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Chapter 258: Lin Feng VS. Duan Zhe Dao!

Chapter 258: Lin Feng VS. Duan Zhe Dao!

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Two cultivators had shouted, the kwoon trembled. Their voices were too powerful. A short, sharp black sword appeared at Lin Feng’s feet. It was half a meter long.

That sword looked incredible, even if it wasn’t very long. Lin Feng was startled when he saw it, because it contained an incredible demon energy.

Lin Feng looked at Zhuge Hao Nan in the crowd, as did everyone else.

“Lin Feng, take that sword and teach him a good lesson. Show them that without their background, they’re garbage! Our regions aren’t as powerful as theirs, but strength is something one has, not something one borrows from a region!

“Using words to make fun of us is the most ridiculous thing because such people talk a lot, but after you teach them a good lesson, they shut up and end up scared. Even if they’re furious, they don’t dare say anything anymore!

“Those people are pieces of trash. Make them submit. Take this sword, it’s called Evil Demon Sword, don’t disappoint it!” proclaimed Zhuge Hao Nan.

His words felt like thunder in people’s hearts. They were dumbstruck. They never imagined Zhuge Hao Nan would say such things.

He had just provoked everyone who was from the Central Continent. Wasn’t he scared?

Many people looked at Zhuge Hao Nan blankly, but he didn’t pay attention to them.

He had the impression Lin Feng and he were similar.

Zhuge Hao Nan’s words made Lin Feng even more determined. He smiled and grabbed the Evil Demon Sword. Demon Qi started boiling in his dantian.

The whole kwoon was quickly covered with demon Qi. Duan Zhe Dao’s Golden Lightnings Dragon Bar was powerful, but its Qi was quickly oppressed.

Duan Zhe Dao decided to attack immediately. Initially, he wanted to stand there and watch his weapon crush Lin Feng, but now Lin Feng was smiling, and wasn’t afraid at all. He was also furious because Zhuge Hao Nan had lent a sword to Lin Feng!

He wanted to teach both of them a good lesson. He wanted to show the members of the four other territories that people from the Central Continent considered them all pieces of trash. People from smaller territories were insects, and they were dragons!!

“Since you really want to die, don’t blame me,” said Duan Zhe Dao. He sped up and disappeared. Lin Feng knew that he was just extremely fast and would reach him instantly.

Lin Feng wasn’t that fast, because his speed Dao was level four, while Duan Zhe Dao’s speed Dao was level six.

But Lin Feng’s space and time Dao was level six, so he released a space and time cage, raised the Evil Demon Sword, and attacked.

Black Qi filled the space and time cage and a silhouette was smashed away inside the cage. It was Duan Zhe Dao.

Duan Zhe Dao was furious. He had no idea Lin Feng’s space and time Dao would be so powerful!

If he hadn’t used speed Dao, he would have been badly injured.

He was starting to consider Lin Feng a strong opponent…

Duan Zhe Dao held his iron bar tightly as he flew back towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t flinch. He raised his weapon and for the first time, the two weapons collided.

Yan Di and Mister Time stood up at the same time and released strength over the kwoon to prevent the energies from spilling over and hurting other people.

When the crowd saw Yan Di and Mister Time do that, they understood that this battle was a high-level one. They quickly raised their hands and released strength to help Yan Di and Mister Time.

An extremely loud explosion rang out, and the ground cracked as pieces of bluestones blew apart. The strength smashed into the protection layer, and Yan Di and Mister Time grunted with effort and were pushed back a step.

However, they continued releasing power, because they knew two high-level weapons weren’t a joke. If they hadn’t done this, many of the people around them would have died!

“Leader, I’ll help too!” shouted someone loudly at that moment. Demon energy surrounded the whole kwoon. Yan Di and Mister Time raised their heads, and saw Mara-Deva and Feng Mo in the sky.

Mara-Deva raised his hands and released strength, as well. Feng Mo looked at the kwoon, seeing Lin Feng and Duan Zhe Dao fighting. He noticed how fierce their battle was, everything was destroyed around them.

“Little boy, give up, you can’t fight against heroes from the Central Continent!” shouted Duan Zhe Dao furiously. He raised his arms and released strength towards Lin Feng extremely quickly, before he hurtled towards the Evil Demon Sword.

Lin Feng just looked at him icily, “Times change. I’ll take care of you now. AHH!”

Lin Feng recalled the Evil Demon Sword before Duan Zhe Dao reached it. Duan Zhe Dao suddenly had a bad premonition…

Lin Feng sneered as he grabbed the Evil Demon Sword and almost instantly it was in front of Duan Zhe Dao’s chest.

If Duan Zhe Dao couldn’t react quickly, he would have been stabbed. But he reacted quickly and raised his iron bar to protect himself. There was a crash of metal slamming together. Sparkles appeared, and Duan Zhe Dao was hurled backwards, his face ghastly pale and coughing blood.

The crowd was dumbstruck with astonishment. Lin Feng was really a beast. With a high-level godly imperial weapon, he had managed to defeat Duan Zhe Dao so quickly!

However, when everyone thought it was over, Duan Zhe Dao stood up quickly. He wiped the blood off his face and burst into sinister laughter.

“Hehehehe! Since you really want to die, I will help you, Lin Feng!”

Blood-red lights flashed, rapidly growing more intense. Duan Zhe Dao suddenly had the strength of the top of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. One more ste,p and he’d have the strength of the seventh!

“Enough! People like you must die, Lin Feng!” shouted Duan Zhe Dao furiously. He threw himself at Lin Feng again. His Qi surrounded Lin Feng and felt as heavy as a mountain, sharp as razors. The air seemed ready to explode.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He hadn’t thought Duan Zhe Dao was hiding his real strength, or more precisely, he had a special method to increase his strength.

However, Lin Feng knew that if he flinched, it’d be bad for the reputation of the East. It would also have a bad impact on the future of his cultivation!

I can’t retreat! No matter what, I must win! Lin Feng ground his teeth and demon Qi started flowing in his veins even more quickly. Lin Feng’s eyes turned red and his muscles rippled as his Qi seemed to explode from him.

“Come! Give me that victory!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His Qi erupted from his body. Even Duan Zhe Dao was scared when he saw that, but he couldn’t flinch either, it would be a bad showing for the Jewels Celestial Sect.

“Evil Sky Destroying Explosion!”

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  1. Sekkyie March 25, 2019 at 5:34 pm - Reply

    So, what exactly is dao anyway? Visualizing it isn’t the problem, I’d just like to know what it is. Does it signify the amout of power you can use, utilizing a specific “element”, in other words, do you take that from someone or something else (like, per se, there is an infinite amout of dao around you and you use just use that)? Or is it something that you, yourself have? If the letter is the case, then why is its use not limited?

  2. Hulku March 25, 2019 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    I think it’s both personally… comes from both nature and one’s self.thats why advancing on the path of dao is both about absorbing and understanding dao.
    The better you understand doa the more your able to utilize natures doa and in turn your inner doa levels up.
    My opinion.

  3. Dut March 26, 2019 at 1:46 am - Reply

    Who is zhuge hao nan ?

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