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Chapter 1722: United World of Battles! Flourishing Period!


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 Chu Chun Qiu had completely disappeared. It was so sudden. People still hadn’t come back to their senses yet, how would they react afterwards? Would they even believe what had just happened? Some would be pleasantly surprised, some would be furious, some would panic!

Chu Ling Yun and Chu Wu Shang were outraged when they saw that their father had disappeared, and there wasn’t even a body left. They looked at Lin Feng furiously and shouted explosively, “AAAHHHHHHH! Lin Feng, you dared kill our father; we’re going to kill you!”

The two Earthly Godly Ancestors charged Lin Feng like lightning. Lin Feng heaved a sigh. Space and time energy appeared again. Both Chu Ling Yun and Chu Wu Shang slowly disappeared.

“Go and see your father, then. I expelled your father from the World of Battles. Who knows if he’s alive somewhere else in the universe?” whispered Lin Feng, watching Chu Chun Qiu’s terrified children disappear.

Lin Feng had decided to just send Chu Chun Qiu somewhere. He had been merciful and hadn’t killed Chu Chun Qiu. It didn’t matter; when he had become a Heaven Dao cultivator, everybody understood that he was now the ultimate ruler. Chu Chun Qiu would never become a Heavenly Dao cultivator, ever. He would never surpass Lin Feng.

That’s what Lin Feng firmly believed. At the same time, he also wanted to give Chu Chun Qiu an opportunity. They had been enemies, then friends, and now they were enemies again, but Lin Feng thought they had gone through a lot together, so he didn’t kill him.

Chu Chun Qiu had always been there since Lin Feng had started rising. Not killing Chu Chun Qiu wasn’t a sign of weakness, it was a sign that Lin Feng had empathy for someone he had known for a very long time. As long as Chu Chun Qiu was alive, then there was someone to tell other people about Lin Feng’s legends and glorious achievements.

Chu Chun Qiu had never been happy; he had always felt like he didn’t and couldn’t truly live because Lin Feng was omnipresent and seemed like the only significant person in the universe.

Lin Feng had his hands clasped behind his back. He looked at the blue sky. The sun was scorching hot, but it wasn’t dazzling. It didn’t dare dazzle in front of him.

“Oh my, you’re afraid of me?”

Boom, boom!

When Lin Feng said that, the sky thundered, lightning flashed. Lin Feng dared provoke the sky? But the lightning didn’t descend from the sky. The sky didn’t dare attack Lin Feng. Everybody understood that.

The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng was nearly their entire universe, their ultimate ruler, and their future. Naturally the sky didn’t dare threaten their ultimate ruler.

“Sky, calm down a little bit, or I’ll destroy you.” whispered Lin Feng, watching the sky shiver.

The sky finally submitted to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Demon Ki-Rin. If the sky had submitted, then the Demon Ki-Rin also had to submit, because it represented the ground.

“The sky submitted to me. What about you?” Lin Feng inquired. His eyes were filled with the sun, the moon and the stars, and the ten thousand things of creation, golden lights, and dragons and phoenixes danced in them too. Demon and Buddha Qi flashed. He was everything. His Ancestral Body was extremely heavy. He could put pressure on the entire universe!

The Demon Ki-Rin heaved a sign and lowered his head. The ground submitted too!

Everybody in the World of Battles remained silent: Earthly Godly Ancestors, ordinary cultivators, everybody remained silent because Lin Feng wasn’t a human anymore in their eyes. He was a god and only a god. And he was also the ONLY real god, the ultimate ruler!

When Chu Chun Qiu were still there, they were terrified. Chu Chun Qiu was like a god. They had no choice but to submit to Chu Chun Qiu when he was there, but Lin Feng was different. They sincerely admired Lin Feng. He was their god and he was there to protect them.

They were happy to submit to him!

All humans submitted.

The Sky, the Ground, and the People had all submitted. Lin Feng was finally satisfied.

The Yan Huang Jing had reached its maximum level. Lin Feng felt like Fu Xi had long ago, and understood what it felt like to be an ultimate ruler.

“From now on, one world, one system! The people of the World of Battles are united. We’re now one big united clan, the War Clan!

