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Chapter 260: Shocking News!

Chapter 260: Shocking News!

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“Who thinks I’m arrogant? Who wants to challenge me?” Lin Feng glanced at the crowd again, focusing on the Dragon Sect, the Sealing Clan, and the Gods Clan. Of course, Sword Mountain didn’t count, because Lu Li and Chen Zhan represented the East at this time.

The disciples of the Dragon Sect looked at Long Chen, the chief disciple. However, he remained silent. He found Lin Feng incredibly strong.

On the side of the Gods Clan, Tang Ye looked uncaring. He didn’t dislike Lin Feng; on the contrary, he rather appreciated people like Lin Feng, who relied on themselves to become stronger. He admired people who had started low and were successful.

Therefore, he didn’t want to challenge Lin Feng. He didn’t mind even if Lin Feng finished first at this Great Competition.

Feng Gu was a bit angry, but he knew he couldn’t do anything about Lin Feng, especially since they were in the Dark Palace, here in the East.

Maybe this Lin Feng would stop acting arrogantly in the Central Continent…

Thinking about that, Feng Gu smiled ferociously to himself. Lin Feng also smiled icily; he wouldn’t forget Feng Gu, either.

When Feng Gu saw Lin Feng’s mocking expression, he was even more furious on the inside, but considering what had happened to Song Yuan and Duan Zhe Dao, he controlled himself.

Thereafter, he ignored Lin Feng, but he wouldn’t forget him, either!

“If nobody challenges Lin Feng anymore, then his temporary rank is first,” said Mister Time. He knew that nobody wanted to fight against Lin Feng anymore, so he looked at the other strong cultivators.

Long Chen challenged Tang Ye; Feng Gu challenged a cultivator from a small group… which was shameless, but nobody said it out loud.

After that, many other battles took place, but Lin Feng didn’t participate anymore, so he soon left the kwoon. Everybody looked after him Feng with dread. Lin Feng smiled at the members of Tiantai who were also about to challenge people.

Lin Feng, come with me,” came a voice in Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng frowned and looked at Mister Time, who just smiled unreadably, before shaking his arm and disappearing. Yan Di nodded at him.

When Lin Feng saw Yan Di’s gesture, he understood he had nothing to worry about, so he followed Mister Time away from the kwoon. Mara-Deva and Yan Di managed the event while Mister Time was away.

Mara-Deva watched Lin Feng depart, having mixed feelings. If he hadn’t protected his little brother the other day, Lin Feng would have been equally merciless!

Lin Feng wasn’t as strong then as he was now during the competition. If Lin Feng had been as strong back then, his little brother would have perished!

Mara-Deva couldn’t help but sigh when he thought about that. Lin Feng was a young man and still rising. He had the impression people like himself were old and belonged to the past already. He felt old and pressured.


Lin Feng followed Mister Time. They entered a valley, emerald green with beautiful trees and a countless number of howling beasts. Lin Feng glanced around and noticed a little stream.

Mister Time sat down by the stream and smiled without emotion, clearly quite relaxed.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards him, but didn’t sit down. He just looked at the stream. The water was crystal clear and fifty centimeters deep. There were some tiny fish inside.

“Lin Feng, can you see that fish?” Mister Time asked after remaining silent for a while. It was the first thing Mister Time said, and also the first time they had seen each other again after a year.

Lin Feng was going to discover some of Mister Time’s secrets. Lin Feng had no secrets to reveal, though…

Lin Feng didn’t understand why Mister Time asked him about the fish. “What’s wrong with the fish?” he replied, frowning.

Mister Time’s smile was knowing. He suddenly raised his left hand and grabbed the fish. It struggled to break free, but couldn’t get away from Mister Time’s hand.

Lin Feng was expressionless, sighing on the inside. Mister Time’s space and time Dao was already so powerful, it was level eight!

“Lin Feng, that fish has been living for ten seconds only. During those ten seconds, it was confused so I grabbed it,” said Mister Time, before throwing the fish away. He raised his left hand again, and the fish reappeared, shining.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Mister Time only smiled and looked at him.

Lin Feng was puzzled. The lights flashed again. Lin Feng looked at the fish and suddenly understood something…

“Mister Time, you…” His astonishment was crippling.

“Hehe, little boy, you understood? Indeed, I am the one who brought you out of your world to here,” said Mister Time.

The sentence was like a detonation in Lin Feng’s brain. His face paled, and he had the impression he was going to faint.

Mister Time had brought him from the planet Earth to the Continent of the Nine Clouds… but why? He was doomed back then, why bring him here?

“Hehe, you don’t have any ideas?” said Mister Time when he saw Lin Feng’s pale face. He was smiling, he had never seen the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ First Master look so pale and weak.

Lin Feng was strong, but he seemed very fragile at that moment.

Lin Feng was puzzled, and lowered his head, looking at the fish. The fish looked miserable. Lin Feng was like that fish, his life was in Mister Time’s hands.

Mister Time burst into laughter, tapping Lin Feng’s shoulders and saying, “Haha, little boy, are you alright? What? Do you think it’s difficult to imagine what it feels like to learn that your whole life is in someone’s hands?

“You thought that you had become the ultimate Controller of the world because you became a god? Hehe!”

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