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Chapter 1726: Making the Fire Dragon King Explode! 


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When they entered the courtyard, two middle-aged men shouted, “Stop!” They were wearing ragged clothes, but they were quite strong as Great Supreme Gods. Unfortunately, they still couldn’t block Lin Feng’s punch.

Lin Feng didn’t hurt them, he just sent them flying away. They’d need at least an hour to come back, and they had lost consciousness.

The demon dragon rejoiced. If he had offended this Master, he would have died already. How strong! 

 They crossed the courtyard and arrived at the foot of a stone tower. It was locked. The place looked different from the others, much better. It was definitely Princess She Xiang’s room.

“Wait outside and guard. I’m going in!” Lin Feng said, frowning colder. Then he opened the door and entered. The demon dragon didn’t dare respond or look annoyed. He just stayed outside and guarded the entrance. 

 After he entered the room, Lin Feng saw a beautiful woman. He could see she had a sharp dagger hidden in her clothes. She hastily took it out, raised it, and charged Lin Feng.

“I hate you, damn beasts! You’ll never rape me! I’m going to kill you!” the princess screamed at him. One could hear from her tone of speech that she didn’t fear death, and was ready to die. She intended to kill Lin Feng and then commit suicide.

She preferred dying to getting raped by those beasts!

Lin Feng was surprised, but unfortunately for her, with the strength of an ordinary Godly Ancestor, killing him was impossible. Lin Feng reached out for the dagger, and tapped it with deadly force.

 Clang clang clang! The dagger fell on the floor and bounced away. Princess She Xiang paled and took a few steps back.

Lin Feng smiled and slowly closed the door. He looked around in the room and then isolated the room from the rest of the world so that people outside couldn’t hear them.

“What are you doing?” Princess She Xiang demanded when she saw Lin Feng isolate the room. She was even paler. She raised her hands to her chest to show Lin Feng that if he stepped any closer, she would release energies and kill herself.

Lin Feng thought that if he didn’t already have so many concubines, he would definitely be interested in her. She looked cold and beautiful. But he had many women already, so he was less susceptible to women’s beauty.

Princess She Xiang was wearing a long pale dress which made her look even colder. She looked like a very lonely, cold, and introverted person, but the beasts had still cast greedy eyes on her.

“Don’t worry. I am not interested in you!” Lin Feng said, waving and smiling indifferently, before sitting down on a chair.

When Princess She Xiang heard that, she was happy at first, but then she got angry. Not interested in her?

Was he lying? In order to capture, one must let loose, that was probably his strategy! Lin Feng was probably pretending. Thinking about that, she smiled icily, “Stop lying. Beasts are sly. I know you have something in mind!”

“I am not a member of the Beast Clan. I am a human,” Lin Feng replied. He didn’t feel like wasting time talking to her, so he told her who he was.

However, Princess She Xiang scratched her nose and smiled, “Since when do beasts pretend to be people?”

“My blood should be proof enough!” Lin Feng answered, frowning impatiently. He cut his finger and a drop of Holy Blood flew away from it.

The princess was astonished. Before she could react, the drop of blood was already in front of her. 

It was extremely pure human blood. Princess She Xiang’s heart twitched. The blood was terrifying. It was even more powerful than her father’s!

“You’re really a human?” Princess She Xiang raised her eyes and stared at Lin Feng in shock.

Lin Feng nodded calmly. Princess She Xiang’s eyes were suddenly filled with hope. Lin Feng was so strong, he was probably as strong as the demon dragon outside!

“Where are you from? You’re so strong, you live in the Godly Temple?” asked the princess. She remained wary. She knew that there were strong humans in the Beast Godly Temple, but they were just lackeys. They had to be if they wanted to live.

But was Lin Feng one of them? Princess She Xiang had no choice but to remain careful.

Lin Feng frowned. He had never seen such a cautious woman before, but it was normal, as they had a horrible life in the Ancestral World. If humans weren’t careful here, they died quickly!

