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Chapter 1727: What Happens When One Is Arrogant!


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 After a long time, the humans started whispering. Everybody clenched their fists and looked gleeful. They stared at the pieces of flesh on the ground happily. The Fire Dragon King used to keep bullying them, and now he was finally dead. . .

But they quickly stopped talking, remembering their place. The Fire Dragon King was dead… but now even stronger beasts would come and destroy them… right? And Princess She Xiang was going to marry a beast anyway, right?

The demon dragon walked over to Lin Feng and bowed hand over fist smiling, “Haha! Congratulations, Master! You destroyed that evil bastard! You are the pride of the beast clan!”

“Evil bastard?” Lin Feng grinned.

“Hehe!” the demon dragon smiled, then continued, “Of course! He dared attack you, he’s an evil bastard! A scumbag of the universe! You were right to kill him!”

Lin Feng was surprised. The demon dragon was really smart. If they were in the World of Battles, Lin Feng would have decided to make extensive use of him. Even though he wasn’t loyal or devoted, he didn’t dare contradict really strong cultivators, and since Lin Feng was the strongest…

Unfortunately, they were in the Ancestral World. The demon dragon was just a demon dragon. Lin Feng couldn’t use him too much, only a little bit. It was not bad as it was.

“The Fire Dragon King was a scumbag of the universe indeed. What should we do to his servants?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. The demon dragon’s expression faltered. 

 Lin Feng didn’t wait for the demon dragon to answer. Suddenly, nine Lin Feng clones appeared and attacked at the same time.

Boom, boom, bam, bam!

Lin Feng killed dozens of demonic beasts in the blink of an eye. His clones punched them one after the other, and they all exploded. Blood, flesh, and hide flew around. All of them exploded completely, along with their souls. They hadn’t withstood a single attack.

There was not a single beast left, apart from the demon dragon. The demon dragon suddenly understood something and his expression fell. “You… You’re not a Master from the Beast Godly Temple!”

“You’re very smart. You have two options: you can either follow me, or die.” Lin Feng said coldly, as he fused together with the nine clones.

When the demon dragon heard that, he was horrified. He now knew how strong Lin Feng really was. Lin Feng just had to raise one finger to kill him. He wasn’t stupid…

“I agree to follow you, Supreme Master! I would lose my life for you!” swore the demon dragon. He naturally submitted and pledged his allegiance to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction, but to make sure no incident would happen, he cut his finger; a drop of blood appeared and penetrated into the demon dragon’s body. The demon dragon suddenly broke through several cultivation layers consecutively, and now had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer!

The demon dragon was overjoyed! He didn’t dare have doubts about Lin Feng anymore. He now knew that if he followed this Master, he would get stronger and stronger.

“Thank you so much, Revered Leader!” exclaimed the demon dragon, kneeling down and kowtowing three times, striking the ground quite hard with his head. He didn’t look like a beast anymore, but he didn’t feel like he was losing face. When someone was extremely strong, he admired and respected them. It was a natural thing!

  He now called Lin Feng “Revered Leader”, not just “Supreme Master”!

“I gave you a drop of my blood, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you. However, if you betray me someday, my blood will explode in your body and you will die. You understand?” Lin Feng told him mercilessly, scaring the dragon.

When the demon dragon heard that, he swallowed and continued to kowtow.

“Alright, from now on, you’re the Demon Ki-Rin’s partner,” Lin Feng declared, raising his hands. He opened the big gate of his spirit world, and the Demon Ki-Rin, who was thousands of zhang long, appeared, blotting out the sky and covering the earth.

When the Demon Ki-Rin showed up, the ten thousand humans were terrified and prostrated themselves on the ground. The Demon Ki-Rin was much scarier than the Fire Dragon King! It even seemed like he wasn’t much weaker than Lin Feng!

The demon dragon’s expression changed again. Lin Feng had a member of the Beast Clan inside his body? How terrifying! It was likely that not a single beast of the Godly Temple could compete with Lin Feng!

The demon dragon was suddenly curious about his new Supreme Leader’s identity. Such a terrifying demonic beast had submitted to him?

“Master Ki-Rin, please teach me many things.” Lin Feng left the demon dragon to the Demon Ki-Rin. The Demon Ki-Rin frowned, and glared at the demon dragon. The demon dragon was suddenly covered in cold sweat. He didn’t dare look the Demon Ki-Rin in the eyes!

