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Chapter 1734: Putting Pressure on the Three Great Godly Kings!


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The inner temple was in a special space. The space had been made by Chi You personally. People had to have a guide to get there. Therefore, that Competition had been very important. Even though Godly Kings were revered, they couldn’t go and see Chi You whenever they wished.

They had passed the exam, so they were going to have the opportunity to see Chi You. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. All they wanted in life was to have a small chat with Great Leader Chi You. They’d feel honored and grateful for the rest of their lives.

That was especially true for Godly Emperor Purple Dragon! The reason why he wanted to get into the inner temple was because he dreamed of seeing Chi You in person. He wanted to rise in the hierarchy, and become a Supreme Godly King. Supreme Godly Kings were the strongest beasts!

There were only three Supreme Godly Kings in the Beast Godly Temple these days. They all had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, and everybody revered them. They were in charge of managing all the Godly Kings. They had very powerful positions!

Those three great Supreme Godly Kings could meet Chi You whenever they wanted. Like Chi You, they lived in the Godly Temple.

The guard in front of them wasn’t an ordinary beast, either; he was one of those three great Godly Kings! That’s why the beasts respected him so much. All other Godly Kings had to obey him, except for Ancient Godly Kings! 

When they arrived in the inner temple, the beasts heaved sighs. What beauty! There were twinkling stars all around them. Even though it was dark, the stars illuminated the area. The bestial Qi in this space was incredibly thick!

That Qi only existed in this space. When they arrived, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, Godly Emperor Ghost and the others wished they could stay in there forever. They just wanted to sit down and cultivate in there forever.

However, it was impossible. It was already a great honor to be able to come here, even for a short time. Chi You wouldn’t let them stay there for several years.

Lin Feng stood there, unmoved; that Qi was useless to him. Besides, he was now a Tian Dao cultivator, so he didn’t need resources to become stronger anymore.

He now needed to understand new things to become stronger. There were less and less things for him to study as he became stronger; they were extremely rare, and usually just a matter of luck.

Godly King Taotie, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, Godly King Giant Head and Godly Emperor Ghost were standing there, gazing into the distance. Golden lights flashed. Some extremely holy beast Qi was around!

“If I’m not mistaken, that must be the entrance of the Godly Temple over there,” Lin Feng said, who hated wasting time. He was getting closer and closer to Chi You and the fake Tian Dao, and was getting excited. He just had to kill those two, and then the World of Battles would have no enemies anymore!

“You five, do you want to see the Leader?” the guard asked after a long moment. He looked at them and smiled mockingly. The five Godly Kings had a bad feeling; what was wrong with the guard?

Lin Feng frowned. There was something fishy going on, but Lin Feng didn’t really care. He was too strong. Nobody could plot against him.

“Of course, so let us get in!” said Godly Emperor Purple Dragon happily, bowing hand over fist humbly. The others didn’t dare say anything.

“Indeed, Master, please! We want to go and see the Leader!” agreed Godly Emperor Ghost at that moment. He seemed extremely happy. If ordinary beasts had seen him like that, they would have been surprised.

Godly Emperor Ghost wanted to meet the Leader to become stronger, so he didn’t mind making a fool of himself. If he became stronger, nobody would dare offend him anymore, not even Godly King Taotie!

Godly King Giant Head also curried favor with the guard. Only Lin Feng remained silent. The guard looked at him angrily and asked coldly, “Godly King Taotie, you don’t want to go inside the inner temple?”

“Of course I do. I’m just convinced it’s not that easy, right? What are the rules?” Lin Feng nodding and replying emotionlessly.

The other beasts respected the guard, but Lin Feng acted like he was speaking with an ordinary beast…

When the guard saw Lin Feng looking so calm and unmoved, he was startled, and even felt some admiration for Lin Feng’s boldness, but he also wasn’t comfortable. He was an Ancient Supreme Godly King; everybody revered him, so why was Godly King Taotie acting like that? It made him angry.

“Hehe! There are rules of course! The rule is… four of you must defeat one of you and the four others will get inside the inner temple!” the guard informed them, smiling icily. He stared at Lin Feng in a meaningful way, then glanced at Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and the others. What he meant was obvious: get rid of Lin Feng and you’ll get in!

They weren’t stupid, and understood what the guard meant. They all turned to look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked grim. Godly King Giant Head clenched his fists. Godly King Horned Mahoraga walked forwards and stopped Godly King Giant Head grimly.

“Piss off! Otherwise, we’ll get rid of you too!” shouted Godly King Giant Head loudly. Godly King Horned Mahoraga’s expression didn’t change. He couldn’t let his brother-in-law down, even if he was still injured.

Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t thought that beasts could be so virtuous and loyal. He had more respect for the mahoraga now.

“Try and you’ll see! Hmph!” shouted Godly King Horned Mahoraga. He was proud, so he grew angry when Godly King Giant Head talked to him so disrespectfully. An explosive battle started between them.

Godly Emperor Ghost and Godly Emperor Purple Dragon couldn’t help but charge Lin Feng; they were ready to do anything to see their leader.

The guard smiled mockingly. Godly King Taotie was doomed, he thought. It was just a matter of time!

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and glared at them ferociously. To get into the inner palace, they were ready to do anything…

That was a common point between beasts and humans. Lin Feng understood something suddenly, and became a little bit stronger.

“Purple Dragon Palm Strike!”

“Gloomy Spiritual Ghost Constriction!”

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost used their ultimate attacks. The whole space. Lin Feng had the feeling it was going to collapse.

There were probably some kinds of protection on it; otherwise, it wouldn’t exist.

“Since you want to die, don’t blame me!” shouted Lin Feng icily. He raised his left arm and released beautiful dazzling energies. They had the strength of at least the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer!

The guard pulled a long face when he saw that. He hadn’t expected Godly King Taotie to be so strong! He was clearly a cultivator of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer!

The guard was angry… Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost were extremely strong, they were among the three great Godly Kings; how had Godly King Taotie suddenly become so strong?

Boom, boom!

The terrifying energies were fast and explosive. Lin Feng looked fearless and dispassionate. His punch looked like it could destroy the world.

The two Godly Kings looked desperate. Godly King Giant Head was dumbstruck. Godly King Horned Mahoraga was also stupefied. That was his brother-in-law’s strength? How terrifying!

One punch! Only one punch! And the two Godly Kings were blown away!

The guard grimaced. He had asked them something, and now the two Godly Kings had suffered a crushing defeat. He was angry, but he had no choice. He was just a clone. He couldn’t defeat Lin Feng!

He had to suffer in silence for the time being.

“And you!” Lin Feng said, looking at the astonished Godly King Giant Head. He didn’t stop attacking. He threw a punch; his energies rolled in waves covering the light of the stars.

Godly King Giant Head used an ultimate attack, but he was quickly blown away.

Three beasts had been defeated. The guard was speechless. Lin Feng had won three times! He wanted to shout out, but when he saw Lin Feng’s ice-cold eyes, he quickly thought otherwise. Offending a future Supreme Godly King for a few pieces of trash wasn’t worth it!

“Haha! Good! Brother Taotie, no wonder you’re one of the three great Godly Kings!” the guard exclaimed. With the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, Lin Feng had defeated three powerful Godly Kings; he was definitely a future Ancient Supreme Godly King. 

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