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Chapter 1716 – Back to the World of Battles



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“Will you escape?” Lin Feng snorted and waved his left hand, as if the sun and the moon had been pierced. A huge hand stretched into the sky. A heartrending scream came from the eight trigrams. Lin Feng pulled a bloody arm was pulled out of them.


The world filled with a bad smell, this was Chi You’s arm! Lin Feng said nothing when he saw the actual destination of Tian Dao and Chi You; it was the Ancestral Land!


They finally fled back to their own world and dared not be rampant on Earth. However, this was far from finished. They killed so many cultivators and destroyed so many people. Although he did not belong to the Earth in a strict sense, he was willing to kill these two for the sake of the universe!


What was more, they hated him! Even if they didn’t kill him now, they would not spare him in the future. Why not take advantage of the fact that both of them had been severely wounded?


With that decision, Lin Feng immediately dropped back to the ground. All the Earth’s gods appeared; whether they had appeared before or not, everyone was here now.


“Emperor Haotian leads 1300 gods to welcome the Peerless Martial God!” There was a hazy golden figure in the sky, wearing a purple-gold crown and stepping on sun and moon auspicious beasts. There were unicorns beside him, and two maids behind to shade the sun.


Lin Feng understood that this was the Jade Emperor, or Haotian Emperor, who had not appeared before. Facing the ruler of the divine world, Lin Feng had to maintain respect. He clasped his fist and said with a smile, “Jade Emperor, I had heard about you from the Journey to the West; I’m happy to see you now.”


“I dare not take such honor!” Emperor Haotian quickly shook his head. He couldn’t bear Lin Feng’s attitude. After all, Lin Feng had become a Heavenly Godly Ancestor and been promoted to quasi-Tian Dao!


What was the concept of the quasi-Tian Dao? That was beyond their level. He was just a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, but he couldn’t be a person of the Tian Dao.


In the whole divine world, there was no one greater than Pangu, because the whole world was made of Pangu’s flesh and blood, and Pangu was the supreme heavenly being.


In addition, Empress Nu Wa, Emperor Fuxi, and even Ancestor Hongjun and Ancestor Kunpeng (Daoyi) also had the power of quasi-Tian Dao, similar to Lin Feng.


Sanqing was the realm of Earthly Godly Ancestors. According to the cultivation of the world, they were all Dao Zu.


“Lin Feng, what’s your next step?” Looking at Lin Feng, Fuxi’s face was slightly heavy. Since he had returned to the Earth, it was impossible for him to go back to the World of Battles again. His love with Ni Huang was over.


The same was true of Kunpeng’s Ancestor. The relationship between him and Ancestor Nü had come to an end. The disaster of that life had passed, and it should be put down when it was over.


“Go back to the World of Battles, and then go to Zu Jie to kill Chi You and the fake Tian Dao!” Lin Feng’s attitude was very resolute, and made all the gods in the divine world very happy. They all dreaded that Chi You and the Tian Dao would come back one day; it was their nightmare. But Fuxi, Nuwa, and even the Hongjun Ancestor, who were quasi-Tian Dao, no longer belonged to the divine world. They could ignore all this.


Today’s divine world belonged to the Jade Emperor: the 1300 main gods, 8500 lesser gods, and 12,900 minor gods!


“No more nonsense, Lin Feng. Thank you on behalf of the divine world!” Ancestor Hongjun waved to Lin Feng, his face was full of admiration. They could not chase down the fake Tian Dao and Chi You for the sake of Heaven. After all, it was someone else’s territory! But Lin Feng could. There was something in Lin Feng’s heart that they didn’t have.


It was love!


That was the reason why it was difficult for him to inherit from Pangu. It had been decided since he was born, which was why, after all kinds of hardships, he had been dragged to the Earth. He was led by Pangu’s mind.


Lin Feng had become a representative of the Tian Dao. He was welcomed by the quasi-Tian Dao and the ultimate Heaven, which was the glory of Pangu. Once Lin Feng became the Tian Dao, all the junctions would celebrate together, whether it was the World of Battles, the Zu Jie, the divine world of the Earth, or the outside world.


“Lin Feng, do you know anything about the outside world?” Ancestor Kunpeng asked in concern.


Lin Feng frowned. He only knew of the Earth and the World of Battles. He did not know the rest.


Kunpeng’s face was a little complicated, and he said in a deep voice, “Lin Feng, I would like to tell you that I have been to a world hundreds of billion light-years away; it was very frightening!”


“The master of their world had become a Tian Dao, but he may not be alive now, because it has been too long!”


When Kunpeng said this, everyone’s faces changed dramatically. Lin Feng was calm, and he finally laughed, “Well, only in this way can I be attracted to continue to explore. If I’m alone, won’t it be boring?”


“Haha, yes!” Fuxi was excited. and kept laughing.


“What is the name of the outside world, and what is the name of the master?” Although Lin Feng was not worried, he was still curious about who could preempt him to become Tian Dao.


Kunpeng thought carefully, and then blurted out, “Nine Zunjie, Ye Wuchen, known as the Supreme of the Golden Age!”


