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Chapter 1719 – Destroying the Eight Corners



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“Lin Feng, you’d better leave the World of Battles. As long as you leave, you can come back to avenge all of us after you have broken through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor.”


“Take Cai Yue and Qing Huang Tian, and go away.”


When the day came, Ni Huang’s eyes were full of worry. She did not want Lin Feng to be killed by Chu Chun Qiu, because she was too unwilling. As long as Lin Feng had time, he would be more powerful than Chu Chun Qiu!


After the night, her face was slightly pale, but her eyes were less distracted.


Lin Feng was ready. If Chu Chun Qiu decided to kill his children, he didn’t mind killing him and destroying the Chu family. However, after listening to Ni Huang’s exhortation, he couldn’t help laughing bitterly. He forgot that she didn’t know that he had broken through that realm.


Qian Jin Cai Yue looked at Lin Feng in doubt; he didn’t tell her mother the truth? Lin Feng shook his head and didn’t intend to say anything. Qian Jin Cai Yue was displeased and stared at Lin Feng, then whispered in Ni Huang’s ear. The tension on Ni Huang’s face suddenly turned into shock, and she looked at Lin Feng strangely.


“Is that true?” Ni Huang’s eyes flashed like stars; she was more confident now!


Qian Jin Cai Yue grasped Ni Huang’s hand and said with a confident smile, “Mother, it’s true, Lin Feng has become a quasi-Tian Dao.”


The light in the eyes of Ni Huang grew brighter. Although she did not know what quasi-Tian Dao was, she knew Lin Feng was more powerful!


“Quasi-Tian Dao realm, Pseudo-Tian Dao realm and Tian Dao realm are the three levels after reaching Heavenly Godly Ancestor. Heavenly Godly Ancestor is the highest level of the cultivators, but it can also be understood that there are different levels of Heavenly Godly Ancestors!


“It’s not difficult to break through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor, but it’s not so easy to become a strong quasi-Tian Dao!” Lin Feng explained to Ni Huang. He wanted to use Fuxi as an example, but gave up. It was not a good thing to mention Fuxi…


“I see. In this case, let’s go to the Eight Corners.” Ni Huang was smiling brightly. Compared to before, she was almost a different person. She had been worried for the safety of Lin Feng and Qian Jin Cai Yue, but now she was not. She had a kind of confidence in Lin Feng that was doomed to not be spoken.


“Let’s go!” With a big wave of Lin Feng’s hand, space distorted. Under his terrible and profound control of space, they disappeared, and no one around was aware that they had gone.




After fifty years, the Eight Corners had grown more powerful, and not just because Lin Feng’s children grew up to be Earthly Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng’s justice had moved many powerful people. Three out of ten had turned to the Eight Corners, which was why the Eight Corners could compete with the Chu family.


Although the Chu family was a mountain on top of all the forces in the World of Battles, the Eight Corners was another mountain that could resist the heavy pressure. However, there was no mountain top on this mountain, and Chu Chun Qiu, the head of the Chu family, made his move. No matter how strong the Eight Corners was, it would be futile.


The Eight Corners had already closed their respective portals, and all the strong men had gathered on the holy platform. After Ye Chen and Fu Shen had arrived, they had asked to build a grand platform, paved with golden boulders. It was hundreds of miles around, and full of arrays and mechanisms.


Its purpose was to deal with this day’s arrival, but they didn’t expect the day to come so fast, and no one was prepared.


All the strong Earthly Godly Ancestors of the Eight Corners descended on the holy platform. Lin Feng and Ni Huang were hiding in the crowd in silence. Lin Feng saw more than thirty Earthly Godly Ancestors on the holy platform, and was extremely comforted.


In these fifty years, Meng Qing, Tang Youyou, Yan Ranxue, Huo Wu, Qing Geng and even Huangnu had broken through and become the leader of Lin Feng’s harem. Liu Fei and Qiu Yuexin didn’t like to practice, but also had the strength of Holy Godly Ancestors.


In addition to Qing Huang Tian, seven of Lin Feng’s women were Earthly Godly Ancestors, which was extremely powerful.


What was more fearsome was that among Lin Feng’s children, Lin Shengyi, Lin Shengxie, Lin Heng’er, Lin Zhetian, and Lin Qiongsheng were all Earthly Godly Ancestors. Among Lin Feng’s daughters, Lin Sheng Miao, Lin Nian’er, and Lin Sitian were also Earthly Godly Ancestors!


Among Lin Feng’s disciples, Jiang Xuan, Ye Chen, Fu Shen, and Xu Han, who called himself Lin Feng’s apprentice, had already broken through to  Earthly Godly Ancestor. This was the third force.


