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Chapter 1737: Nothing Is Impossible!


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 “You’re from the Human Clan, and you want to offend and humiliate the Beast Clan? You want to die?” shouted a beast Godly King furiously. Another beast stood right next to him and got ready to attack.

“You beasts have been torturing humans for so many years; this time, it’s your turn!” Lin Feng answered, smiling icily. Then he stopped talking and flashed ahead. The two beasts only saw two blood-red punch shadows moving towards them. They were too fast, so they had no time to avoid the attacks.

After that, there were two explosions. The two Godly Kings blew apart. Pieces of flesh flew around, and blood splashed. What a violent death!

Everybody was dumbstruck. All the beasts stepped back, their eyes filled with terror. They realized the man in front of them might have the strength of an Ancient Godly King. He was much stronger than any Godly King! Otherwise, how could he have killed two Godly Kings in one punch!

The beasts looked ready to panic. The humans were awed. Some old men burst into tears and knelt down, then kowtowed before Lin Feng. They now considered him their Human Protector.

“Who are you? How dare you act arrogantly?” The human ancestor Lin Feng had humiliated before glared at Lin Feng icily, but Lin Feng noticed the fear in his eyes.

Lin Feng looked down on him. A human who had betrayed and abandoned his fellow humans, and then submitted to the beasts and became their lackey… He had helped beasts torture humans… Lin Feng couldn’t forgive him!

“You don’t deserve to live as a human, so you must die!”

“Try and dare! Uhhh… Ahhhh!…” shouted the man desperately, then realized he couldn’t move.

 Blood splashed as his body exploded and his soul dispersed. Another Godly King was dead! Lin Feng had killed him as well!

All the humans watched Lin Feng with admiration. He was terrifyingly strong!

“Hurry up, go and call the Ancient Godly Kings!” shouted some beasts. They needed help quickly, or Lin Feng might kill them all. They couldn’t compete with him!

Lin Feng watched some beasts run away, but he didn’t stop them. He was cuasing trouble so that the Ancient Godly Kings would show up; then he’d kill them, and Chi You would have no choice but to show up as well!

“Master, don’t let them go!” shouted a human. When he saw Lin Feng didn’t intend to stop those beasts, his expression changed. If the Ancient Godly Kings came over, then they’d kill all the humans!

“Indeed! Master, don’t let them go and report to their leaders!”

“Intercept them, Master!”

All the humans were worried and scared. Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “My plan is to make the Ancient Godly Kings show up!”

Everybody heaved a sigh. They all looked extremely worried. The beasts around stared at Lin Feng coldly. He might be as strong as an Ancient Godly King, but how could he compete with three Ancient Godly Kings at the same time?

But the masked man didn’t flinch. He stood there and seemed happy to know the Ancient Godly Kings were going to show up. Nobody understood why… 


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng watched the sky, and finally saw three silhouettes in the horizon.

They arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

The sky turned dark. Their blood-red Qi blotted out the sky and covered the earth, even though it was only a thin layer. Nobody could do that, apart from the Ancient Godly Kings!

The three Ancient Godly Kings had come with over a hundred Godly Kings, including Godly Emperor Purple Dragon, Godly Emperor Ghost, and Godly King Horned Mahoraga… Since they were in the Godly Temple, they had to obey orders, too!

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. The humans stared at him as if he were their ultimate ruler.

The three Ancient Godly Kings transformed into their original shapes and surrounded Lin Feng, then released their terrifying Qi. The ground started shaking, as the universe itself was afraid of the three Ancient Godly Kings.

The three Ancient Godly Kings were all extraordinary beasts: a gigantic Azure Dragon hundreds of zhang long;, a mythical beast which had the head of a dragon, a lion’s body, hooves, wings and a tail; and an eight-headed Demonic Lion.

Lin Feng glanced at them. The eight-headed lion was the guard who had brought them to the palace, but his real body this time.

Three strong cultivators of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. There were three in the Ancestral World. In the World of Battles, there was only one, Lin Zu, but Lin Feng was convinced that his son could easily kill these three beasts!

He was Lin Feng’s son, after all. He had inherited his best qualities!

“You’re the Human Protector?” asked the eight-headed demonic lion.

Lin Feng remained silent, standing there indifferently. When the three Ancient Godly Kings sensed Lin Feng’s Qi, they frowned. They found his Qi strange. He wasn’t a cultivator of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer… But he seemed much stronger than Godly Kings. Could it be that he had the strength of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer…?

The three Ancient Godly Kings smiled icily inside. Impossible. He couldn’t be a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, because in the Ancestral World, only their leader and his acolyte were Heavenly Godly Ancestors. There couldn’t be a third Heavenly Godly Ancestor here!

They were doomed…

“Hmph! Keep silent and die, then!” shouted the eight-headed demonic lion. He was hundreds of zhang tall, gigantic. Qi emerged from every corner of his body and shot towards Lin Feng.

“Be careful, Master!” shouted all the humans. Their expressions changed drastically. They were all afraid. Lin Feng was their last hope. If he died, the Human Clan would be doomed too!

All those humans had shown they were on Lin Feng’s side already. If Lin Feng lost, they would all die. Beasts wouldn’t let humans who could potentially pose a threat to them, like Lin Feng, live!

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He just threw a palm strike, seeming quite relaxed. When the beasts saw that, they smirked. All the humans looked disappointed. They were doomed…

Boom, boom!

However, as everybody was about to start crying, there was a terrifying explosion. People didn’t have time to react, but when they raised their heads, it was raining blood.

The eight-headed demonic lion had exploded! Pieces of flesh from his entire body flew around. How scary! He wasn’t totally dead yet, but it was just a matter of time.

“Impossible!” the Azure Dragon and the mythical beast couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin Feng definitely had the strength of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer…

“A… Heavenly Godly Ancestor?” the Azure Dragon and the mythical beast smiled helplessly… They felt powerless. They initially thought they could destroy anyone in the world…

A Heavenly Godly Ancestor… Only their leader could compete with a Heavenly Godly Ancestor…

“Who would have thought such a strong cultivator was hiding in the Human Clan?!” As the eight-headed demonic lion was about to die, the two other Ancient Godly Kings looked panic-stricken.

Lin Feng stood high up in the sky and looked at people on the ground.

Humans were crying. They had been living a sheer hell for such a long time and now, they were finally going to be freed from the evil beasts… finally…

“Everybody, listen to me, kill all the beasts, let’s get back the territory the beasts stole from us!” Lin Feng shouted suddenly. He was suddenly surrounded by dazzling golden lights as he turned back into himself.

All the humans were astonished and then excited, especially the young geniuses. They grasped their weapons, shouted furiously and charged their enemies.

“Kill those beasts! Let’s take our territory back!”

“Even if we die, it doesn’t matter, it’s better to die for a righteous cause!”


All the humans shouted furiously while fighting against the beasts. Blood gushed everywhere. The humans didn’t have the advantage, but they were not afraid with Lin Feng on their side.

The two remaining Ancient Godly Kings wanted to kill the humans, but Lin Feng was staring at them angrily, so they stopped moving. The battlefield sank into chaos.

The Human Protector had shown up, tortured some Ancient Godly Kings, and now they were going to be free! 


Chi You quickly heard about this event. His expression plummeted dangerously. Humans were causing trouble in the Ancestral World?!

He immediately disappeared. 

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