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Chapter 259: Intimidating Strength!

Chapter 259: Intimidating Strength!

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The fighters’ Qi collided. Everybody saw the sky change color. It was initially blue, but now it was black and golden because demon Qi and golden lightning dragons kept colliding.

The demon Qi surrounded the golden dragons, howling in primal fury. The demon Qi bore down, crushing them. The lightning dragons broke apart and disappeared from the sky.

On the kwoon, Lin Feng was striking the Golden Lightnings Dragon Bar with the Evil Demon Sword with monstrous metallic clangings. The crowd heard the sound of a blade cutting muscles. Duan Zhe Dao screamed horribly as one of his arms flew away.

The winner was obvious, Duan Zhe Dao had lost against Lin Feng! The Jewels Celestial Sect became the first of the six groups to be completely eliminated from the competition.

Wow, scary!, thought many people, shuddering with fear, their eyes wide. They were staring at Lin Feng, who looked like a demon in his black robe and red eyes, his muscles still trembling, and awesome Demon Qi rolling around him and the Evil Demon Sword.

Boom! Duan Zhe Dao crashed onto the bluestone violently, a crater appearing around him. He was coughing up blood and looked like a mess. His most powerful attack had failed, the chief of the group of disciples from the Jewels Celestial Sect had lost. He had lost against a piece of trash from the East…

People remained silent and stared at Lin Feng, some in admiration.

Everybody was intimidated. Lin Feng was really strong. He had defeated the disciples of the Jewels Celestial Sect, who would dare say the East was a weak territory now?

“Lin Feng is the winner. Next round,” Mister Time said emotionlessly, breaking the silence after long minutes. Before that, everybody was silent because they were afraid that Lin Feng would go on a killing frenzy. His eyes were still bloodshot and crazy energies kept emerging from his body.

They took a deep breath when they heard Mister Time. Lin Feng returned to normal again, recalling his demon Qi. Meng Qing, stunning in her snowy-white skirt, walked up to Lin Feng and took his hand. When he sensed her hand in his, Lin Feng’s demon Qi completely disappeared.

Lin Feng came back to his senses when he saw his beautiful wife. He glanced around and looked at the remaining disciples of the six groups.

“Anyone else want to challenge me? Come together if you do!” said Lin Feng. Many people shuddered with fear when they heard that.

Lin Feng was telling them to join hands to fight against him? How arrogant! Those people were all strong, proud geniuses! Even though Lin Feng had defeated Duan Zhe Dao, he was just the chief disciple of a weaker group among the group of six.

Now Lin Feng was telling them to join hands to fight against him? That was way too arrogant!

Many people looked at him mockingly when he said that, but Lin Feng didn’t care. He was free and unrestrained.

“Lin Feng, you’re a bit arrogant. You think you’re the winner of the great competition because you defeated Duan Zhe Dao? I, Song Yuan, will show you that you shouldn’t offend the six groups of the Central Continent!”

“Everybody move back. I can deal with him alone. Hmph!”

Lin Feng had made Song Yuan, a disciple from the Unicorn Sect, angry. Song Yuan flashed forwards and threw his fist at Lin Feng. His speed was astonishing.

However, Lin Feng simply raised his arms and released space and time Dao. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared and reappeared next to Song Yuan.

Song Yuan glanced at Lin Feng and smiled in contempt, throwing his fist out again. He wanted to crush Lin Feng quickly. People wouldn’t think Lin Feng was imposing and awe-inspiring if he was defeated!

However, Song Yuan was terribly wrong. When Lin Feng appeared next to him, Song Yuan threw his fist, but he ended up punching the air because Lin Feng had disappeared again already. He was now right behind Song Yuan as he punched out.

Song Yuan coughed blood and was thrown away. He ground his teeth and released pure Qi to prevent falling to the ground. Crashing on the ground would have been such a humiliation-

When he wanted to turn around, Lin Feng threw his second punch.

Third punch…

Fourth punch…

Everybody was staring blankly at Lin Feng, who was punching Song Yuan unceasingly. Song Yuan kept coughing blood, and was now soaked in it.

In the end, Lin Feng kicked him in the chest. Song Yuan was hurled away again and crashed onto the ground helplessly far away. He looked quite miserable. It was difficult to imagine Song Yuan from the Unicorn Sect like that.

It was the second group Lin Feng had eliminated.

“How arrogant, Lin Feng, I will kill you, AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” shouted a member of the Unicorn Sect when Song Yuan crashed to the ground. He flew out of the crowd and shot towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. He looked like Song Yuan, but he only had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Lin Feng had infuriated him too much.

“I will teach you a good lesson. Hmph! The East is shit! Die now!”

“We must kill that bastard! Hmph!”

In the blink of an eye, three people appeared around Lin Feng: one in front of him, one behind and one above, intending to kill them.

However, Lin Feng just looked at them coldly. He had to kill these people, otherwise some people wouldn’t take him seriously.

Since that’s what they wanted, he didn’t need to be polite. Lin Feng glanced at them and released Qi in every direction.

He threw his fist, blood splashed. The first person Lin Feng punched was the one who looked like Song Yuan.

Song Yuan was completely astonished. He couldn’t believe his eyes.


Song Yuan saw Lin Feng attack his little brother, and his little brother’s head exploded as his corpse was flung away.

Song Yuan was so furious words could barely describe how he felt. He looked at Lin Feng, who was smiling disdainfully. The one above Lin Feng was so terrified that he flew away, wanting to escape.

However, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off.

Lin Feng used the Evil Demon Sword to behead that man, whose body fell straight to the ground like a sack of meet. Blood dripped from the sword.

“Now… it’s your turn..,” said Lin Feng, smiling darkly as he turned around. The man behind him was terrified and pale. He was a cultivator at the top of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer from the Jewels Celestial Sect.

However, that wasn’t strong enough to threaten Lin Feng, especially when Lin Feng was in a frenzy.

The man was shaking violently. He suddenly wet his pants while staring at Lin Feng, and then fell onto his knees and kowtowed in front of Lin Feng.

The members of the Jewels Celestial Sect were furious. Duan Zhe Dao was clenching his fists. However, he knew he couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng.

If he wanted to get his revenge, he would have to meditate in seclusion for some time.

Thinking about that, Duan Zhe Dao ground his teeth, and decided to abandon the man who was kowtowing before Lin Feng and leave with the other disciples of the Jewels Celestial Sect.

Lin Feng ignored them. He was looking at the man who was begging him for his life. Lin Feng smiled mockingly and asked, “Aren’t you very strong? Don’t you want to kill me? What about your magnificent talk?”

“I was nice to you guys. Right? You made fun of me a lot, how long would you have continued?

“So I had to kill the three of you. From now on, if anyone dares piss me off or disrespect me, I will kill them.” Blood splashed, and another corpse fell to the ground.

Everybody took a deep breath, dumbstruck. Even those who hadn’t done anything yet, like Long Chen from the Dragon Sect, Feng Gu from the Sealing Clan, or Tang Ye from the Gods Clan were astonished. They now knew that Lin Feng could pose a threat to them if they offended him.

Zhuge Hao Nan smiled resplendently. He was quite satisfied by Lin Feng’s show.

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