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Chapter 1733: Godly King Taotie vs. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon!


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 Godly Emperor Nine Netherworlds came back forwards and looked at Godly King Taotie. He looked afraid. He wasn’t excited like he was before.

He had lost already. He didn’t even understand how he had lost, but it was a fact; his opponent was extremely strong.

“I won. Can I join go inside the temple as an ordinary member?” asked Godly King Taotie indifferently, looking at the guard. 

The guard nodded a bit unhappily, but he didn’t dare offend Godly King Taotie. He just said coldly, “Keep calm now. Wait for the other Godly Kings to finish, and I’ll bring you and the other qualified ones to the temple.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded and smiled. Since he was in the Ancestral World already, he didn’t mind spending some time there. Chi You and the fake Tian Dao weren’t going to recover any time soon, anyway.

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon could also go inside the temple as an ordinary member now. Lin Feng looked at Godly King Horned Mahoraga, who looked quite confident.

“Brother Taotie, who do you think is going to get qualified?” asked Godly Emperor Purple Dragon. He was seated next to Lin Feng, smiling and glancing at him. It was impossible to know what he was thinking. 

Lin Feng had to answer, and replied indifferently, “Godly King Horned Mahoraga will win!” He pointed at Godly King Golden Dragon and Godly King Horned Mahoraga, who were fighting. 

When Godly Emperor Purple Dragon heard that, he couldn’t help but smile thinly. He asked, sounding slightly annoyed, “I think that Brother Godly King Golden Dragon will win. Let’s bet?”

“Bet what?” asked Lin Feng. He was bored, so a bet would make things a little bit more fun.

“Haha! We beasts love humiliating and torturing humans, right? So, if I lose, I’ll give you my three million human slaves. If I win, you give me yours. What do you think?”

“Alright!” Lin Feng said. Even though it made him feel like a slaver, he had no choice, as he had to impersonate Godly King Taotie. If he refused, it would raise suspicions.

When Godly Emperor Purple Dragon saw Lin Feng looking undisturbed, he had no doubt anymore. It was the good old Godly King Taotie.

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly King Golden Dragon were biological brothers. Godly King Horned Mahoraga and Godly King Taotie were indirectly related. Godly King Taotie’s wife was Godly King Horned Mahoraga’s older sister.

In that way, Godly King Horned Mahoraga and Godly King Golden Dragon’s battle had also become a battle between Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Lin Feng. 


The battle was fierce and tense. Godly King Golden Dragon and Godly King Horned Mahoraga had been fighting for three hours now. They were both exhausted. All the other Godly Kings were done. Godly Emperor Ghost and Godly King Giant Head were also qualified to go inside the temple.

But Godly King Golden Dragon and Godly King Horned Mahoraga’s battle was long.

Suddenly, Godly King Golden Dragon turned into a dragon hundreds of zhang long. His entire body was covered in scales, and he looked quite impressive. His horns were also several hundreds of meters long. It felt like he could destroy anything with his horns!

Apart from Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, all the others, including Godly Emperor Ghost, felt pressured.

“Hmph! Let’s finish this now!” shouted Godly King Golden Dragon, charging Godly King Horned Mahoraga. He didn’t use any trump card, he just used the best asset dragons had, physical strength!

“Hmph! You think I’m afraid of you?” Godly King Horned Mahoraga also turned into a gigantic mahoraga. He was hundreds of meters long too, colored red and black, with two bloody eyes. Drool fell from his lips. He wanted to devour Godly King Golden Dragon alive!

When Godly Emperor Purple Dragon saw that, his expression changed. He had a bad feeling; Godly King Golden Dragon was going to lose!… He turned into a beam of light. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he did the same, flying behind Godly King Horned Mahoraga.

The two beasts collided. Godly King Golden Dragon was blown away. He shouted angrily and turned back into a human, then fell from the sky. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon caught him and threw a punch at the mahoraga.

Godly King Horned Mahoraga was also blown back, but he was much better off than Godly King Golden Dragon. When he saw Godly Emperor Purple Dragon’s punch, he was worried, as he couldn’t compete with him. The terrifying energies rolled out for him.

“Brother, save me!” shouted Godly King Horned Mahoraga. He looked at Lin Feng imploringly. Lin Feng had to act like Godly King Taotie, and Godly Emperor Purple Dragon underestimated him, so Lin Feng thought of using that excuse to get angry.

“You broke the rules, and you think I’m not going to get angry?” Lin Feng shouted icily. He saw a blood-red fist in the air.

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon’s punch contained dragon strength. It made the atmosphere look desolate and people feel desperate.

Both Godly Kings used supreme attacks, an incredible sight. Lin Feng threw a palm strike and pushed Godly King Horned Mahoraga aside at the same time, or he would get injured.

“Haha! Show me what you can do! Stinky taotie!” shouted Godly Emperor Purple Dragon icily, adding star strength to his punch.

“I will not disappoint you!” Lin Feng said. He released the strength of his Ancestral Body, but hid it well. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon was a tiny little Earthly Godly Ancestor, he couldn’t see it.

The two attacks collided, and there was sudden silence. Many beasts started crying out, looking shocked. The Godly Kings looked stunned.

The purple and red lights energies dispersed after a long time. However, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly King Taotie weren’t there. They were on the side and silent, as if nothing had happened.

“Let’s go,” Feng told Godly King Horned Mahoraga indifferently. Godly King Horned Mahoraga didn’t dare contradict his brother-in-law, and followed him.

“You go back and heal!” Godly Emperor Purple Dragon cursed Godly King Golden Dragon. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon felt humiliated when Godly King Golden Dragon had lost.

Godly King Golden Dragon had made his brother lose face, so he remained silent and left alone.

Godly Emperor Ghost and Godly Emperor Giant Head were already next to the guards, waiting to be brought inside the inner temple.

The inner temple and the Godly Temple weren’t in a real space; only beasts who were auditors lived there. Really strong cultivators lived in the inner temple and the Godly Temple! 

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