Finally, there was Lin Sheng Miao’s husband and Lin Sitian’s husband. Both Ning Yuan Cheng and Fu Aotian were Earthly Godly Ancestors. This news was a bit unexpected for Lin Feng, but it was also very gratifying. His daughters had a home. He didn’t know Ning Yuan Cheng, but Fu Aotian should be the son of the Fu people.


In the Eight Corners, Shiyu, Li Chen, Tuo Hanyuan and Huang Lei were Earthly Godly Ancestors. Song Qiu Jie and Zhan Han had also broken through to Earthly Godly Ancestor. The two oldest people, Ancestor Di and Yi San Ren, were at the peak of Earthly Godly Ancestor, only a little short of breaking through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor.


However, they could not stop Chu Chun Qiu, who was a tyrant of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor level.



The Chu family imperiously descended among the powerful members on the holy platform. Chu Chun Qiu did not appear. However, the huge platform was occupied by three-tenths of the powerful members of the Chu family, which could be said to be a sea of people.


The two sons of Chu Chun Qiu, Chu Wushang and Chu Lingyun, stared at Lin Zhetian with cold eyes. There were more than forty Earthly Godly Ancestors. There were more than 2900 Holy Godly Ancestors!


With such terrible strength, the defenders couldn’t protect against their auras, and many weak people died vomiting blood. This encounter was more terrible than the great disaster in the World of Battles fifty years ago. At that time, Ancient Demon led many powerful demons, but this time it was the new master of the World of Battles who personally took action.


There were essential differences and between Earthly Godly Ancestors and the Heavenly Godly Ancestors.


“Lin Zhetian, don’t insist and surrender. My father said that because of his friendship with your father, you just need to surrender!” Chu Lingyun spoke out. He was the successor of the Chu family leader, and the eldest son of Chu Chun Qiu. He was respected. 


Lin Zhetian was the eldest son of Lin Feng. Therefore, the dialogue between them also represented Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng.


Lin Zhetian frowned slightly, his face cold. He disdainfully replied, “Don’t be hypocritical. If you want us to do it, why did you hurt Ni Huang and kill my sister’s husband? Explain!”


All of a sudden, Lin Zhetian roared. The Qi of nine dragons on his body grew more and more intense. Lin Feng, who was hidden in the crowd, was a little surprised. Zhetian chose the most common Nine Dragons Swallowing Body cultivation? But he had succeeded!


“Nian’er’s husband was killed?” Lin Feng frowned tightly. He was disappointed with the Chu family. No matter if he had seen the son-in-law or not, since he had entered the Lin family and was killed that way, he would not forget this.


Lin Feng looked at the girl he had once held in his arms. Now she had grown into a beautiful woman. Her beautiful figure was very much like her mother, Qiu Yuexin. She was also aloof and arrogant. Many men were fascinated by her.


But her eyes were filled with traces of sadness, despair, and anger. Her husband died, he was killed by the Chu family, and she would have her revenge!


Lin Feng knew Lin Nian’er’s idea and couldn’t help but smile. “Her character is like mine!”


No longer talking, Lin Feng continued to watch the scene in front of him. As long as Chu Chun Qiu didn’t do anything, it would be difficult for the Chu family to wipe out the Eight Corners.


The difference between the two forces was only Chu Chun Qiu!


“Hmm, Lin Zhetian, don’t be shameless! You will die no matter whether you surrender or not!” Chu Wushang roared, his face making people tremble.


“In that case, there’s nothing to say. Just fight!” Lin Shengxie stepped out, and a broadsword appeared in his left hand. Dragon Qi was boiling in the sword, and heaven and earth were integrated into it.


Seeing this sword, everyone’s face changed slightly. It was made by the inheritor of the Dragon-Phoenix blood, taking three years.


The appearance of this sword was the most powerful weapon. It was not inferior to Lin Feng’s Zhanshen sword. After a lot of fighting and examination, Lin Shengxie had finally obtained the Blood Dragon Sword.


His level was the highest, quite like Lin Feng, but his temper was also like his name!


“Haha, you are quick-tempered. Let’s fight!” Chu Lingyun smiled, his mouth filled with a funny smile, and then his hands slowly swung out. The sky and the earth changed dramatically, and the sky was covered.


All of a sudden, clouds and thunder rolled, and golden thunder was coming. The deafening sound scared many people.


All the children of Lin’s family were fighting, no one was afraid!


But all of a sudden, the wind thickened, the clouds were coming, and a dark shadow was passing in the sky. The four directions flashed when the dark shadow appeared, and the thunder clouds in all directions moved. A lonely person approached.


Seeing this person’s appearance, the Eight Corners fell into silence.


He was dressed in black robes and moved with the wind. His long hair hung down to his shoulders. His face was calm, and his momentum was terrible. He was Chu Chun Qiu.


The Heavenly Godly Ancestor!

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