about, casting countless patterns of Tunes!


These runes shone on the people, and felt like the warm sun in spring. Their bodies appeared translucent milky white!


Thousands of meters away, Chi You was not happy to see this. He thought Lin Feng would die, but he didn’t expect that Lin Feng had instead grown more powerful than before!


Chi You shouted to the sky in a hurry, “Ancestor of Heaven, kill Lin Feng quickly! He disobeys the Tian Dao, and will destroy the world; we can’t leave him alive.”


The Tian Dao shouted, “Lin Feng, do you think you can disobey the Tian Dao? Go die!”


A more profound eight trigrams came down, but this time, Lin Feng did not give in. He waved his hand and made a shadow of the eight trigrams in his palm; the eight trigrams suddenly grew hundreds of times larger. It went up against the sky and collided with the eight trigrams coming down!




The pair of eight trigrams shattered, resounding in all directions and radiating the brilliance of the sky!


The ground was shaken and cracked like a spider’s web, far into the distance!


Although he used the eight trigrams, his right arm was numb from the backlash. Lin Feng felt countless cracks in his dantian and Qihai acupoint; they were about to collapse!


“I didn’t expect that there was an inverse heaven on this Earth. I have been touring the world for three thousand years, but I don’t expect to meet a real enemy on this Earth!”


Lin Feng sneered coldly, “Fake Tian Dao, what is your origin? Why are you helping Chi You harm this world?”


Lin Feng was calm, as if he had no desires, and no emotion fluctuations at all. He suppressed his surging energy. If he were timid now, the Tian Dao would knock him down completely!


Suddenly, the eight trigrams above the sky made a cracking sound, and the shadow of a man appeared. The shadow broke through the void and came out from the eight trigrams!


This scene was shocking; a person broke through the sky, just like a god!


Wang Yuan had doubted Lin Feng’s words more than once before. Wang Yuan didn’t believe that Lin Feng came from the World of Battles, because Wang Yuan didn’t believe that there were other worlds besides the Earth. However, he completely believed that there was a man breaking the sky in front of him. It was being demonstrated right in front of him!


The Tian Dao had come out opposite Lin Feng. He was an old man with white hair, but his eyes radiated a light, which saw through people’s hearts!


Lin Feng couldn’t help but tremble; this old man was the so-called Tian Dao? What kind of opportunity did he have, to come to that state?


When Lin Feng was looking at the old man, the old man was also looking at him. He could not help sighing to himself, I didn’t expect that the one who carried the Punishment of Heaven was so young, and he has already reached the realm of Heavenly Ancestor. He is not much different from me. This man is an extraordinary talent!


But the more he thought, the grimmer he became. He would eliminate Lin Feng today!


He had a great cause. He could not allow the existence of a person as rebellious as Lin Feng. This was the way of the fake Tian Dao; he couldn’t leave Lin Feng as a hidden weakness!


He had been touring the three thousand worlds. He had a plan to connect all these worlds and construct a great world, and he would be the supreme king in that great world!


Lin Feng saw his expression, and he knew that this man must be very crafty. He was ready for it!


But the fake Tian Dao sighed, “You just asked me who I am; this is the first time I have talked about my origin to outsiders, because I have never met any people who were qualified to know my life experience before!”


After he finished, he seemed to be immersed in infinite sad memories, and his tone became sad.


“At the beginning of Pangu’s Creation of heaven and earth, many spirits and spirits sprouted, and I was one of them. However, my luck was bad. Other spirits were immortals or human beings; I was confined by the Pangu for hundreds of millions of years under Jiuyou. I was not willing to be imprisoned, but I was helpless at that time. Pangu was so strong; he said he was the Way of Heaven! I’ve been struggling for endless years, and still can’t escape death!”


The Way of Heaven even shed a tear; no one knew if he was sad or resentful!


“Watching the other ghosts who were imprisoned with me die one by one, my heart was full of fear. I didn’t want to die, and I didn’t want to be imprisoned forever. However, many ghosts chose to yield to Pangu, get used to the tough days, and a life without the sun.”


Listening to the emotional narration of the Way of Heaven, Lin Feng could not help but feel sentimental. The Way of Heaven had been through all kinds of tribulations. He was a person with a strong heart. He did not change his original mind in Jiuyou!


Just now, Lin Feng had been knocked to Jiuyou by the eight trigrams. He had almost lost his will. If it wasn’t for the final cry of Qing Huang Tian and others, Lin Feng would have been lost to Jiuyou. Lin Feng knew that his mind was not as strong as this fake Tian Dao!


The Tian Dao said, “Just as I was about to despair, I didn’t expect that my opportunity came! Pangu was so stupid that he destroyed the Way of Heaven and achieved humanity. He scattered all his essence to nourish all things in heaven and earth. However, a trace of his blood penetrated the Jiuyou underground realm. All the other spirits were afraid; only I devoured that trace of blood, at the risk of death! At that time, I felt that I was going to die. My soul of pure Yin was burned by the blood essence of pure Yang. I nearly lost my soul. I endured endless pain, and finally passed out!


“When I woke up again, I found myself in another world. I was taken from Jiuyou by that trace of blood, and flew to the sky! I practiced and grew up a little bit in another world. After experiencing innumerable adventures, I toured the lands of the heavens and the three thousand worlds, and finally achieved my way!”


At this time, the Way of Heaven was extremely excited and seemed to recall the scene of his success. But his expression immediately became incomparably shrill, “But I am too simple! Although I have achieved the way, I can’t get rid of the trace of Jiuyou Yin Qi in my heart. I can’t reach the perfect state of mind because of my Yin Qi. My cultivation will decline greatly in a few thousand years. I don’t know how many times it has hurt me, suffering from the pain and suffering of being a human again and again!”


The Tian Dao continued to talk. Later, he finally realized a way to solve the pain. This trace of Yin Qi came from the dark side of Pangu. If he wanted to eliminate it, the only way was to neutralize it!


If he wanted to neutralize this trace of Yin Qi, he had to find all the essence blood of Pangu, and then use that essence blood to refine his own body, equivalent to turning himself into a new Pangu!


When he finally reached another peak of cultivation, he began to realize his intention to return to Earth. He wanted to return to Earth and devour all living creatures there, because they were the essence blood of Pangu. Only by swallowing them all could the Tian Dao become a perfect second generation of Pangu!

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