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Chapter 1731: Godly King Taotie vs. Godly Emperor Ghost! 


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“Quickly, look! Isn’t that Godly King Taotie over there?”

The atmosphere grew tense. People at the entrance of the Beast Godly Temple started trembling, all looking at Lin Feng. Some weak demonic beasts just wanted to turn around and run away, but they didn’t dare. They just stood there and paled. . .

Some brave beasts dared talk about Godly King Taotie. Some others who had a powerful background dared look Godly King Taotie in the eyes. They were excited to see one of the most powerful Godly Kings!

What if they knew that Godly King Taotie was dead, and that the Godly King Taotie in front of them was a fake?

All the beasts had turned into men: young men, middle-aged men, old men; all of them looked at Lin Feng with terror in their eyes. All of them stepped back.

Lin Feng frowned and shouted angrily, “Everybody stop! If anyone dares move again, I’ll kill them!” A terrifying Qi surged out. The beasts felt like they were being stung by needles. They could barely stand the pain.

“I wouldn’t dare. I wouldn’t dare. Spare our lives, Godly King!”

“Great Master Godly King, we just didn’t want to stand on your way!”

“Please, Great Master Godly King!” many beasts apologized, bursting into tears.

Lin Feng walked over to them. They all looked ready to panic. He couldn’t help but smile wryly. Nobody looked at him that way in the World of Battles. Godly King Taotie was definitely a tyrannical beast. He probably used to kill people all the time!

“Hehe, Taotie, you’re here too!”

As Lin Feng was about to take out his taotie, a terrifying Qi emerged. Lin Feng frowned. He really wanted to kill that person in one attack, but he was pretending to be Godly King Taotie, so he just turned around and threw a punch.

Boom, boom! The collision sent energies rolling in waves over thousands of li. The dark silhouette behind Lin Feng was blown away. Lin Feng also pretended to be pushed back a dozen steps. He raised his eyes and looked at his opponent.

When they saw him, most people just felt one thing: despair! Godly King Taotie and that cultivator in dark clothes both made them feel anxious!

“That’s Godly Emperor Ghost? He’s here too!?”

“Terrifying. Two of the cultivators of the top three are here!”

“Godly Emperor Ghost also kills people impulsively and violently. He often kills millions of slaves in one punch in anger.”

“Indeed. Godly King Taotie is like that too. He also kills millions of slaves regularly. He’s also infuriated cultivators from the Beast Clan. They’re both monstrously cruel and scary!”

Some people spoke about them at the back of the crowd. Many people turned around and looked at them curiously; their expressions suddenly changed, because those people were Godly Kings as well!

Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Ghost looked at each other coldly. Lin Feng didn’t know who they were initially, but when he heard the crowd, he learned a few things about both Godly Emperor Ghost and Godly King Taotie.

They were probably enemies; otherwise, Godly Emperor Ghost wouldn’t have attacked him by surprise from behind!

“Hmph! Taotie, it’s been a hundred years. You’re much stronger. I was stronger than you in the past!” said Godly Emperor Ghost. He looked pale and angry. He had used his full strength and he hadn’t had the advantage.

Lin Feng frowned and smiled icily, “I’m strong enough to kill you now!”

“Hmph! How noisy! Try and dare!” shouted Godly Emperor Ghost defiantly. He charged Lin Feng like a mad demon. He condensed Qi like a madman and turned into a dark shadow. He was ready to perish along with Godly Emperor Taotie, if that was the only way to kill him!

Everybody’s expression changed drastically. Some Godly Kings pulled long faces. Was this Godly Emperor Ghost’s real strength? It was just too terrifying. None of them could compete with him!

Lin Feng looked down upon him inside, but pretended to be worried. Godly Emperor Ghost was about as strong as Godly King Taotie, after all. He had to be careful and avoid revealing his identity.

Lin Feng jumped. His taotie Qi was extremely thick. Blood-red Qi surged out for hundreds of li around him and in all directions. Everybody’s expressions changed drastically. If that blood Qi touched them, they would be severely injured or even die!

Everybody ran away. Lin Feng ignored them and continued fighting. He watched Godly Emperor Ghost’s Qi moving towards him; it was absorbing Qi! Lin Feng also released absorbing Qi, but his was even stronger.

“Let’s see how you intend to defeat me!” Godly Emperor Ghost grinned furiously.

“All I do is kill!” Lin Feng snarled back. He threw two punches and turned into a gigantic blood-red giant. His absorbing Qi devoured Godly Emperor Ghost’s absorbing Qi. His punches shot towards Godly Emperor Ghost. Godly Emperor Ghost quickly released wind energy to protect himself and also threw a punch.

Bam, bam! Boom, boom!

The ground exploded. An area of a hundred li was completely destroyed. Even the main gate of the Beast Soul Temple had almost exploded, but because Chi You had reinforced it, it was fine. All the other buildings were destroyed.

Lin Feng continued forwards, while Godly Emperor Ghost retreated. He was extremely pale and looked terrified.

Against all expectations, the sky changed. Purple lights appeared. A gigantic hand protected Godly Emperor Ghost, and another hand threw a punch at Godly King Taotie. Lin Feng was fearless, even if that purple hand was stronger than Godly King Taotie.

He frowned and threw a punch. The purple lights were pushed back. Lin Feng seized the opportunity to step back a hundred steps as well. He looked nervous on purpose.

When the crowd saw the gigantic purple silhouette in the sky, their expression changed drastically.

“Godly Emperor Purple Dragon! The leader of the three great Godly Kings!” everybody shouted in fear as the hundred-zhang-tall purple silhouette turned into a human form.

The man was slim, and wearing a purple robe. Celestial Qi floated around him. He looked handsome and charming, as well as well-educated, like a scholar. However, he was also terrifyingly strong. He had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer…

In the World of Battles, only Lin Zu would be able to compete with strength like that!

The young geniuses of the Ancestral World were terrifyingly strong!

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