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Chapter 1725: Slaves’ Village!


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 “Stand up!” ordered Lin Feng. The demon dragon was overjoyed, and stood up with a fawning smile.

“From now on, you’re not allowed to use slaves anymore. That’s an order from the Godly Temple,” Lin Feng said loudly and calmly. He looked at the humans and heaved a sigh inside.

When the demon dragon heard Lin Feng’s order, he was surprised and frowned, “Master, how could the Godly Temple give such an order? Do you have the edict with you?”

“Hehe, you’re a tiny little insect, how dare you doubt what I say? Huh?” Lin Feng smiled evilly. The demon dragon trembled from head to toe in terror.

The dragon shook its head and shouted back fervently, “I would never dare!”

“So go and transmit the order!” shouted Lin Feng, waving impatiently. His dragon Qi disappeared. Only dragon Qi could make a dragon submit, after all. As long as the demon dragon didn’t have doubts, the other demonic beasts would also believe him.

The demon dragon quickly transmitted the order that the slaves had to stop working starting today. Nobody knew whether it was temporary or not yet.

All the humans looked moved. Some people knew how strong the beasts were, so there was probably a reason for them to stop using humans as slaves.

But no matter what, each day they survived was worth it!

The demon dragon quickly reported to Lin Feng that he was done with his mission.

“Good. When I go back to the Godly Temple, I’ll suggest that you be assigned the title of Regional King,” Lin Feng said, smiling and patting the demon dragon’s shoulder. The demon dragon paled. When Lin Feng patted his shoulder, he had nearly collapsed, but he was also happy when he heard those words.

If the leaders said he could become a regional king, it would be wonderful!

Lin Feng studied the demon dragon coolly to see his reaction; he could read people’s thoughts with his strength of the Tian Dao layer. He learned a lot of things regarding the Godly Temple and the Ancestral World, as well as the various regional kings.

Each region was under the control of regional kings. Under them in the hierarchy were royal generals, who were in charge of ordinary demonic beasts. Ordinary demonic beasts were in charge of torturing slaves.

The regional king of this region was the Fire Dragon King. Two weeks from now, that precise Fire Dragon King was going to get married to Princess She Xiang.

“Eh, Master, what about Master Fire Dragon King’s wedding in two weeks? Who is going to build the palace for the wedding?” asked the demon dragon hesitantly, after coming back to his senses. If humans stopped working as slaves, who was going to build the palace for the wedding?

He looked rather queasy suddenly. The Master in front of him definitely wasn’t afraid of the Fire Dragon King, but they were all just royal generals, so they didn’t dare offend their Master.

“Wedding? What wedding?” replied Lin Feng, pretending to be surprised by the demon dragon’s question; he wanted to know more. 

The demon dragon was startled, but he quickly reacted, Lin Feng had just come from the Godly Temple after all; he didn’t necessarily know exactly what was going on in that region.

Of course, Lin Feng actually knew everything already!

The demon dragon explained everything to him, and Lin Feng said icily, “Princess She Xiang? Hehe. A tiny little insect can’t have her. Go back and tell the Fire Dragon King that in two weeks, I’ll get married to Princess She Xiang, so he better stop paying attention to her. Regarding the palace, no need to build one now.”

“Ah? Master, please! You can’t!”  The demon dragon was terrified. He wanted to kneel down and beg again. If the Fire Dragon King and Lin Feng argued, the royal generals would suffer the consequences!

Lin Feng seemed resolute to compete with the Fire Dragon King, but the Fire Dragon King was extremely perverted. After learning that Lin Feng wanted to steal his future wife, he would probably bet his life to kill Lin Feng!

“What? If the Fire Dragon King can marry the princess, why couldn’t I? Does he look down upon gods like me?” Lin Feng asked angrily. 

The demon dragon was terrified. He didn’t dare say anything.

His silence meant Lin Feng could marry Princess She Xiang, but actually what Lin Feng wanted to do was kill the Fire Dragon King and save that princess.

