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Chapter 1738: Chi You’s Suicide!


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 When Chi You showed up, the Man Huang Field was already a bloodbath. When the beasts saw him, they seethed with excitement and knelt down. “Greetings, Leader!”

“Greetings, Leader! Please kill that person!”

“He’s extremely arrogant and aggressive. Please punish him! The Beast Clan can’t lose face!”

Ancient Godly Kings couldn’t help. The two remaining Ancient Godly Kings were terrified of Lin Feng. When Chi You showed up and saw the beasts looked so desperate, his expression faltered.

Chi You was different from when he was on Earth. He looked like a normal person at the moment, except that he had two horns. However, everybody knew that Chi You was the emperor of all beasts and that he was a Heavenly Godly Ancestor. He was the terrifying ultimate ruler of their world!

Chi You stared at Lin Feng icily. He didn’t recognize him, but he thought his Qi seemed familiar. He just couldn’t remember where he knew him from.

Lin Feng studied Chi You, and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw it was Chi You’s real body and not a clone. Now, he just had to kill Chi You, and then the fake Tian Dao!

Lin Feng looked at Chi You’s hands. When Chi You and the fake Tian Dao had released energies to return to the Ancestral World, Lin Feng had cut off one of Chi You’s hands. Now he had a new one. His Qi was much weaker than back on Earth, though…

So many years had passed, and he still hadn’t recovered. He had used too much strength against Lin Feng back then. If he had still possessed his original strength, he wouldn’t have let the Ancient Godly Kings deal with Lin Feng, he would have come right away!

“You know what happens to people who provoke the Beast Clan?” Chi You asked when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent. Of course, he could see Lin Feng had the strength of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor, so he remained wary.

He knew that no human could have become a Heavenly Godly Ancestor without the help of a beast, so it meant some beast had plotted against him!

What Chi You didn’t know was that the masked man was an old friend: Lin Feng!

When Lin Feng heard that, he was expressionless. The humans on the ground came back underneath him to be in his protective aura. The beasts went back under Chi You.

Humans on one side, beasts on the other. Two different Qi!

“Are you mute? Let’s see how strong you are, then!” said Chi You, before disappearing without a trace. All the humans were frightened.

The beasts roared excitedly, and cheered for Chi You.

Lin Feng stood there. Chi You was nowhere to be seen, but Lin Feng wasn’t worried. He closed his eyes and released space and time strength to detect his enemy. Chi You was less than five meters away from him. Lin Feng said nothing and threw an Aggressive Punch out.

Boom! Chi You was blown away. The beasts who were still cheering for him on the ground suddenly looked dumbstruck.

Chi You turned extremely pale. He couldn’t even dodge Lin Feng’s attacks?

“I hate people who attack others by surprise. I like just and honorable battles!” Lin Feng shouted, pointing at Chi You. An explosive Qi emerged. All the humans stared at Lin Feng in awe; their Protector was amazing!

“Hmph! As you wish!” Chi You grunted icily. He stopped attacking by stealth, as Lin Feng had ruined his attack anyway. Chi You clenched his fists and threw a punch. A black cloud appeared above him.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He used the strength of his Ancestral Body and his Dragon-Phoenix blood. He fused them together and a sun and a moon suddenly appeared in front of him, growing bigger and bigger. They surrounded everyone. 

His opponent’s punch could break the sky and the ground? Well, Lin Feng’s punch could destroy the entire world!

Tens of millions of people watched the two titans fight.

It was about ordinary humans and ordinary beasts’ lives. They had to see this battle!

“Hmph! I’ve been patient enough!” Chi You swore furiously. Real dragon Qi emerged. There was no sound. It seemed like the end of the world.

Lin Feng remained silent. His Asura’s Mask kept flashing. The sun and the moon in front of him collided with Chi You’s punch.

A soundless collision. Nobody could hear anything. It felt like everything was dying.

Then, lights flashed. Lin Feng groaned and was pushed back several steps. Chi You was blown hundreds of zhang away, coughing blood like crazy.

All the beasts looked shocked. Their leader was being crushed by this mysterious human?

Chi You was in a bad state, and could barely breathe. It wasn’t only Lin Feng’s fault. Chi You hadn’t been able to control his energies properly since the injury.

But he flashed back towards Lin Feng anyways. Bloody red lights illuminated the Ancestral World.

Chi You’s horns had disappeared. Two extremely sharp black blades appeared in his hands. It felt like they could cut through space and time!

“Hmph! I’ll use my supreme weapons to kill you then! You should feel honored to die like this!” shouted Chi You desperately, moving and wielding his blades. All the beasts’ eyes were filled with terror.

Lin Feng scratched his neck. Blood? Those two blades were incredible! They had injured him… Lin Feng had an Ancestral Body, so usually weapons couldn’t injure him…  but those blades could!

“You have supreme weapons; I do too.” Lin Feng replied, smiling icily. The world suddenly went silent. Everybody, including the beasts, stared at Lin Feng blankly. The space around Lin Feng suddenly blurred, and a giant axe appeared above his head.

Lin Feng didn’t grab it. It just floated above him. The axe diffused cyan lights containing two sorts of Qi. Everybody felt overwhelmed.

Pangu’s Axe! A supreme Weapon!

When Chi You saw Pangu’s Axe, his heart twitched. He now understood who this mysterious man was!

“Lin Feng! As expected, it’s you!…” Chi You ground his teeth. Lin Feng had cut off one of his arms and injured him… Chi You still needed at least thirty years to completely recover…

However, Lin Feng was here already, and stronger than ever… Chi You didn’t know what to think. It was probably time to end this battle…

His two black blades came back into his hands. He couldn’t use them again, because Pangu’s Axe put pressure on them.

Pangu’s Axe was the supreme weapon of all other supreme weapons… It was the most powerful weapon ever!

“Chi You, call your teacher,” Lin Feng said indifferently.

Chi You looked at him evilly and smiled, “Hahaha! Lin Feng, even if I self-detonate, you will never hurt my teacher! Hahaha!

“You just wait and see! When my teacher breaks through to the Tian Dao layer, he will destroy you, you miserable, worthless dog!”

Chi You’s body suddenly started swelling. His face turned completely red. Everybody paled.

“Hurry up and retreat!” shouted the two Ancient Godly Kings furiously. However, it was too late.

Boom boom boom!

Chi You exploded. He knew he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, so he decided to self-detonate and commit suicide. It was a suicide bomb; he meant to hurt Lin Feng and give his teacher time to flee. 


There was nobody on Man Huang Field anymore. Everybody had exploded!

Blood dripped from Lin Feng’s clothes. It was the first time he thought death could be so simple, life so fragile. He was injured. There was a hole in his chest. He smiled wryly and fell from the sky, without any Qi left.

As Lin Feng fell from the sky, a man in black clothes appeared next to him. His robe fluttered in the wind. His handsome face looked sad.

“I had to protect my original body and sacrifice you…!”

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