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Chapter 1728: Beast Godly Temple!



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 Lin Feng gave all those young geniuses a drop of Huang Jin blood. It would help them break through to the Godly Ancestor, but Lin Feng gave them a year because he didn’t want to put too much pressure on them. They had suffered so much under the beasts’ regime and they hadn’t had time to cultivate.

Lin Feng gave other resources to the older people. Whether they would become stronger or not had nothing to do with Lin Feng. He didn’t care about them. They were from the Ancestral World, not from his world.

Lin Feng initially wanted to put these people in his spirit world, but he gave up the idea. The weak were the prey of the strong, and natural selection was normal. Lin Feng didn’t want to mess with natural order.

The Fire Dragon King and many demonic beasts were dead already. The Godly Temple didn’t know that yet, so these humans had time. A year from, they would be able to compete with the beasts!

They wouldn’t need to kill Chi You and the fake Tian Dao themselves. Lin Feng would get rid of them, and then they’d be fine.

Lin Feng took Princess She Xiang away from there, and they traveled towards the other regions. They had to help the other humans and save them. Lin Feng used Princess She Xiang’s soul as a GPS; it was very efficient.


 Three months later, Lin Feng had saved several billion humans and given them all an opportunity to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer within a year. He didn’t give them all the blood of the War Clan, as it was limited. If he gave them all a drop of blood, he’d become too weak!

Everybody was awed. They would never forget Lin Feng!

They all supported their princess, too. Nobody knew if her father was still alive, or if he had been kidnapped and imprisoned by beasts long ago. Princess She Xiang wanted to look for him. 


 A few more months passed, and Lin Feng realized Princess She Xiang was actually a nice woman. She wasn’t good at handling various things, but she was pure in intent. She was ready to work hard for the humans of the Ancestral World!

Princess She Xiang was happy to know Lin Feng. Apart from his appearance, he was perfect. The Beast Kings couldn’t even compete with him, he was so strong!

If he joined the Beast Godly Temple, he would become an elder, at least! He would be able to have a free and unrestrained life there, but Lin Feng wasn’t from the Ancestral World, so it didn’t matter.

Princess She Xiang asked Lin Feng about his past, but he just said he wasn’t from the Ancestral World, so she stopped asking.

The Beast Godly Temple had been built by Chi You himself. It controlled the whole Ancestral World. The Ancestral World was gigantic, so Chi You had power. There was only one place in the Ancestral World where he wasn’t in charge: the East!

It was said that it was a forbidden place and that Chi You didn’t want members of the Godly Temple to go there, so nobody dared to do so. Chi You had gradually forgotten about the place.

The Godly Temple was divided into three categories: auditors, ordinary members, and core members. Only core members could meet with Chi You!

Along the way, Princess She Xiang told Lin Feng many things about the Godly Temple, so Lin Feng devised a plan. 


They flew for three days and finally arrived in the neighborhood of the palace, which was on a vast flatland. It looked like a fairyland there. There were small, almost transparent clouds floating about now and then.

There were vast chaotic buildings in the distance. The buildings there were completely different from buildings in the World of Battles. Buildings in the World of Battles were magnificent and grandiose. They were signs of strength!

In the Ancestral World, buildings were simple but big, including the stone towers and pavilions. The gigantic stone halls were hundreds of meters tall. The air smelled like blood and animals.

There was a huge difference between beasts and humans. Humans and beasts couldn’t be treated the same way.

The Beast Godly Temple was the central part of that world and also where the strongest cultivators lived.

Lin Feng and Princess She Xiang walked into the hall. They were in the Ancestral World, and Lin Feng wasn’t familiar with the geography. But Princess She Xiang was a princess of the Ancestral World and her father used to be the ultimate ruler here, so she probably knew more about the temple than Lin Feng.

Princess She Xiang didn’t want to draw the beasts’ attention with her beauty, so she covered her face with a veil, but even so, many demonic beasts looked in her direction. Lin Feng grunted coldly and released Dragon-Phoenix strength to put pressure on them. The beasts quickly fled, and didn’t dare look at her again.

