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Chapter 1715 – Defeating the Fake Tian Dao!



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However, it happened to coincide with the chaos on earth. He returned to Earth, exhausted most of his accomplishments, and finally broke the space-time restrictions outside the planet. However, he was seriously injured, and triggered the heavenly rains!


This was the Earth’s great flood, the origin of Nuwa mending the sky!


Nuwa, with the cultivators and gods, defended the law and eliminated the demons. With a piece of bone left by Pangu, she mended the sky, and sealed the road to heaven again!


The Tian Dao had no choice but to flee to an alien world again, which made him hate the humans of Earth. If Pangu had not imprisoned him, he would have become an immortal. But now the human beings transformed from Pangu’s essence blood had sealed him away from Earth again. How could he not hate them?


In the war between human beings and the Beasts, Chi You was just an ordinary man. Coincidentally, he travelled through Jiuyou once. What was more, Chi You stumbled upon the remains of the Tian Dao!


The Tian Dao had consumed a trace of Pangu’s essence blood and thought that he was bound to die, so he wrote down all his experiences in his cave in his hatred, full of infinite indignation and curses. He cursed all humans, and vowed that if he did not die, he would turn all the things in the world into ashes!


After reading the words written by the Tian Dao, Chi You couldn’t help but sympathize with him. But Chi You was a Beast, and his mind was different from that of humans!


He sympathized with the Tian Dao, but what he thought was to swallow his bones as a permanent remembrance, or let his body live on in his own. However, after eating the bones, Chi You’s cultivation improved greatly. In a mere few hours, Chi You became the top expert of the Beasts!


Be it in mind or physique, or his accomplishments, Chi You reached a point that no one could match. This made Chi You, who was initially unknown, a young leader of the Beasts. For the Beasts and his mentor, Chi You started a long life of attacking humans!


He had failed in the war against Yan and Huang. When the Beasts were about to win, Nu Wa taught the humans to make fire, and humans turned defeat into victory. They finally imprisoned Chi You in the eight wastelands!


Imprisoned there, Chi You miraculously communicated with the Tian Dao. One of them was in the eight wastelands, and the other was far away in the universe. However, with the status of master and apprentice, the Tian Dao placed his hope on Chi You again, and taught him many ways of cultivation, helping Chi You break through several levels!


The Tian Dao knew that if he wanted to complete his cultivation, he had to go back to Earth, swallow up all the creatures in the world, integrate himself with the essence of Pangu, and become the second inheritor of the Way of Heaven. Only then could he complete his grand ambition of connecting the three thousand worlds!


The space-time cracks that Lin Feng created when he crossed back to Earth from the World of Battles gave the Tian Dao an opportunity to return to Earth with less loss of power!


So, the Way of Heaven instructed Chi You to fight again, lead Lin Feng here, and then the Tian Dao would return to clean up the mess!


However, the Tian Dao didn’t expect Lin Feng to be so powerful. He wanted to subdue Lin Feng and others with his identity without fighting, but Lin Feng was an extremely stubborn guy, forcing him to show up in person!


The Tian Dao never mentioned the secret of his heart, which had been hidden for several years; he was furious and wanted to kill Lin Feng!


After listening to the story, Lin Feng couldn’t calm down. Thinking about his own experience, how similar was it to Tian Dao’s?


“Fake Tian Dao, since your experience was so extraordinary and you have built your way, why can’t you step through the road in your heart? The trace of the Jiuyou Yin Qi is just a trace of a heart demon, which cannot be removed by killing all living beings!” Lin Feng sighed. 


Hearing that Lin Feng called him the fake Tian Dao, he immediately became angry and roared, “I am the real god in this world! It was Pangu who caused my present situation! He died for the Tian Dao and achieved humanity, I must go against it and destroy humanity to become the Tian Dao! I’m going to bring all of Pangu’s plans to nothing!” the Tian Dao roared.


Lin Feng couldn’t help sneering, “It seems you still don’t understand the real Tian Dao! To cultivate is to cultivate one’s mind. If you don’t understand that, even if you eat up all the creatures in this world and force yourself to improve your mood, you will get a bad result!”


“Haha, Lin Feng, you don’t have to teach me that. Although your cultivation has reached the level of Heaven, you are too young in front of me!” The Way of Heaven laughed wildly, “The reason you achieved your present cultivation is because of Pangu!”


Lin Feng did not understand. “Why do you say that?”


“It seems you are a fool. I have seen through your life experience just now. The reason why you have such a good cultivation talent is that you absorbed the residue of the purest Yang in Pangu’s heart when you were young. That’s why you have had so many chances, and have such high cultivation when you are so young!”