Hearing the name, Lin Feng fell into thought and whispered, “Ye Wuchen? I don’t know if he’s any different from me.”


“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m leaving. I hope to see you in the future.” Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked deeply at all the gods. Then his body slowly burned in flame. The fire of Jia Ya penetrated his flesh, and gradually his whole body was burned away. All the gods could not help but change their faces when they saw this scene.


“What is this?” Emperor Haotian, sitting on the throne, couldn’t help staring. What was Lin Feng doing? Did he destroy his cultivation?


Something occurred at this time. When Lin Feng was burned away by the fire of Jia Ya, a curtain of light curtain came down. A man in black robes, his hair hanging down, slowly came down without any fanfare. However, as he stood there, everyone felt breathless.


Compared to Lin Feng, this man was more than twice as powerful! When he walked out of the light screen, everyone’s face changed dramatically when they saw the man.


“Lin Feng? How can it be?” Ancestors Hongjun and Fuxi were surprised. They felt that Lin Feng was still a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, belonging to the level of quasi-Tian Dao, but he was stronger than them. Before this, they didn’t have to pay much respect to Lin Feng.


However, they had palpitations on seeing Lin Feng now.


“You always had a separate body?” Fuxi couldn’t help asking.


Lin Feng smiled, nodded and laughed, “Yes, since my clone Lin Feng entered the Earth, he used a separate body. I have been practicing quietly in my Martial Spirit World, and I have already broken through!”


“Pervert!” Nuwa didn’t know what to say, so she could only scold him. Lin Feng laughed innocently. Now he knew even Hongjun and Fuxi were not his rivals.


But if Nuwa, Kunpeng, Fuxi, and Hongjun joined hands, he couldn’t defeat the four of them.


“Please tell the leaders of China that sometimes it’s good to keep a low profile, but excessive forbearance will only make people feel weak, and there will be so many diplomatic disputes!”


“The martial spirit of the Yanhuang people can’t be discarded in any case. The future will belong to China. Tell those leaders to be domineering when it’s time to be domineering.”


“Tell those islanders that their backers have run away. If they dare to continue to invade China, I don’t mind letting their island fall!”


“Tell those guys in the western countries that they are barbarians and should live a barbaric life honestly. But if they dare to step into our territory, they will be killed!”


Solemn and powerful anger, every country could hear Lin Feng’s cold shout.



In the No.1 hall of Zhongnanhai in China, an old man chuckled, then picked up the red phone and broadcast, “Restart the nuclear tests!”



Outside the Red Palace of the United States, a fat man with golden hair shouted, “Fuck. Chinese are more savage than us!”


“Er, President Suite, we’d better pay back the thirty billion that was seized by a certain group in Huaxia first,” the Secretary of State nearby said, waving her hand helplessly.



The Parliament Hall of Fusang was silent. The Prime Minister spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.


In addition, other countries started calling at the national level one after another. For a time, the seven leaders of China were busy.


Chief Wang had retired. While he was lying in his rocking chair, he said, “Son-in-law, we have done the right thing!”




Time flew by. In a flash, Lin Feng had been away from the Earth for five years. In these five years, China’s development had improved. First of all, its economy had surpassed that of the rest of the world, and become the largest economic group. Moreover, the per capita income had also tripled, ranking around twentieth in the world.


All the peasants had a good life, and the leaders had retired. However, his political achievements had been passed down by thousands of people. He had done it and even offended the interests of many people.


But he didn’t care, because he often thought of Lin Feng’s words, which had a deep impact on him.


The leader had a grudge; he would pay at the end of the age!


The state-owned feud, the interest was not returned!

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  1. Aaron Alonzo Hill September 1, 2020 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    That.. just might be the DUMBEST thing ever. You’re telling me that this WHOLE TIME we’ve been reading the story of a close while the real Lin Feng was just practicing his cultivation?

    This was cool and all the first time I think he did this to buy time so he could advance and his clone saved that noble kid. But to do that again, for a longer time, and act like there were any hints at all is dumb.

    Even when he has clones even the clones know about the status of eachother and if one is damaged or breaking through the others notice that. This is poor writing to create a new level of cultivation and then BS how Lin Feng catches up.

    Bet when he gets to the world of Battles there will be even more “higher levels” he never knew about…

  2. Aaron Alonzo Hill September 1, 2020 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    *reading the story about a clone

  3. Michelstro September 1, 2020 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    Hmmm, I got confused at the translation, Ye said: since his clone entered the earth he uses separate body, but instead shouldn’t he says: Since I entered the earth I started using my clone as soon as I got recovered my spirit world?. In the end he practiced in his spirit world until he became stronger than a heavenly ancestor and became a tian dao?

  4. Johnson September 17, 2020 at 7:17 am - Reply

    What a joke so this whole time it was a Clone that everybody was worried about dying….. And then again with the Chinese propaganda Japan bad and weak, American fat and bad, China Number 1 smh holy shit this fanfiction writer really just wants to pad the pages with useless scenes.

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