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Chapter 1732: Godly King Taotie vs. Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds!


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 “Hmph! Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, who do you think you are, to intervene like this?” Godly Emperor Ghost shouted in cold anger. He looked enraged. But on the inside, he was also relieved. If Godly Emperor Purple Dragon hadn’t intervened, the battle would have continued, and then would lose!

“Hehe, I didn’t think that far. I was just worried that you two could destroy the Beast Godly Temple. Forget the tensions there are between you two and focus on the competition,” Godly Emperor Purple Dragon smiled, not taking Godly Emperor Ghost’s reaction to heart. 

He looked free and unrestrained. Lin Feng knew that kind of person was dangerous, but he didn’t need to be afraid. He was the strongest!

“Hmph! I’ll give you face, then,” said Godly Emperor Ghost, pulling a long face and then ignoring Godly Emperor Ghost. He showed his talisman to the guard, who let him pass. Godly Emperor Ghost gave Godly King Taotie a strange look and went in.

“Please, Godly King Taotie!” said Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, waving to let Lin Feng pass in front of him, Lin Feng didn’t move, looking indifferent. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon smiled awkwardly and looked embarrassed, but he didn’t say anything and showed his own talisman, then went in.

Godly King Taotie showed his talisman and entered as well. When Lin Feng went in, all the other beasts heaved a sigh of relief. Even if they were Godly Kings too, the three great Godly Kings were all so terrifying and strange. Most people were afraid to offend them!

“Let’s go in as well,” exclaimed an infamous Godly King. They all showed their talismans and entered. Even though they weren’t as frightening as the three great Godly Kings, they were still Godly Kings and most people admired them. 


The outside of the palace was simple, being made of white stones. Some palaces were made of beasts’ bones, colored cyan and white. It looked ominous, but the strong cultivators of the Beast Clan thought it was normal. It was a way to honor their deceased friends, and a symbol of strength.

More and more beasts came in. Lin Feng and the other Godly Kings already had their own chairs. Even if only five people would be selected during the competition, it didn’t make the other Godly Kings any less admirable for coming.

Godly Kings had to pass an exam to become ordinary members. It had nothing to do with their social status or position in the hierarchy of the Beast Clan. It was just a rule, and it applied to everybody, including Godly King Golden Dragon, Godly King Horned Mahoraga, and the others. 

The Competition would be two Godly Kings fighting in a one-on-one battle. It was about becoming an ordinary member of the temple. The loser had to come back and try again some other time. 


“The list of the battles is ready. Godly Emperor Ghost vs. Godly Emperor Hyena!” the announcer began to call the names off…

Lin Feng was going to fight against Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds. Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds looked surprised. He didn’t think he’d have an opportunity to fight against Godly King Taotie someday.

He looked fearless and excited. He wasn’t weak, but he had never really shown anyone how strong he was. This time, he had to show everybody!

“First battle, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon vs. Godly Emperor Ice Snake!” shouted a guard expressionlessly. Lin Feng was surprised. Weren’t guards afraid of Godly Kings? Guards might have a higher position than Godly Kings, then; otherwise, how could they be in charge of managing the Competition?

But he didn’t care about those things. Lin Feng just wanted to find Chi You and the fake Tian Dao!

“I… I give up.” As everybody was ready to watch a fierce battle, Godly Emperor Ice Snake gave up. He looked pale and felt helpless. He might die against Godly Emperor Purple Dragon.

“He gives up?” The crowd didn’t understand. Was Godly Emperor Ice Snake in a bad mood? He didn’t dare infuriate Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, maybe?

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon smiled. He still looked like an elegant prince. Lin Feng knew that that kind of person was usually sly and dangerous.

“Godly Emperor Ice Snake gives up. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon is qualified for the next round!” a guard shouted expressionlessly. A tall and sturdy man stood up in front of Lin Feng.

He wasn’t ugly, but he had tiny eyes. Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds!

Lin Feng glanced at him and couldn’t help but snort disdainfully. In this world, everybody had small and tiny eyes.

“I’m Godly King Nine Netherworlds. I’ve heard that Godly King Taotie is very strong!” said Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds, raising his head to the skies. He didn’t want to submit to Lin Feng.

“Come and attack!” Lin Feng nodded, waving provocatively.

“Haha! Awesome! Taste my punch!” Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds’ expression changed quickly. He turned into a beam of light, trying to defeat Lin Feng as quickly as possible. Lin Feng controlled space and time strength, however, and didn’t need to be afraid.

Lin Feng didn’t spare much of a glance at Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds. He threw an explosive punch, which scared Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds pale. He had never seen such a terrifying attack! He now understood the difference between ordinary Godly Kings and the others. The difference was huge!

Lin Feng didn’t give him any face with that punch. Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds was blown away, and Lin Feng had just used a tiny little bit of his strength.

After that, everybody was silent.

One attack! Godly King Taotie defeated Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds in one attack. He didn’t even use any trump card. He looked quite relaxed.

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon narrowed his eyes. He realized there was something wrong. Godly King Taotie seemed strange. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon didn’t know why he had such a bad feeling, so he had no choice but to forget about it.

In the past, Godly King Taotie could defeat Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds, but not that easily. It had just happened though, and was now a fact.

“Godly King Taotie’s reputation isn’t groundless! He’s extremely strong!”

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