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Chapter 1723: New War Clan’s List!


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 Time passed slowly. Ten years went by. Lin Feng didn’t go to kill the fake Tian Dao and Chi You, because they would need much longer to heal. Therefore, Lin Feng just traveled the world and finally went to Gods Country once and to the Continent of the Nine Clouds once as well. . .

No matter what, his legends had never disappeared. On the contrary, they spread more and more. Lin Feng was what connected everybody in his worlds.

He was known as the Peerless Martial God now. Some people who had been Lin Feng’s enemies in the past were speechless and heaved a sigh when they passed somewhere with a statue of Lin Feng.

He was simply too strong. Lin Feng had been at the very top for a while. Trillions of people had submitted to him. He had no enemy anymore. Chu Chun Qiu had even been expelled.

Lin Feng issued an order: Ten days from now, they needed to update the War Clan’s ranking list. All the Earthly Godly Ancestors who thought they were strong enough could participate. The top fifty would be in the ranking list.

The ranking list wasn’t just a mere list. It was an opportunity to become someone for people who were from tiny clans, as long as they were Earthly Godly Ancestors.

In the ten years that had passed, the members of the War Clan had received so much. Their cultivation speed had become much faster. Those who were talented really enjoyed it.

In the past, the World of Battles had slightly less than a hundred Earthly Godly Ancestors, and three thousand Holy Godly Ancestors. Now there were almost a thousand Earthly Godly Ancestors and thirty-thousand Holy Godly Ancestors. There were hundreds of thousands of ordinary Godly Ancestors as well!

It was a flourishing and exciting era, and it was all thanks to Lin Feng! 


People sat on stone benches and talked. Many people were excited. They had never seen or heard of such a flourishing era in history.

There were a thousand Earthly Godly Ancestors, and fifty of them would have the privilege of being in the ranking list. How strong would the top one be?

As people were thinking, there was some more news: the top three would become Lin Feng’s last three disciples!

That piece of news had the effect of a bomb in the War Clan. Some people almost lost their minds when they heard that.

Lin Feng’s disciples, including Ye Chen and Fu Chen, who were Lin Feng’s very first and oldest disciples, were proud of their worlds and proud to have such a wonderful teacher.

Ling Xue also showed up. She was Lin Feng’s first female disciple. She had also broken through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, but she was still much weaker than her two fellow male disciples. It was because of what had happened back then, as Lin Feng had put some distance between them. She had lost part of Lin Feng’s trust and the situation would never be the same again.

Jiang Xuan was also an adult; he was even married and had children. Jiang Xuan’s wife was Lin Zhe Tian’s daughter, so they were even closer now, members of the same family.

Lin Feng had two grandchildren now, Lin Tian Su and another one.

Some of the family members he had lost contact for a while, like Lin Wu Shang, also showed up. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He hugged Lin Wu Shang and cried. They loved all their children and grandchildren.

Lin Feng was delighted. The Lin Clan was perfect now.

Lin Feng brought Lin Nian Er’s husband back to life; they were greatly moved. 


Ten days passed quickly. All the Godly Ancestors who were there for the Competition gathered in Hong Meng, the very center of the World of Battles, the place where Fu Xi and Dao Yi used to stay.

Now, it was Lin Feng’s residence!

The battles were fierce and wild. Lin Feng’s clone was seated in the middle of the bleachers. Ni Huang and Meng Qing were at his sides.

Eight years ago, Ni Huang had finally gotten an explanation. Lin Feng had told her about Fu Xi, and that she hadn’t really given birth to Qian Jin Cai Yue, that it was all a dream created by Fu Xi.

Considering those facts, Ni Huang, single and childless, had no responsibilities after all. Therefore, on that night, Lin Feng and Ni Huang had had an incredible night of passionate, wild, and rough sex. Ni Huang was Lin Feng’s latest and possibly last woman.

Ni Huang had also told Qian Jin Cai Yue that she wasn’t her real mother, so she didn’t mind.

Meng Qing was very open-minded; it was important since she was Lin Feng’s main wife. Meng Qing, then Liu Fei, then Tang You You… Thanks to Meng Qing, Lin Feng’s love life had become what it was now.

This time, the battles were extremely fierce. Out of the almost thousand Earthly Godly Ancestors of Lin Feng’s world, eight hundred had come. Some older ones had stayed behind in the sects and clans to help.