His words left Lin Feng stunned. Lin Feng was not sure whether his words were true or not. If it was true, he was truly lucky!


If it was fake, then why would he raise his valuation of Lin Feng?


Before Lin Feng understood the reason, the Tian Dao smiled, “Lin Feng, I have come up with a good method that does not kill all the people in the world, which can also bring me to a perfect state of mind.”


“What method?” Lin Feng was surprised. If there was such a way to have the best of both worlds, it was not bad!


“I can eat you. You have a trace of the purest Yang of Pangu. As long as I eat you, I can neutralize the Jiuyou Yin Qi in my heart!


“Lin Feng, I know that you have deep feelings for the human world. Do you think my method is very good?”


Lin Feng was angry at the idea. This was trying to hide from a tiger!


“Fake Tian Dao! You are still stubborn! As I’ve said, as long as you understand the Tao and turn evil thoughts into good deeds, one day, you will break through. Why do you want to eat others to achieve your power?” Lin Feng was scornful.


The Tian Dao suddenly laughed and resumed his peaceful tone, “Don’t worry, I was just joking with you. Now that we know the origin, it’s better to turn the war into peace. You can teach me how to remove the demons from my heart.”


Chi You saw that the Tian Dao and Lin Feng were talking happily. He immediately interrupted, “Master, don’t believe Lin Feng, he…”


Before Chi You finished, the Tian Dao snapped, “How dare you rebel against me! Are you in charge of my affairs?”


Chi You was just about to speak again, when the Tian Dao clapped, and Chi You flew away. Chi You’s cultivation was no weaker than Lin Feng’s!


The Tian Dao looked back and said to Lin Feng with a smile, “Don’t worry about Chi You. After all, we are cultivators of the human race, and he is just a group of Beasts.”


Lin Feng nodded slowly. He didn’t expect the Tian Dao to listen to him. However, just after Lin Feng finished nodding, the Tian Dao suddenly thrust a palm at Lin Feng and murmured, “You will die here! The way to cultivate is not about the mind, but about the way! The law of truth is that the strong eat the weak!”


Bang! Lin Feng was directly blown away!


The Tian Dao laughed, “Lin Feng, it seems that you are an ignorant person who is not good at cheating. You have been tricked!”


But he suddenly stopped laughing and raised his hand. There was a bloody hole in his palm, and a strange flame inside that bloody hole!


Lin Feng fell to the ground smoothly and sneered, “Fake Tian Dao, you are so clever! Do you think I am stupid enough to let you sneak attack me? If I was so stupid, I will not have lived to this day!”


The Way of Heaven also sneered, “It was just a small blow. Do you think that this strange fire can hurt me? How many years of the hellfire tempering did I experience in Jiuyou?


“Ahhhh!” the Way of Heaven cried out, and looked at his right hand; it had become as black as charcoal, burning with a raging fire, he could not suppress this fire with his cultivation!


“Lin Feng, what kind of fire is this?” the fake Tian Dao roared in astonishment.


Lin Feng sneered, “You are not afraid of the hellfire, which I do not have; but I do have the more intense fire of Jia Ya. By the way, Lord Laozi gave me the tripod fire; this will surely burn you out of your mind”


The face of the Tian Dao suddenly changed. He had suffered from the fire of Nuwa when he broke the sky. He was already in an anxious state. When Lin Feng said this, he was greatly upset. He couldn’t suppress the fire, and half of his arm had burst into flames!


But the Tian Dao was an expert who had experienced many battles. He had met this kind of situation thousands of times. He immediately waved his left arm, and cut off his right arm to survive!


Lin Feng wouldn’t give him the opportunity. He stabbed at the left hand of the Tian Dao, leaving him unable to help himself. The Tian Dao was worried now; his arm was already covered with flames. The pain was unbearable. The fire was burning his cultivation away, and was about to spread to his whole body!


The Way of Heaven quickly retreated and came to Chi You. He lifted Chi You with his left hand and shouted, “Open the eight seals and escape through the sky!”


Lin Feng had caught up with him, but he felt a strong Qi rising from the Tian Dao, and eight empty shadows appeared from him. The Tian Dao and Chi You were directly lifted by the eight seals and flew directly towards the eight trigrams above the sky!


Lin Feng understood that the eight seals were the access to the World of Battles. If they were allowed to escape, he would have to struggle again to eliminate these two demons!


Lin Feng rushed after them, but it was too late!


The fake Tian Dao and Chi You ascended very quickly, but Lin Feng encountered a lot of resistance as he followed. In the blink of an eye, the Tian Dao and Chi You had disappeared into the center of the eight trigrams, and the eight trigrams disappeared. The column of light from the sky also dimmed. On the ground below, the Beasts turned into smoke at the same time.

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