“All the members of the War Clan are going to go through a blood modification.”

Suddenly, everybody felt their blood changing. Even the Demon Ki-Rin’s blood changed, some purple and golden blood appearing in his veins. Even though he received only one drop of blood, his expression changed drastically, because that was the War Clan’s purest kind of blood.

Lin Feng gave him the War Clan’s purest kind of blood? The Demon Ki-Rin felt extremely touched and moved. The hundred zhang tall Demon Ki-Rin knelt down and shouted, “Thank you for your immense and generous kindness, Supreme Master! I will be loyal forever!”

Ni Huang, Qian Jin Cai Yue, Qing Huang Tian, Lin Zhe Tian, Lin Qiong Sheng, Meng Qing, Tang You You, and his other wives all received blood. That blood was the key to breaking through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer someday!

All the people from the Region of the Eight Corners received that blood, including the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points and some independent cultivators, as well.

It meant that the World of Battles was now Lin Feng’s. Thanks to the blood, the people would be unlikely to betray him in the future. Luckily, they hadn’t sided with Chu Chun Qiu!

The War Clan’s blood contained three kinds of blood: purple-golden, golden, and Huang Jin blood. In any case, all the people who received the blood would have an opportunity to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, depending on their work.

That was something they couldn’t have imagined in the past. Lin Feng made it possible; the people were amazed!

If they knew Lin Feng’s clone had acted like a weakling on Earth, wouldn’t they be shocked? But Lin Feng did it on purpose. He couldn’t intervene in the Earth’s affairs.

Back then, he wasn’t a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, so the Great Emperor of the Universe, Nu Wa, and Fu Xi could have destroyed him.

Now he was back in the World of Battles, he was the ultimate ruler in this world!

“Thank you, Ultimate Leader!”

“The Zhu Clan will never betray you, Supreme God! On your side until we die!”

“Tian Long is also grateful, Revered Master, we’ll never betray you! If we do, then we deserve to die immediately.”

“The Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven will always listen to our son-in-law! If anyone betrays you, then may our family be cursed!” declared their Supreme Ancestor suddenly. Lin Feng felt awkward. If their family was cursed, it meant Lin Feng and Nian Ling Jiao’s future child would be cursed!

“The Dragon Clan congratulates you, Revered Leader, we’ll always listen to you. If we betray you, may we lose our dragon blood and die!”…


 More and more people spoke. Lin Feng didn’t say much. The Region of the Eight Corners would now be fine forever, too!

However, Lin Feng had to destroy those who had participated in slaughtering people from the Region of the Eight Corners.

“All the members of the War Clan listen to me. Destroy all traitors!” ordered Lin Feng. After that, people shouted in agony all around for thirty minutes; the sound of blades tearing and cutting flesh as well as the smell of blood were carried by the wind. Corpses appeared everywhere.

Those people had deserved to die. Lin Feng wasn’t evil, but those people had killed his people!

After half an hour, the atmosphere calmed again. All the members of the Chu Clan were dead. However, Lin Feng had let people like Chu Ling Yun and Chu Wu Shang live.

“From now on, the tunnels between the World of Battles, Gods Country, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Continent of the Gods, and so forth can be used by all!

“All the people who have Huang Jin blood in their veins can go to whichever world they wish to find talented young geniuses to train them. In a thousand years, this world will be the strongest in the entire history of the universe!”

Lin Feng opened his arms and looked at the sky while speaking.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling. He had the impression that something even worse would happen in a thousand years and that that danger wouldn’t affect just the World of Battles. It would affect ALL Extraterritorial Worlds, including the entire cosmos!

Therefore, Lin Feng had to get prepared in the shortest time possible, and had to train as many young geniuses as possible. He had to make the World of Battles, the Continent of the Gods, and the Continent of the Nine Clouds extremely strong!

It was the only way to rise. It was also the only way for the War Clan to rise and survive!

Extraterritorial Worlds? Lin Feng suddenly thought of the roc ancestor Ye Wu Chen. Were they friends or enemies? If Lin Feng had an opportunity, even if it took him several years of travel, so what?

But the best would still be not to go and meet him. They had nothing in common.

However, the danger that lurked in the cosmos could be a good reason to meet, right? 

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