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Chapter 1724: Ancestral World’s Slaves!


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 The Ancestral World was much, much bigger than the World of Battles, but there weren’t many people in the Ancestral World. It was a place where demonic beasts were numerous, so most humans were slaves. Of course, some humans were strong, and so had privileges. However, they had to submit to demonic beasts.

Chi You wasn’t a human. He was a beast. The fake Tian Dao wasn’t a human, either. He was also a strong cultivator of the Beast Clan. He had gotten involved in the affairs of the Earth and the World of Battles in order to break through to the fake Tian Dao layer.

He was ambitious, but he lacked strength. If he had already broken through to the Tian Dao layer, then he would be the ultimate ruler already! 

After six months, Lin Feng finally arrived close to the Ancestral World’s entrance. It was a dangerous moment. Luckily, Lin Feng controlled space and time energies, so if something happened, he would be able to avoid being absorbed by external space and time forces.

Lin Feng clenched his teeth, opened his arms, and condensed space and time strength. A beam of light emerged from his body. Lin Feng closed his eyes and flashed ahead. When he opened his eyes again, he smiled.

The Ancestral World! Finally! He turned around and looked at the space and time corridor and memorized its location. It would be a problem if he couldn’t find it again later when it was time to leave.

There were gigantic mountains in front of him. Each mountain was at least tens of thousands of meters high. It seemed their peaks could touch the sky, but of course they were small in comparison to the universe.

Lin Feng landed gently on a mountain. As soon as he landed, he heard the sound of clanging iron chains. It drew Lin Feng’s attention, so he walked over.

“Hurry up, damn slaves! If you’re not done in ten days, the fire dragon king will eat you, got it?”
shouted a shrill voice. Lin Feng frowned and looked over. 

He saw a human whose upper body was covered in wounds. Then he saw many other humans, all in the same situation. When those people saw Lin Feng, they looked sad; they were extremely skinny, their bodies hurt, they were tied in chains, and they had to break stones all day long.

Lin Feng was stupefied. He hadn’t expected humans to be treated as slaves here.

Lin Feng was furious, but he had to keep calm for the time being. He took a deep breath. His silhouette flickered, and he suddenly looked like those human slaves. His upper body was also covered in wounds and scars. He looked like a middle-aged man, and he even had a beard.

Lin Feng silently joined the slaves and started lifting stones with them. They were so heavy the other humans could not move them. He didn’t look exhausted at all, though. For Lin Feng, a few tens of thousands of kilos were nothing. He could lift mountains easily. But since he wanted to understand this world, he had to hide his real cultivation level.

“The Fire Dragon King wants to marry your princess, Princess She Xiang, in two weeks. Hahaha! Your human princess will become one of ours!”

“And after the Fire Dragon King sleeps with her once, we powerful people will also be able to sleep with her! Hehehehehe!” The speaker was an adult three-headed dragon, and at that moment, he was using his real original body.

The three-headed dragon humiliated human females, so all the slaves clenched their fists, especially young men. They slowly started shaking from head to foot with anger.

Lin Feng could see that these people were weaklings. The strongest one was a Supreme God… The three-headed dragon was an ordinary Godly Ancestor. It was a huge difference, so humans couldn’t compete with them. Even if they fought the beasts, where would they go? Even strong human cultivators submitted and pledged allegiance to the Beast Clan in order to have a relatively free life.

Therefore, nobody cared about these weaklings. In this world, thousands and even tens of thousands of humans were injured or killed everyday. Many of them were tortured cruelly. Every day, a new batch of people were destroyed.

Human women were tortured and raped by beasts on a daily basis. They got pregnant with beasts, who also had human blood.

But those beasts who had human blood were not considered to be on the same level as pureblood beasts, but their position in society was still higher than a human’s. Human males had to work nonstop, otherwise they were killed. Human females were just used as sex slaves and insemination boxes by beasts.

Lin Feng inspected the slaves’ memories and clenched his fists. These beasts were bastards! How dare they torture humans like that?

Lin Feng was so furious that the three-headed dragon noticed him. The three-headed dragon grunted coldly and lifted his whip.

A terrifying strength emerged from the whip. A weak human could easily be severely injured, if not killed, with such an attack. This time, he attacked Lin Feng.

