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Chapter 1718 – The New Pattern of the World of Battles



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Only Lin Feng and Ni Huang were in the hall. Ni Huang’s dress showed a noble and cool temperament. It seemed that she had forgotten her embarrassment. Lin Feng was silent, looking at her and waiting for her to speak.


“Lin Feng, it has been 50 years since you left!” Ni Huang sighed, the frost on her face gradually fading, the look on her face helpless and bitter.


“Fifty years?” Lin Feng’s face changed greatly. He was shocked. It was hard to imagine when he had just returned to Earth for a few years. It was half a century ago!


“A lot has happened in fifty years, hasn’t it?” Lin Feng frowned. Seeing Ni Huang’s expression like this, he knew that something must have happened; otherwise, it would not have been like this. Moreover, after the trouble caused by the Ancient Demon, something had happened again.


“The World of Battles is not what you remember!” Ni Huang breathed deeply. After a long time, she could only say so, because she did not know where to start and was afraid of hurting Lin Feng’s self-esteem.


Seeing her hesitate, Lin Feng asked, “You can say it directly, don’t worry about it!”


“You…” Ni Huang was stunned and startled by Lin Feng’s shout. Lin Feng had never lost his temper with her, but she wasn’t angry at him.


“Chu Chun Qiu established the Chu family. In the past fifty years, while you were not there, it has developed rapidly. Except for the Northwest, all the other parts have fallen into the hands of the Chu family!” Ni Huang said indignantly; she was not reconciled. If Lin Feng hadn’t been here for fifty years, how could Chu Chun Qiu have developed his family?


“En? Chu Chun Qiu? The Chu family?” Lin Feng was surprised and bewildered, because he had never considered the existence of Chu Chun Qiu from the beginning to the end, nor did he continue to regard him as his opponent in the World of Battles. However, after Ni Huang said that, Lin Feng found that he had ignored Chu Chun Qiu too much.


Chu Chun Qiu was the only one who could compete with his talent. How could Chu Chun Qiu yield to him so easily?


“The Chu family has occupied seven sides of the World of Battles. How about their strength?” Lin Feng continued to ask, frowning.


Ni Huang knew that Lin Feng must be concerned about this matter, so she said the key things. “The Chu family has Chu Chun Qiu as the head of the clan, and his two sons are the deputy heads. Both of his sons are the Earthly Godly Ancestors. In addition, there are eighteen elders and thirty-six Ministers, who are all at the realm of Earthly Godly Ancestor!


“Not only that, but they also gathered together more than three thousand Holy Godly Ancestors, which can be said to be the top of the whole world. Of course, the most terrifying thing is Chu Chun Qiu.”


“What’s wrong with him?” Lin Feng raised his eyebrows and looked at Ni Huang.


Ni Huang replied, “Chu Chun Qiu has already broken through, and has become a Heavenly Godly Ancestor. He has conquered the whole World of Battles.”


” Heavenly Godly Ancestor?” Lin Feng was a little surprised. In fifty years, Chu Chun Qiu had also broken through, which was strange. Of course, compared to himself, there was some gap. After all, he had already broken through on Earth, and only spent a few years doing so!


“Now, there are many Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Eight Corners, and the Eight Corners and the Northwest World of Battles cannot be occupied for a long time, but…” Ni Huang said, her face darkening.


It was undeniable that Chu Chun Qiu was indeed a terrible opponent. If Lin Feng gave him time to grow up, it would be a devastating blow. The Chu family had occupied seven sides of the World, which was troublesome!


Fifty years ago, he could command the World of Battles, and he could mobilize all forces by waving his hand. Now the Chu family controlled the World of Battles, and his allies had long been obedient.


That Ni Huang could keep this kind of attitude… he was gratified!


“Lin Feng, I know you are very sad, but these are the facts. I hope you don’t mind. I always believe that you can break through!” Ni Huang saw Lin Feng frown and fell into deep thought. She thought Lin Feng had been hard-hit. She was worried.


She didn’t want to hurt Lin Feng’s self-confidence because of Chu Chun Qiu’s breakthrough. Lin Feng’s growth speed was very fast. As long as he had time, he would break through!


“Me? Am I sad?” Lin Feng felt funny, but he didn’t say much. If he said that he was a Heavenly Godly Ancestor at this time, Ni Huang would not believe it, so there was no need to say so.


“How about my children and friends?” Lin Feng thought of his other children. In addition to Lin Zu, Lin Zhetian, Lin Qiong Sheng, including Lin Heng’er, Lin Nian’er, Lin Sheng Xie and Lin Sheng Yi, had all stayed here, and so did several of his women.


