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Chapter 1735: Going to the Godly Temple!


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 Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and the others were very unhappy. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost were astonished they had lost so quickly. They could barely breathe. How was that possible? During the Competition, he was about as strong as them. Had he been hiding his real strength the whole time?

Thinking about that, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost could only sigh. Godly King Taotie was terrifyingly strong. He was completely different from the Godly Emperor Taotie they used to know!

“Can I go inside the Godly Temple now?” asked Lin Feng expressionlessly. The guard looked angry, but he was only a clone, so he didn’t dare offend Lin Feng. He had no choice but to smile and say, “Of course you can.”

“Alright, I’m going now then. Mahoraga, come with me!” Lin Feng said, nodding. Godly King Horned Mahoraga was quite satisfied. He walked past Godly King Giant Head proudly, which infuriated the latter and made him want to attack, but in the end he controlled his anger.

Lin Feng took Godly King Horned Mahoraga to the corridor leading to the inside of the palace. He moved extremely quickly, in a relaxed manner. Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost felt envious and jealous when they saw them disappear into the tunnel.

“Master, how could we leave the matter at that?” shouted Godly King Giant Head. He knew he wasn’t strong enough, but the guard was one of the three Ancient Godly Kings… How could he leave the matter at that? How could he let Godly King Taotie act so arrogantly and aggressively?

The guard glowered, but then he smiled, “Why not? Godly King Taotie is going to become an Ancient Godly King soon. We’ll have the same position. Why would I offend him?”

The three Godly Kings knew he was simmering, even if he was smiling!

Lin Feng had offended an Ancient Godly King and wasn’t one yet. Even if he had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, in the Godly Temple, he wasn’t an Ancient Godly King!

As long as he wasn’t an Ancient Godly King, why not teach him a good lesson? Godly Emperor Purple Dragon looked ice-cold. He couldn’t wait for that day to come!

“Master, they’re in. What about us?” asked Godly Emperor Ghost. He was worried he wouldn’t be able to get in. Getting inside the palace meant one’s position increased in the hierarchy. He could also break through to the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer there!

If he had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, then he wouldn’t need to fear Godly King Taotie anymore. He wouldn’t need to act like a slave in front of the Ancient Godly Kings, either. But for the time being, it was all a dream…

The guard glared at Godly King Giant Head, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, and Godly Emperor Ghost. He was furious because of Godly King Taotie, so he vented his anger on them. “Only two of you may enter!”

The three Godly Kings suddenly turned into their original beast forms and started fighting chaotically. After a very long time, Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost followed the guard into the tunnel.

All that remained of Godly King Giant Head was his head. Even his body had disappeared. He was dead!


The Godly Temple was the holiest place of the Ancestral World. Really strong cultivators gathered there. Most of them were beasts, but there were some humans as well.

When they first arrived, Lin Feng felt tiny. He gazed into the distance; the area seemed boundless, and there were buildings everywhere. It looked completely different from the World of Battles. The buildings here weren’t made of white bones this time; they were magnificent!

No wonder the Godly Temple didn’t allow beasts to come to the Godly Temple as they wished. People In the Godly Temple had lavish and luxurious lifestyles. If the auditors knew that, they’d think it wasn’t fair and would start a war.

But Godly Kings could also tell other beasts about it… So, didn’t Chi You care about the other beasts?

Lin Feng didn’t know what Chi You was thinking. All he knew was that the territory of the Godly Temple was at least millions of li wide. Finding Chi You wasn’t going to be easy… but since he had come here, he had done it knowing things may not be easy.

He just needed to track Chi You with his Qi.

“Brother, I’m off!” said Godly King Horned Mahoraga excitedly. He disappeared into the sky of the Godly Temple.

“Lin Feng, let me come out!” a soft woman’s voice sounded in his ears. It came from Lin Feng’s spirit world, and he belatedly remembered Princess She Xiang.

Space and time energy appeared; lights flashed, and Princess She Xiang appeared. There weren’t many people here now, so he could let her out.

“Lin Feng, my father may be imprisoned here; I need to inspect the area!” said Princess She Xiang nervously. She hadn’t seen her father for hundreds of years.

Lin Feng nodded. He totally approved of her behavior and courage. It seemed her father was extremely strong. He used to be the ultimate ruler of the Ancestral World, which meant he was probably a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, or he may even have broken through to the Tian Dao layer already.

Since he had been captured, it proved that the fake Tian Dao had helped Chi You!

“Go, but be careful. If you need help, break this talisman,” Lin Feng said, giving her a cyan talisman.

It was good to have it, just in case, but she was naturally going to be careful.

Princess She Xiang took it and thanked Lin Feng awkwardly, then disappeared from Lin Feng’s view. He could still smell her perfume after she left.

It didn’t affect him, he had so many women. They were enough. Ni Huang was probably his last woman. He didn’t intend to take new women into his harem, because he was a grandfather now. If he looked for more women, people would think of him as a perverted old man.

“I need to find some clues now. The Godly Temple is so big.” Lin Feng heaved a sigh and disappeared. 


Shortly after, the guard as well as Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost showed up there. They didn’t see Lin Feng, they just smelled the distinctive scent of a human woman. They were stupefied.

“How come there’s a woman Qi here? She’s a human!” The guard was confused. He turned around and shouted at Godly Emperor Purple Dragon explosively, “Go and find the leader yourself! I have things to do!”

His silhouette flickered and he disappeared.

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon and Godly Emperor Ghost glanced at each other and hmphed icily. They didn’t pay any further attention to him. They were proud, too!

“Let’s hope you’ll be able to come back,” said Godly Emperor Ghost.

“You too. Don’t die too tragically,” replied Godly Emperor Purple Dragon. They both disappeared in the rosy sky.

Godly Emperor Purple Dragon took out a dazzling purple jade pendant containing dragon Qi and smiled, “Why would I be afraid? There are some other purple dragons from my clan here!”

He broke the talisman and disappeared. Then, silence. 


Ninety percent of the inhabitants of the Godly Temple were beasts. Ten percent were humans. When beasts committed crimes, they were sent to the human’s territory.  So the humans didn’t have such a great life, either…

Lin Feng didn’t pretend to be Godly King Taotie anymore. He didn’t need to in the Godly Temple. He didn’t look like a random middle-aged man this time. He put his Asura Mask on and called himself Asura. 


“I’ve heard that there were battles between slaves and beasts on Man Huang Field. Hehe. I wonder how many slaves are going to die.”

“Really? Awesome! Let’s go and see!”

“How? You need a talisman to go there. You need to be a Godly Envoy.” …

 Lin Feng walked along a street and heard some beasts talk. His expression didn’t change, but he was a bit angry inside. Even though he wasn’t the ultimate ruler in the Ancestral World, he still cared about human lives.

The beasts of the Ancestral World continued humiliating and torturing humans cruelly. No human cultivator dared stand up for them. Those beasts should die!

Ah, never mind, I’ll go and see. It seems like a big event. Chi You may be there!, he thought.

A few men gathered around those who had just spoken. They had no talisman, but they wanted to learn more about the battles.

The street was wide. The sidewalks and buildings were made of gigantic cyan stones. Buildings were thousands of meters high and polished to a shine, but the Qi was gloomy.

Lin Feng followed some people who were going to Man Huang Field. 

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