“You dare act insolently and disrespect the Beast Clan? I will kill you!” declared the three-headed dragon icily, staring at Lin Feng and whipping him.

All the slaves looked terrified. They felt sad and angry, and also helpless and hopeless. They couldn’t do anything against these beasts.

Some people also thought they were lucky not to be the victim this time…

When Lin Feng saw how scared these humans were, he was disappointed, but he couldn’t blame them. They had lived under the oppressive regime of the beasts for a long time. They didn’t intend to rebel.

“What a bunch of trash! You’re humans, for fuck’s sake! Even if you die, you should die with dignity!” shouted Lin Feng explosively, scaring most of them. Some of them looked at Lin Feng in surprise.

Lin Feng put one finger on the whip, and it exploded. Its pieces fell everywhere on the ground. The three-headed dragon’s body also exploded. Blood and pieces of flesh splashed everywhere. The other humans were so dumbstruck that they didn’t realize what was going on.

Lin Feng had killed an ordinary Godly Ancestor with his finger? On top of that, it wasn’t just any beast; it was a three-headed dragon!

A man swallowed. He looked afraid, and then overjoyed, as if there was hope again.

An old man sobbed, bursting into tears and kneeling down. He begged Lin Feng in a trembling voice. “SUPREME GOD, PLEASE SAVE US!” After that, everybody knelt down. There were thousands of slaves there.

But thousands of people also peed their pants, because the three-headed dragon had scared them. Was it part of human nature? Did all humans bully the weak and fear the strong?

Lin Feng didn’t know. All he knew was that he wasn’t someone who bullied the weak and feared the strong…

“Supreme God, save us, we beg you!” said an old man. He looked devastated, and had huge tears on his face.

More and more people looked at him and begged for mercy, but Lin Feng remained silent. He at the sky not far from him. It was gradually becoming blurry. He noticed a silhouette.

Indeed. More beasts…

Lin Feng had killed the three-headed dragon, so three strong cultivators showed up personally.

There were more and more beasts showing. The slaves who were on their knees suddenly looked afraid.

“Hmph! A bunch of pieces of trash! You begged someone to save you? Pfff, die then!”

A gigantic black dragon suddenly appeared. It was hundreds of zhang long. Blood dripped from its gigantic mouth. It wanted to devour the thousands and thousands of slaves in one bite.

Everybody looked terrified, and were shaking from head to foot, even the bravest ones. They couldn’t resist that terrifying Qi.

Lin Feng looked at the gigantic demon dragon. It was an ordinary Godly Ancestor… How weak!

“Hmph! I hate it when insects fly above my head. Fuck off now!” shouted Lin Feng decisively. He used his Dragon-Phoenix strength and smashed the dragon. All the beasts in the surrounding forests sensed a terrifying dragon Qi.

When the dragon saw that extremely pure dragon Qi, he shook from head to tail and fell from the sky. There was an explosion, and his body crashed in the mountains. He couldn’t believe it. He turned into a human form and knelt at Lin Feng’s feet.

“You… You’re a Dragon God, Master?” The demon dragon tried to curry favor with Lin Feng, but anyone could see terror in his eyes. Apart from Dragon Gods, nobody could release such a powerful dragon Qi!

Therefore, the demon dragon knew that Lin Feng was probably a Master of the Beast Temple!

Lin Feng looked at him icily and raised his hand threateningly, but didn’t hit him. Lin Feng decided to change his tactics after hearing the dragon.

Even if he was extremely strong, he couldn’t save these people, but if he were a strong member of the Beast Clan, then he could give the guards the order to treat them better.

“Hmph! Rise, tiny little insect. You’re a dragon and you’re putting your head on the ground, no dignity! I’ll have to destroy all dragons if you continue!” shouted Lin Feng, pretending to be angry. The dragon hastily lifted his head back up.

He was still on his knees though; he sniffled and wiped off his tears and looked at Lin Feng imploringly.

What if his dragon clan was destroyed? That would be the demon dragon’s biggest mistake in life!

“Spare our life, please! I will never do it again!” said the demon dragon, still on his knees.

At that moment, the other beasts showed up. They weren’t from the Dragon Clan, but they had felt Lin Feng’s terrifying dragon strength and they were all trembling. 

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