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Chapter 1729: Killing Godly King Taotie!


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 “Eh, brother, the red money is hammered. Are you drunk too? We’re talking about Godly King Taotie here; you’re going to end up dead if you go too far,” warned the demonic beast sitting opposite the red monkey. He sounded angry and frowned, warning Lin Feng to leave the place quickly.

Lin Feng smiled and ignored him. He looked at the red monkey whose soul he was controlling. Lin Feng asked mockingly, “Do you accept?”

“Insane. He’s insane!” the beast opposite the red monkey shook his head helplessly. He turned around and left, not daring to stay there with the red monkey. He was afraid his clan would suffer the consequences.

Many of the people actually stepped away from Lin Feng and the red monkey in fear. Those who feared Godly King Taotie the most even left the restaurant. If Godly King Taotie knew some people had talked about him in a bad way, he would kill them and all the people who were around and listened!

Godly King Taotie was terrifying, everybody knew that. Long ago, Godly King Taotie had killed Godly King Poisonous Trunk and absorbed his strength. From then on, his strength had kept increasing. He was one of the three strongest Godly Kings!

“No problem! Go and kill him! Hurry up! Kill him!” The monkey was eager, and replied without Lin Feng controlling him. Lin Feng was a bit shocked. The red monkey really hated Godly King Taotie deeply!

“But where is he? Bring me to him!” Lin Feng said. The red monkey stood up, and happily led the way to Godly King Taotie’s holy cultivation grounds.

All the demonic beasts in the restaurant watched Lin Feng and the red monkey leave, and they all heaved helpless sighs. Some of them felt sad for them. They were doomed. They dared challenge Godly King Taotie? How insane! The red monkey was crazy, and the other one was a moron.

Princess She Xiang slowly stood up and followed Lin Feng, getting ready to leave.

Suddenly, the ground started trembling, and a strong wind started blowing. The whole restaurant was covered by a cloud of demon Qi as red as blood. Nobody could get out. A silhouette quickly appeared, resolving into a middle-aged man. His hair was down to his shoulders. His eyes were filled with murder.

He was extremely muscular, and bearing a battle axe. His Qi was oppressive, and the crowd paled. Nobody dared move.

“Hmph! You fucking little rat! How dare you insult me! I’m going to kill you, son of a bitch!

“I raped your bitch, yeah! Not only did I rape her, but in the end, she also laid in my arms after. She fell in love with me! Because I am a strong man and I know how to make love to a woman! I am a Godly King! Bringing her to my Clan and introducing her to my family was a great honor!

“Hehe, you’re arrogant, you’re petty, you’re skinny; the strongest beast of the Red Monkey Clan can’t measure up to one of my fingers! You think you can kill me? Die!” 

Godly King Taotie finished making fun of the red monkey and charged him. He threw a palm strike at the red monkey’s head.

The red monkey came back to his senses. Lin Feng wasn’t controlling him anymore. He was furious, and his eyes were red. He released as much strength as he could, but compared to Godly King Taotie’s strength, it was nothing.

Godly King Taotie was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, and already quite strong. Beasts were naturally stronger than humans at the same level.

But to Lin Feng, he was still just a tiny little insect!

“I promised the red monkey I’d kill you. You won’t kill him today. I’m going to kill you first!” Lin Feng said suddenly. Then he flashed, and appeared in front of the stunned monkey. The monkey was dumbstruck, but suddenly felt safe.

Lin Feng threw a palm strike; his hand collided with Godly King Taotie’s. Everybody looked at Lin Feng mockingly, convinced that he was just bringing about his own destruction. How could he compete with Godly King Taotie?

However, they were all dumbstruck when they saw Lin Feng didn’t move, but Godly King Taotie was shaking and had been pushed back several steps. He was also very pale.

Suddenly, nobody was smirking anymore. On the contrary, they all stared at Lin Feng as if he were a monster. The red monkey behind Lin Feng was dumbstruck too. That was incredible!

Everybody knew how strong Godly King Taotie was, or they wouldn’t be so afraid when hearing his name.

“Who are you?” asked Godly King Taotie, staring at Lin Feng. He didn’t recognize Lin Feng.

Godly King Taotie realized that he could not see how strong Lin Feng was, and his expression fell. He was scared. He had never been so scared before.

“I’m just someone who agreed to help the red monkey kill you, that’s all!” Lin Feng said, shaking his head emotionlessly. Then he smiled coldly and reached out for the taotie again. He hadn’t killed him in one attack because he didn’t want to show how strong he really was!

How many people had a position higher than Godly Kings? Apart from Chi You and the fake Tian Dao, nobody, so Lin Feng had to be discreet for the time being. If his plan was exposed, it’d be troublesome!

“How noisy!” shouted Godly King Taotie. He grew a hundred times bigger, returning to his real form. His Qi was red like blood, and contained a terrifying Qi of the earth and the sky. He opened his gigantic mouth, trying to devour Lin Feng!

Lin Feng clenched his teeth. He was using the strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer; this wasn’t easy, because Godly King Taotie’s natural strength was incredible. In the World of Battles, with his strength, Godly King Taotie would be in the top five!

Lin Feng needed Godly King Taotie’s talisman, though. He had no choice. He had to kill Godly King Taotie!

He released the strength of his Ancestral Body and threw a palm strike mercilessly. He smashed Godly King Taotie as if the creature was just a bean.

The ground shook as Godly King Taotie’s chest exploded. Blood splashed as Godly King Taotie groaned with pain and paled. Lin Feng remained expressionless and fearless.

Godly King Taotie realized he had to do something. His opponent was too strong!

“Taotie Deadly Punishment!” shouted Godly King Taotie, clenching his fists. His entire body was now surrounded by blood-red lights, which turned into clones. They also had the strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer!

In the end, there were sixteen clones plus his original body. Would it make a difference?

Godly King Taotie burst into laughter. He was convinced he had won already.

The sixteen clones surrounded Lin Feng, their eyes all bloodshot. They looked ferocious, and glared at him like hungry monsters.

Lin Feng didn’t act rashly. If he used his real strength, he could destroy them all in one palm strike, and he would have killed his opponent already!

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao!” shouted Lin Feng. Many punch shadows appeared as well as sword shadows. They were extremely fast and flashed around.

The clones started exploding!

Six clones were severely injured. Two had died. Godly King Taotie’s expression changed drastically. He hadn’t expected that his clones couldn’t withstand a single attack!

Godly King Taotie clenched his fists and looked glum. Could it be that he was really going to die?

“Impossible!” he shouted furiously. He couldn’t die to an unknown person! He wanted to participate in the Competition to become an ordinary member of the Beast Godly Hall. He couldn’t lose and die!

Thinking about that, he looked confident again. Lin Feng didn’t know why he suddenly felt so confident, but he probably had a trump card.

“Aggressive Punch!”

“Deadly Demonic Frenzy!” shouted Godly King Taotie. He was going to use his most powerful attack. He raised his hands and three beams of light appeared, containing terrifying energies. Godly King Taotie condensed energies until he couldn’t bear it anymore.

The three beams of light looked like they could destroy the world. He wanted to kill Lin Feng even more now. He couldn’t die!

“I’m done playing with you. Die now,” Lin Feng said solemnly. A golden imprint emerged from his hand. The Buddha imprint terrified everybody, including Godly King Taotie, as it blotted out the sky.

Someone shouted in agony and after… Well, there was no after.

Godly King Taotie disappeared along with his Qi. He was dead.

Everybody in the restaurant would remember that moment forever.

An unknown person had killed a famous godly king, Godly King Taotie! How mysterious!

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