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Chapter 1730: Godly Kings’ Gathering! 


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 “Who is he?” asked the red monkey. He was dumbstruck. He realized Lin Feng had killed Godly King Taotie so easily, yet seemed so relaxed.

“He’s the assassin you hired?” The demonic beast who had left just before had come back and seen the battle between Lin Feng and Godly King Taotie. He was dumbstruck. . .

“The assassin I hired? How is that possible?” asked the red monkey, paling. He did want to kill Godly King Taotie, but it didn’t mean he had asked Lin Feng to kill him! Killing a Godly King was a serious offense, punishable by death!

The man looked at the red monkey. Everybody had heard the red monkey ask Lin Feng to kill Godly King Taotie. Everybody was a witness. Now the red monkey said he hadn’t; he was going a bit too far!

Everybody was shocked by the red monkey’s answer. Lin Feng didn’t care; he just wanted to kill Godly King Taotie, the rest had nothing to do with him!

He reached out into the blood red fog and took out a beast bone talisman. TAOTIE was carved on it. He was a first-class cultivator of the Beast Godly Temple!

“You like to cause trouble, so just forget about what you saw,” Lin Feng said, glancing icily at the demonic beasts in the restaurant. If they talked about him to others, he might end up being exposed, so he used his vitality strength to wipe everybody’s memory of what had just happened.

“Where… Where am I?” The red monkey was startled and nervous. He didn’t look drunk anymore, either. The demonic beast with him also looked confused. The other beasts continued drinking and eating.

“Let’s go,” Lin Feng told Princess She Xiang. They vanished from the place.

“Even though you have a talisman, only Godly King Taotie can use it!” Princess She Xiang told him worriedly. If Lin Feng tried to use Godly King Taotie’s talisman, it’d be suspicious…

Lin Feng didn’t take it to heart and replied, “Don’t worry, we’ll get in!”

“Alright!” Princess She Xiang could see Lin Feng looked determined and unshaken, so she believed he might indeed actually be able to get in. He was so mysterious, but also reliable. Even though he was ugly, he was efficient!


Princess She Xiang didn’t say anything else. She just followed Lin Feng, and they quickly arrived outside of the Beast Soul Temple. That was the only way to participate in the Competition to become an ordinary member of the temple.

Lin Feng didn’t immediately walk to the door. He isolated the area around him so that nobody could see him.

Princess She Xiang understood Lin Feng’s plan to get in now. He touched his face; he was initially a middle-aged man, but now he looked ferocious and a terrifying blood Qi floated around him.

Black lights appeared around him; Godly King Taotie’s characteristic Qi! Princess She Xiang was stunned. Lin Feng could transform?!

Just like that, there was no problem anymore. Now, he just had to pass the exam!

Lin Feng didn’t want to particularly engage in any Competition or whatever, especially since he was extremely strong. Nobody could compete with him anymore. He had no choice though, if he wanted to find Chi You and the fake Tian Dao.

Someone shouted, “Hurry up and look! Isn’t that Godly King Golden Dragon there?”

“Indeed! That’s Godly King Golden Dragon! Only Godly King Golden Dragon looks so magnificent and extravagant!”

In the distance, a dragon’s vessel was descending from the sky. Two dragons were carrying it. They were golden dragons from Godly King Golden Dragon’s Golden Dragon Clan. They were weak, so they worked as Godly King Golden Dragon’s lackeys.

When they landed, a man in a golden Dragon Robe slowly opened his eyes. They were filled with terrifying dragon Qi.

Godly King Golden Dragon was considered a strong godly king, in the top ten. Not many people dared offend him, except the three godly kings who were special geniuses.

“Haha! Good morning, Godly King Golden Dragon! Haha!” someone suddenly bellowed. Lin Feng and Princess She Xiang felt something.

The ground shook violently, and then erupted. A gigantic demonic beast came out of the ground and turned into a man.

He was middle-aged, with red skin, huge muscles, and messy hair. His eyes were filled with murder. He looked very different from the golden dragon.

“Godly King Horned Mahoraga! You became much stronger!” said Godly King Golden Dragon, smiling indifferently, yet mockingly. Godly King Horned Mahoraga ignored him and glanced around. They were the first ones.

“Let’s go in first,” said Godly King Horned Mahoraga, taking out his talisman. He showed it to the guards and disappeared. Godly King Golden Dragon did the same.

“Go inside my spirit world. Otherwise, it’ll be a problem at the security check!” Lin Feng ordered. It would draw people’s attention if a woman was at his side. He had no choice.

Princess She Xiang was unhappy, but they had no alternative. She turned into a beam of light and disappeared into Lin Feng’s chest.

At that moment, Lin Feng felt relaxed. In Lin Feng’s eyes, almost everybody had become a burden. 

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