The duels lasted for three days and nights and finally, the top fifty emerged.

And it was as such:

First place, Lin Zu; second place, Chen Qiong; third, Fang Zhen Tian, who was Lin Nian’s husband! It meant that in the top three, only Chen Qiong was going to be Lin Feng’s disciple; the two others were people Lin Feng loved and cherished, his powerful son Lin Zu and his son-in-law, Fang Zhen Tian!

Fourth was the leader of the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven, Nian Ling Jiao; fifth was Lin Zhe Tian; and sixth was Lin Qiong Sheng.

Lin Si Tian was in the top fifty as well; she was thirty-fifth!

Lin Feng’s grandson Lin Tian Su was fiftieth. He had cultivated very hard for fifty years.

Now they had the new ranking list. One-twentieth of the list was composed of people from the Lin Clan. The War Clan was Lin Feng’s pride.

Lin Zu had left his spirit world and become an Earthly Godly Ancestor. He had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. In ten years, he might break through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer. He would then be the second Heavenly Godly Ancestor, after Lin Feng.

Lin Feng gradually understood. Lin Zu would definitely be the next Human Ancestor. Since it was that way, Lin Feng was happy to see him grow up like that.

The Lin Clan had some geniuses, and Lin Feng was happy about that!

Lin Zu wasn’t the only one who had left his spirit world. Yan Di, Lin Hai, Hu Ba, and more had all come out. They were all Earthly Godly Ancestors, and they were thus important assets for the War Clan.


Lin Feng’s clone looked at the sky silently. Ni Huang, Meng Qing, and others did the same. It was a great day. Lin Feng’s real body was gone; he was en route for the Ancestral World.

His other clones were Heavenly Godly Ancestors as well, but they only had one-third of his original body’s strength. But there was absolutely no danger whatsoever in the World of Battles, so it was fine. He could spend time and enjoy himself with his women.


On the border of the sky was a powerful absorbing strength. Lin Feng looked at the abyssal hole in front of him and frowned. He wasn’t afraid of it, but he had to be careful. If he went to an extraterritorial world and not to the Ancestral World, it would be extremely troublesome.

If he ended up in an extraterritorial world, he might be stuck there for hundreds of years. Then the fake Tian Dao and Chi You may have recovered and destroyed the World of Battles.

Therefore, Lin Feng had to have a plan, and he had to be extremely careful. He closed his eyes and released space and time strength, then absorbed the Qi of the Ancestral World.

Even though he didn’t know what the Qi of the Ancestral World was like, he had seen Chi You and the fake Tian Dao, so he could roughly guess. Lin Feng used three years to finally find the proper route.

After that, he turned into a golden beam of light and disappeared. When he left, the Demon Ki-Rin was the only one left in his spirit world.

He had taken the Demon Ki-Rin because he wasn’t going on holiday; he was going to kill the fake Tian Dao and Chi You, and he needed the ki-rin’s help for that!


The Ancestral World and the World of Battles were completely different. The space and time energies of the World of Battles, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and the Continent of the Gods were the same, so they could travel back and forth between them easily.

However, space and time was broken between the Ancestral World and the World of Battles. They had to break through space and time to get to the other place. People who weren’t strong enough could easily be absorbed by black holes and become space debris.

Lin Feng was a Tian Dao, or Heavenly Dao, cultivator, so he had nothing to fear. He just had to focus to get to his destination and nowhere else. 


In the blink of an eye, six more months passed. Lin Feng was so bored during those six months that he just cultivated. He was now much, much stronger than when he had just left the Earth. He now had the strength of the top of the Heaven Dao layer.

Now, he didn’t need to do anything to break through. No tools, no resources; he just had to deepen his understanding of himself, and he kept becoming stronger and breaking through.

But it was extremely complicated. Decades passed, and Lin Feng didn’t break through to the same level as the fake Tian Dao.

But the fake Tian Dao was injured, so his strength had decreased. Lin Feng, with his real strength of the top of the Tian Dao layer, with the help of the Demon Ki-Rin, who was a Heavenly Godly Ancestor as well, could easily kill him. As for Chi You, Lin Feng didn’t even need to think about him.

After killing the fake Tian Dao, Chi You would die too! 

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