“We are both demon beasts, so we’re similar in a way. Come with me,” ordered the Demon Ki-Rin aggressively. The demon dragon didn’t dare disobey.

The Demon Ki-Rin turned into a black beam of light and went back into Lin Feng’s body. The demon dragon followed him into Lin Feng’s spirit world.

Not a single beast was left at the top of the mountain; there were only humans!

“Princess She Xiang, tell them my real identity.” Lin Feng said, sighing helplessly when he saw those terrified humans lying flat on their stomachs. He was really disappointed, but he still had to tell them the truth about himself.

Princess She Xiang nodded. She trusted Lin Feng completely now. If he wasn’t a human, he wouldn’t have dared kill those beasts, but he had slaughtered dozens of them, including the Fire Dragon King, blowing him apart!

Princess She Xiang walked onto a boulder and looked at the crowd. Her dress fluttered in the wind. She said in a soft and gentle voice, “Everybody, he’s not a beast. He’s a strong human cultivator!”

The crowd all gasped.

Then the crowd started shouting and cheering. They all looked at Lin Feng with teary eyes. Some old men started crying. Some young men clenched their fists and started swearing that they would never be bullied by beasts ever again!

They were so happy to learn Lin Feng was human!

“We can’t continue suffering like that, right? The Ancestral World belongs to humans, how can we let a beast be the ultimate ruler?”

“I am a princess of the Ancestral World. I feel guilty for letting my compatriots sink into misery and humiliation, because it comes down to tarnishing my father’s dignity and reputation. He created this world after all!” Princess She Xiang said sadly. Lin Feng felt sad for her.

He would feel even worse if he were her!

“But from now on, we have to be strong. Let’s take our courage in both hands, let’s go and kill those demonic beasts together!” After feeling sad, Princess She Xiang pulled herself together and let anger fill her heart. She clenched her small fists.

The crowd was convinced. She was their Princess. If she wasn’t afraid of fighting against the demonic beasts, how could they be? They worshipped their princess. Nothing was worse than being a slave forever!

“No problem! Even if we have to die, we can’t be slaves forever!” shouted a determined man. Lin Feng had noticed him before. He was a young man ready to die for his honor. What a good fellow!

“Indeed. We have to do it for the future generations, anyway!”

“How can a bunch of beasts put pressure on us? How could we let them use us?”…

Everybody’s blood was boiling. A hundred-year-old man was amazed; he hadn’t felt so excited for eighty years. He felt young again!

All those people were ready to join hands.

Princess She Xiang was excited and satisfied. She looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “What do you think?”

Lin Feng looked at the crowd mockingly and then at Princess She Xiang in satisfaction. He shook his head and smiled cold, “How could a bunch of pieces of trash kill demonic beasts?”

“What? How dare you call us pieces of trash? How dare you insult us?”

“If you bully us, we’ll kill you!”

“Come, brothers, let’s teach him a good lesson!”…

Their blood was boiling, so it was the right time to provoke them. They were weak, but they felt fearless at that moment, and they all charged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He didn’t even need to move, he just released energies.

In a short moment, hundreds of young geniuses were shouting in pain and lying on the floor in crushing defeat.

Nobody dared speak anymore.

Princess She Xiang looked at Lin Feng angrily. What was he doing? It hadn’t been easy to motivate them, and now Lin Feng had crushed them! Why? She wanted to ask Lin Feng why he had done that, when Lin Feng suddenly appeared in front of them.

“You want to become strong?” asked Lin Feng, smiling and looking at one of them as he crouched down. The young genius looked at him angrily at first, but then in admiration, and shouted eagerly and without hesitation, “I want to become strong, Master!”

“Are you willing to work hard?” Lin Feng asked one of the young geniuses. 

The young genius looked determined and shouted back, “I am willing to suffer if I have to, Master!”

“You all want to become strong?” asked Lin Feng ,standing back up and smiling at all those young geniuses.

“Yes, we do, Master!”

“Master, even if we die in the process, we want to become stronger!”

“Supreme Master, please help!”

Nobody acted arrogantly now. They acted modestly and humbly.

Princess She Xiang was stupefied. She bit her lips, not knowing what to say. It was like the Human Clan was his and not hers anymore!

“Everybody will receive a drop of Huang Jin blood. I give you a year to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. Those who fail will piss off from the Human Clan!”

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