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Chapter 1736: Human Protector?


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When Lin Feng arrived, he couldn’t help but be surprised. The scene was bloody! Shameless beasts! 

There were corpses spread across thousands of meters. Some corpses had no flesh left on them, only their shiny bones remained. There were also many dismembered corpses. There was blood everywhere on the ground. The smell was horrible! 

However, all the beasts there were laughing ferociously and happily at how awesome it was! Lin Feng was furious! 

More and more slaves were slaughtered. Weak humans were being massacred by the beasts. They all looked so afraid. 

Some relatively strong humans looked worried and sad, because the humans who were being slaughtered were young geniuses. Even if they had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor or Spiritual Godly Ancestor layers, they couldn’t compete with the beasts! 

The atmosphere became gloomy. So many people were dead. Humans were afraid and stood farther and farther away from the beasts. Those who had the strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer pulled long faces, but remained silent. 

Humans were weak in this world. Beasts considered humans the scumbags of the universe and trash. 

The strong humans looked at the weak slaves icily. Many of the young geniuses were disappointed. The atmosphere became calmer. 

Lin Feng walked through the crowd. Nobody could see whether he was a human or a beast because of his Asura Mask; Lin Feng released Qi so that beasts could see it and didn’t get too close. 

“Stop. That’s the Man Huang Field over there!” ordered two big men at that moment. They were tigers, and had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. They were called Godly Envoys in the Godly Temple. 

Only Godly Envoys who had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer could go there, so they stopped Lin Feng because even though his Qi was different, as he wasn’t an Envoy or a Godly King. 

Lin Feng glanced at them. He didn’t say anything and threw Godly King Taotie’s talisman at them. They didn’t want to catch it so when it fell on the ground and they saw it, they were suddenly covered in cold sweat. 

“You… You’re a Godly King!” The two men’s eyes nearly rolled. They didn’t dare look Lin Feng in the eyes, so they turned their heads away. Lin Feng ignored them, took his talisman back and walked away. 

The two tigers were terrified. Their legs were shaking… A Godly King…? They glanced at each other and sighed helplessly. 

The two’s shouts of surprise drew other people’s attention, who then looked at the masked man. They knew he was a Godly King now, so they didn’t dare offend him, and instead opened the way for him. 

Lin Feng walked to the edge of Man Huang Field and looked at the humans. Men and women all felt the pressure. Some young cultivators looked desperate. 

A new Godly King? Was the next round of massacre going to start now? 

Lin Feng looked at them for a long time and then he turned his head and looked at the four big on stage. They were Godly Kings; there was one human in the group. 

Lin Feng said nothing. He wiggled his forefinger, looking at the human and said indifferently, “You, come here!”

Suddenly, everybody looked at Lin Feng as if he were insane. What was that new Godly King doing? Was he going to offend a first-class cultivator? 

The man looked angry. He was a Godly King too, after all. Now an unknown Godly King was provoking him. How humiliating! He didn’t move. 

Lin Feng glanced at him icily and showed three fingers. He said slowly, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t come, I’ll come to you!”


How insane! they had never seen such an arrogant cultivator before. He was talking to a famous Godly King… and had threatened him! 

The man looked grim, and remained motionless. Lin Feng showed two fingers, then one, and then closed his fist. Then he suddenly flashed and reappeared three meters away from the man. 

The man was startled. He hadn’t thought this cultivator would be so fast! He didn’t have time to think, and hastily threw punches and Qi. 

However, that was nothing to Lin Feng. He threw an Aggressive Punch. His energies were terrifying. The human Godly King was blown away, coughing blood several times. 

Bam! He crashed on the ground. A meter-deep crater appeared under him. 

The crowd was dumbstruck. Everybody looked at him. Some humans were happy, because that man didn’t care about them. He had abandoned his fellow humans. They rejoiced when Lin Feng crushed him! 

The human cultivator stood up with his hand on his chest, coughing badly, and realized he was a weakling in comparison to this new Godly King. 

“Who are you? A strong cultivator from the Beast Clan?” asked the man, currying favor with Lin Feng. All the humans looked down upon him even more. But the man didn’t care, he even smiled kindly. 

Then everybody looked at Lin Feng, both humans and beasts. 

A few human young geniuses sighed. They were afraid to hear Lin Feng’s answer. 

Lin Feng knew all those people hoped to hear good news, but unfortunately, he wasn’t from the Beast Clan, so he disappointed the beasts. 

He looked at the humans and smiled. All the humans and human young geniuses were overjoyed. They had hope again!

“You’re a human?” shouted a brave young genius. But the old man of his clan pulled him back, he was afraid Lin Feng would kill him. 

However, Lin Feng didn’t. He smiled calmly and nodded slowly, “Indeed. I am a human!”

“Pfewww…” As expected, the humans suddenly looked overjoyed and their eyes were filled with hope. He was so strong; one punch and he had crushed that cultivator! 

He defeated that human to make the beasts lose face! 

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, the three beasts on the stage stood up angrily. One of them smashed the table and shouted furiously, “Where are you from, damn slave? If you dare cause trouble here, we’ll destroy you!”

His terrifying voice made the ground and the sky shake. All the humans paled, and their hearts started pounding. Some of the weaker ones even died. 

Lin Feng looked unmoved. He didn’t take it to heart. 

“You don’t dare fight back. You are cowards,” Lin Feng said to the humans. Those people all lowered their heads and felt awkward. 

More corpses appeared on stage. It was the symbol of those humans’ weakness. 

Lin Feng knew what they were thinking, so he taught them a lesson, but he didn’t blame them either. He just said the truth. After a life of hardship, it was difficult to remain motivated. 

“Hmph! Die!” shouted a massive beast. His expression twisted as he shouted a battle-cry before throwing a punch. Qi rolled in waves. Thousands of people were blown away. 

They were injured by the fallout, but the main energies moved towards Lin Feng’s back. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He was angry inside, especially when someone attacked by surprise. He suddenly turned around and threw a punch! 


Blood splashed. The beast’s body exploded, and his soul shattered! 

Suddenly, nobody dared say anything anymore! 

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