After Lin Feng asked her that, Ni Huang couldn’t help but feel a little more gratified. She nodded and said, “The reason why the Northwest can resist the Chu family is thanks to your children!”


“Each of them has broken through to Earthly Godly Ancestor. You may not believe it, but the result is like this. In addition, not only your children but even your apprentices are Earthly Godly Ancestors!” Ni Huang continued to smile, and the smile on her face became more and more intense. She had some expectations. If Lin Feng broke through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor, then the Lin family would compete with the Chu family!


It was a pity that there were no Heavenly Godly Ancestors in the Lin family. Everyone was like an ant when facing the power of a Heavenly Godly Ancestor!


So, even though Lin Feng’s children were very powerful, they still couldn’t help!


“Oh? My disciples?” Lin Feng was surprised and puzzled. Were Ye Chen and Fu Chen here? Did they succeed in entering the World of Battles?


“They are your apprentices. There’s one named Ye Chen, another is Fu Chen, who has a bad face all day long, and another is Jiang Hao and Xu Han.”


“Xu Han?” Lin Feng was stunned; he didn’t know Xu Han, how could he be his apprentice? As for Jiang Hao, he was familiar with him. This boy could break through to Earthly Godly Ancestor, and was striving for self-improvement.


“Nowadays, there are many Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Eight Corners, which is why it cannot be occupied for a long time, but…” Ni Huang began, her face darkening again.


Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t like this kind of way of talking.


Ni Huang found her problems. She couldn’t help being a little shy. She could only keep saying, “The Chu family finally gave them an ultimatum. In the future, all the people will be hanged if they don’t obey him!”


“All hanged? What a big voice!” Lin Feng roared before Ni Huang finished. The Chu family was too much, and even wanted to destroy his children and friends!?


“Whose idea is that? Chu Chun Qiu?” Lin Feng’s face was a little gloomy. He didn’t want to believe that was the idea of Chu Chun Qiu. If it were true, Chu Chun Qiu had never forgot the hatred between them. As for that period of peace, it was just a buffer.


“It’s his idea. He will appear in person tomorrow and destroy the Eight Corners and unify the World of Battles.” Ni Huang nodded, not hiding the truth.


Lin Feng secretly thought that it was a pity. If Chu Chun Qiu didn’t know about this, maybe he could have spared the Chu family by his past merits. But now, Chu Chun Qiu was so crazy that he wanted to eradicate any threat to his power, Lin Feng would be rude to them!


It was a pity that he had made great achievements in his cultivation. If he hadn’t aimed at Lin Feng, Lin Feng could have tolerated him completely. But since he wanted to kill all the people in Lin Feng’s family, he could only kill him!


What about a Heavenly Godly Ancestor? Everything was a mole ant before him!


“Tomorrow I will go with you to the Eight Corners, Ni Huang!” Lin Feng said, his face as solemn as ever. It worried Ni Huang, but she had no choice. If his family was destroyed, Lin Feng would not live alone!


“Okay!” Ni Huang nodded; she was ready to die. Even if she died, she couldn’t surrender to the Chu family.




At this time, the door was pushed open, and Qian Jin Cai Yue ran in with a pale face. Before Ni Huang could turn around, she was hugged tightly by Qian Jin Cai Yue. Ni Huang also cried.


“Oh, mother!”


“Don’t cry, my good daughter!” Ni Huang couldn’t stop her tears, but she was telling Qian Jin Cai Yue not to cry. Lin Feng was helpless. He could only get up in silence and walk out of the hall, leaving the mother and daughter who had not seen each other for a long time.


For Qian Jin Cai Yue, five years was as long as fifty years. For Ni Huang, it was fifty years. It was a pity that Fu Xi, her husband, had not returned…


“Lin Feng, if Ni Huang falls in love with you one day, you can take care of her for me. Cai Yue is just a stray dream from my mind; I haven’t slept with Ni Huang!”


Lin Feng couldn’t forget Fu Xi’s message that day, and he had initially ignored it. But when he heard that Ni Huang was still a perfect woman, Lin Feng’s heart expanded a lot.


That meant that there was no real blood relationship between Qian Jin Cai Yue and Ni Huang, but Qian Jin Cai Yue was indeed the daughter created by Fuxi; the blood relationship between Qian Jin Cai Yue and Fuxi was greater than that to Ni Huang.


A beautiful woman who had been living in a dream was sad!


Lin Feng shook his head to himself. Then he sighed and left the hall. He saw a woman in blue looking at him with the warm sun on her face and love in her beautiful eyes.


Lin Feng did not speak, quietly went up to Qing Huang Tian, and hugged her; they didn’t talk all night.


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