Princess She Xiang was stupefied and at the same time, had many doubts. Why could Lin Feng use demonic beast Qi, even though he was a human? Lin Feng was really too mysterious!

Lin Feng followed Princess She Xiang to the center of the city. There were probably very strong beasts there. Lin Feng had pretended he was a strong cultivator from the moment he had arrived.

But he and Princess She Xiang soon realized that there was only one way of entering the hall: they had to kill a godly king and steal his talisman!

Princess She Xiang said that, but she was worried Lin Feng might be too weak. She begged Lin Feng to be careful.

But Lin Feng just grinned, not taking it to heart. Apart from the fake Tian Dao, nobody could compete with Lin Feng, not even Chi You. He didn’t need to be careful at all.

But Princess She Xiang was being kind, so Lin Feng couldn’t tell her he didn’t give a damn. He just nodded.

Lin Feng and Princess She Xiang looked for a restaurant to take a break. Lin Feng was extremely strong and his demonic Qi was terrifying, so no beast dared offend him. Even though Princess She Xiang was a woman, she was quite strong too, as she was a Holy Godly Ancestor now!

“Hey, did you hear the news? It is said that the Taotie Godly King came out; he’s been meditating in seclusion for a while. He’s going to participate in the internal hall’s Great Competition!”

Lin Feng and Princess She Xiang were trying to think of a solution to get the talisman when they heard two big men talking. The two men were very hairy, and their arms were big and fat. They were definitely beasts who had transformed into humans, and naturally they were very strong.

Lin Feng just sat and listened. Princess She Xiang did the same.

“You tiny little monkey, you want to die or what? How dare you mention Godly King Taotie’s name?” said the other demonic beast, interrupting the other one cautiously. But the monkey didn’t seem to mind. He had had too many drinks already, so he was overconfident.

“What? Hmph! I’ll replace him someday! I’ll become a Godly King, hehe!” mumbled the other one. He was so hammered he could barely speak anymore. His head was pounding. The other demonic beasts in the restaurant looked at him coldly. Was that monkey sick of living or what?

“Stop talking! You really want to die!” cautioned the monkey’s friend. The monkey continued mumbling, but not nice things. He continued criticizing Godly King Taotie.

“Hey, he has no choice. He’s liked a woman for a while, but Godly King Taotie stole her from him and then they had a child together, but he died at birth. The monkey has hated Godly King Taotie since then,” whispered a beast nearby, feeling some sympathy for him.

Lin Feng’s eyes gleamed. If he killed Godly King Taotie, he would be able to get the talisman to get into the Beast Soul Temple. He would also be able to participate in their Competition and become an ordinary member. He would get closer to his goal, which was killing Chi You!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s face became red. At the same time, the monkey suddenly stood up and smashed the table, blowing it apart. The man opposite him was startled.

“Hmph! I want to kill Godly King Taotie! Who will stop me? Who will DARE stop me?” shouted the red monkey explosively, glaring around. Everybody just thought he was insane.

Lin Feng smiled coldly inside. He could easily control a demonic beast without even speaking.

“I can help you kill him, but you have to bear the responsibility!” Lin Feng spoke up, smiling and raising his head.

Everyone in the restaurant fell silent. Everybody looked at Lin Feng and the red monkey, thinking both of them were insane!

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    For the love of…. JUST END. Haha I’m going to read every chapter but dang they are stretching this out hard. Even Bleach (the manga) didn’t drag on this long.

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      bleach had 680 chapters, wouldn’t really call that dragged long ;p btw bleach anime is continuing this or next year. animating the final arc with the quincies

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    Bleach dragged out the final arc after he got his new weapons adding fights and new powers that never were explained before and the final fight was trash.

    It didnt go this many chapters but it sure built up big for a lack luster people making up powers and slugfest of an end.

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