“I come from another world!” Lin Feng said honestly. Princess She Xiang looked surprised, but she believed him because her father used to say there were other worlds out there.

“Why did you come to this world?” asked Princess She Xiang. She had to ask all these questions to trust this bearded middle-aged man.

Lin Feng had turned into a strong middle-aged man, so she naturally had doubts. If he showed himself, she would probably trust him.

“I came to kill.”

“Kill whom?” asked Princess She Xiang.

Lin Feng frowned angrily. The Princess She Xiang realized she was going a bit too far, and quickly apologized awkwardly, “Sorry! Please, I…”

“I came to the Ancestral World to kill Chi You and his teacher,” Lin Feng interrupted her. Princess She Xiang looked dumbstruck.

But after a while, she reacted and asked curiously, “Why do you want to kill Chi You? He’s the leader of the Godly Temple and the ultimate ruler of this world!”

Princess She Xiang thought Lin Feng was insane, and didn’t believe him. However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to explain anything to her. Whether she believed him or not didn’t really matter. She was nothing to him.

“I’m sick of hearing this shit. I came here to save you human slaves. I will temporarily put you in my spirit world, then I’ll kill Chi You and his teacher, and you’ll live happy lives. I will not have come to the Ancestral World in vain!”

Lin Feng didn’t even look at her; he turned around and walked away while removing the isolation barrier.

There were at least ten beasts outside. All the beasts looked at him angrily. The demonic dragon was already standing aside. He looked pale. When Lin Feng came out, he looked frantically happy and hastily shouted, “Ma… Master, the Fire Dragon King is coming!”

“I know,” Lin Feng answered, glancing at the demonic beasts around him. If the Fire Dragon King wasn’t coming, how would they dare face him like this?

“Hmph! You’re the Master from the Godly Temple? You dare try to steal my woman? I will kill you!”

The ground started shaking, and there were rumbling sounds. The red clouds in the sky rolled in waves as a terrifying Qi appeared. It smelled like blood. Two eyes flashed in the sky.

The Fire Dragon King was terrifying. Lin Feng studied him as he flew in. He was hundreds of zhang long and did look extraordinary. He wasn’t weak, either, already a Holy Godly Ancestor already. Not bad!

“You know what the Beast Godly Temple is, right?” Lin Feng replied indifferently, looking at the dragon’s two bloody red eyes.

“Hmph! I don’t give a shit about who you are! You’re on my territory here! And since you dared steal my woman, I’ll kill you!”

The dragon roared, and the ground shook. It looked like the end of the world. All the slaves felt desperate and hopeless with fright. Many people looked at Lin Feng with compassion.

The demon dragon was standing on the side and watching. He didn’t want to lose his life because of Lin Feng.

Princess She Xiang came out of her room. Her beauty instantly drew everybody’s attention. Most of the demonic beasts started drooling and licking their lips.

“Princess, you are mine and only mine. Hahahaha! I will kill him and then we’ll go into your room together!” the Fire Dragon King bellowed grandly, before swooping down on Lin Feng. He moved so fast there was a sonic boom.

The Fire Dragon King’s gigantic body was suddenly in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng remained motionless, and even pretended to look dumbstruck with fear. When the Fire Dragon King saw that, he looked even more ferocious.

And then Lin Feng blinked. He just blinked, that’s all, and the Fire Dragon King’s soul shook. He realized that Lin Feng wasn’t a simple cultivator; he was a terrifying cultivator of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer!

“You are useless. I’ll destroy you,” Lin Feng stated. Everybody was dumbstruck when they saw Lin Feng grab the dragon. And then…

Boom, boom!

Lin Feng released some energies, and the Fire Dragon King exploded. Flesh, blood, and hide flew around, and even his soul exploded. He couldn’t be more dead!

Everybody remained silent. The demonic beasts crouched down, quavering in fear.

When Princess She Xiang saw that, she had more and more hope. 

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