“Where is Princess She Xiang?” Lin Feng frowned. 

The demon dragon smiled wryly. He didn’t dare contradict Lin Feng anymore, and replied, “I’ll take you to her, Master.”

He took Lin Feng to Princess She Xiang’s residence. At the same time, he glanced at the three other demonic beasts. What he meant was obvious; he wanted them to go and report to the Fire Dragon King!

“Damn it, that demon dragon goes to see the woman with the Master and he makes us go and infuriate the Fire Dragon King!” complained a centipede after Lin Feng and the demonic beast left. He heaved a helpless sigh.

“Let’s go. The Fire Dragon King is going to be furious. He’ll probably want to kill him!” a snake floating in midair sighed helplessly.

“Hmph! A Master from the Godly Temple is going to compete with our regional king, interesting!”

 Lin Feng followed the demon dragon. The demon dragon was a hundred zhang long, but he was much slower than Lin Feng. Lin Feng followed silently.

The demon dragon didn’t understand. Why didn’t Lin Feng use his dragon form to fly? But he didn’t dare ask. If he offended this Master, he wouldn’t live long!

The demon dragon remained silent and flew towards a mountain range. The human slaves lived there, including Princess She Xiang.

“Tell me about Princess She Xiang,” Lin Feng ordered indifferently.

The demon dragon decided to curry favor with Lin Feng and tell him everything.

“Hehe, Master, it is said that she is the descendent of some strong cultivator from back in the days in the Ancestral World. Now the Fire Dragon King wants to marry her.

“Of course, she doesn’t want to, but the Fire Dragon King said that if she disagreed, he’d kill ten thousand slaves, so the princess had no choice. In order to save those slaves, she agreed to marry him!”

The demon dragon looked excited. If the Fire Dragon King married Princess She Xiang, less than a month later, he would also be able to sleep with her. He couldn’t help but lick his lips.

Suddenly some energies put pressure on him. He was covered in cold sweat and remembered that a Master was behind him, so he couldn’t think of the princess in sexual terms.

“if you dare think of my fiancée like this again, I’ll destroy your entire clan!” Lin Feng promised expressionlessly. The demon dragon turned grey and stopped thinking about her. 


They arrived thirty minutes later. Lin Feng looked at the area and the residences. They were made of gigantic boulders and wood. Some houses were a little bit better than the others. They probably belonged to people who were a bit stronger and who didn’t need to work as slaves.

Princess She Xiang was one of them.

The demon dragon turned into his human form again. Lin Feng didn’t wait for him and entered the residential area.

The slaves he had met when he had just arrived weren’t back yet, and the slaves who were had just come back from their day of work. When they saw the demon dragon, they all looked frightened. When they saw how submissive he looked next to Lin Feng, they immediately came to the conclusion that he was a strong beast.

“They’re going to Princess She Xiang’s residence?” shouted someone suddenly. It was a handsome fellow. He was the one who wanted to marry Princess She Xiang the most, and now two evil beasts were going to the princess’ residence, which made him clench his fists.

“Stop!” shouted the man explosively. Then he ran towards Lin Feng and the demon dragon furiously.
“Stop! Damn beasts! I won’t let you bully the princess!”

Lin Feng hadn’t thought a human would act so bravely here. He was young. It cheered Lin Feng up. Not all the humans of the Ancestral World were pieces of trash. No matter how hard their lives were, at least someone stood up for their rights.

When the demon dragon saw that, he was pissed. Damn slave!

“You go and die, fucking insect!” said the demon dragon, throwing a punch. The man looked devastated.

“Enough!” shouted Lin Feng. His terrifying energies suddenly rolled in waves over ten thousand li around him. The demon dragon groaned and was pushed back a few steps. The young man was blown away as well, but he wasn’t injured.

Lin Feng glanced at the man and continued walking to Princess She Xiang’s residence. 

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