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Chapter 261: Great Competition Rankings!

Chapter 261: Great Competition Rankings!

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Mister Time smiled broadly. Even though he looked at Lin Feng teasingly, he didn’t harbor any evil intentions. When Lin Feng heard him, he calmed down.

“Mister Time, can you tell me the whole process, I… I want to know…” said Lin Feng.

Mister Time squinted and smiled while stroking his beard. He had a well thought-out plan, but it was impossible to guess what he was thinking.

But he still gave Lin Feng some explanations.

“Lin Feng, you’re from the Earth, you’re not from the same world as us. The world you come from is 1D. The Continent of the Nine Clouds, for example, is 2D.

“I never thought I would have you come from the Earth and send you to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. I did that because of one person.

“He asked me to send you to to the Continent of the Nine Clouds and help you become stronger, step by step, until you became a god.

“So I obeyed. I gave up half my strength to bring you from a 1D world to a 2D world,” Mister Time continued. He suddenly looked angry. Lin Feng could understood why. Anyone would have been angry at losing half of their strength.

But Mister Time was angry for only a few seconds. He continued smiling at Lin Feng, “Regarding your forbidden body, you think you obtained it so easily? I am the only one who has a forbidden body in this world. Why do you think you obtained a forbidden body when I brought you from the Earth?”

“Mister Time, could it be that…?” Lin Feng instantly understood. Why had Mister Time lost half of his strength? Using a little bit of space and time strength wouldn’t have cost him half of his strength.

Lin Feng now understood that Mister Time had given up a part of his strength to give it to him, to make him a forbidden person, able to become stronger quickly.

“You guessed right. Indeed. I gave you a part of my forbidden strength. I wanted to help you to become that strong. How could I feel threatened by you? Or how could I want to hurt you? Hehe!” Mister Time smiled teasingly.

Lin Feng flushed. Indeed, how could Mister Time do anything to Lin Feng at this point?

“Lin Feng, I know you really want to go back to the Earth, but I can tell you one thing: if you go back now, it’ll be ancient times, feudal times, so you need to become very strong. When you become the first Master of the Continent of the Gods, you can go back.”

“Eh… feudal times?” When Lin Feng heard Mister Time, he was astonished. If he made great efforts to become extremely strong, he’d be allowed to go back to Earth, but only during the feudal times?!?!

When Mister Time saw Lin Feng’s expression, Mister Time continued smiling and scratching his beard, “Indeed, there is a difference of three thousand years between here and the Earth. So if you go back, it’ll be three thousand years before, so that there is no issue in space and time.

“Also, Lin Feng, don’t underestimate 1D worlds. Do you think the gods on Earth are fake?”

“What? Do gods really exist on Earth?” asked Lin Feng. He looked stupefied.

“Of course. When I went to the 1D world, I saw a god, and I was scared to death. Lin Feng, do you know how strong that god was?” asked Mister Time. He looked scared.

Lin Feng was shaking. Gods on Earth had to be extraordinarily strong to scare Mister Time like that. Which gods were they talking about?

“Does the Jade Emperor really exist?” whispered Lin Feng.

Mister Time shook his head, “I don’t know who the Jade Emperor is, but the god I saw wasn’t a human being.”

“Not a human being? A monkey?” asked Lin Feng.

Mister Time looked frightened and murmured, “As expected, you knew.”

“Indeed, you probably saw a god we always talked about in our legends. The Great Sage Equal To Heaven, the Monkey King!”

{Translator’s note:}

“But didn’t the Monkey King become a god during the Sui and Tang Dynasties? How come you saw him, Master?” asked Lin Feng. He looked puzzled. Mister Time shook his head. How could he know if Lin Feng didn’t know?

“But, Lin Feng, the monkey you’re talking about is stronger than a God Emperor,” said Mister Time, staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was stupefied. A God Emperor? Stronger than a God Emperor? Did that exist? God Emperors were legendary cultivators, the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Gods!

Lin Feng guessed that there couldn’t be only one god on Earth, and the legendary Monkey King couldn’t be the strongest one, either. The Most Exalted Lord Lao {Translator’s Note: identified with Laozi}, the Jade Emperor, Siddhārtha Gautama, the Grandmaster of Heaven; they were all complex beings.

If the Monkey King was a God Emperor, the others were probably stronger. Lin Feng was very surprised. How come the strongest gods of the Continent of the Gods were not as strong as the gods on Earth?

“Lin Feng, do you know who asked me to bring you from Earth to here?” asked Mister Time sneered resentfully.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Mister Time, but considering his expression, Lin Feng didn’t know what to reply. The one who had asked Mister Time to take him away from Earth was probably an incredible entity.

“Master, let’s go out, the Great Competition must be over,” Lin Feng said, changing the topic. He flashed away and left the valley. He looked confident again, his puzzlement gone.

Mister Time sighed when he saw Lin Feng leave. There weren’t many people like Lin Feng, if the East had a few people like Lin Feng, it would rise extremely quickly.


Sigh… That’s fate, the fish I took out of the water has become a dragon. Hehe!, thought Mister Time, shaking his head as he disappeared from the pool.


Lin Feng headed back to the kwoon. When he arrived, Mister Time was already at the top of the Dark Palace. Lin Feng shook his head. He still didn’t understand Dao well enough. He had left before Mister Time and Mister Time had arrived before him.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to Mister Time, looking over the kwoon. The Great Competition was almost over. Lin Feng was surprised, because the results were completely different from what he had expected.

The tenth one was Feng Gu from the Sealing Clan, one of six groups. That was surprising because the Sealing Clan ranked third in the Group of Six, but their best disciple was only tenth?

But Lin Feng wasn’t done being surprised, the ninth and eighth were also from the Group of Six; the ninth one was Long Chen from the Dragon Sect, the eighth one was Song Yuan from the Dragon Sect.

Song Yuan had lost against Lin Feng, but he had won two battles.

The seventh one was Feng Mo. When Lin Feng saw that, he wasn’t surprised at all. Feng Mo was strong and talented, and had lots of experience, so it was normal that he finished in the top ten. It wouldn’t be surprising even if he finished fifth or sixth.

The sixth one was a disciple from the West named Huang Yuan. He had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but he had oppressed Song Yuan, a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. That was enough to draw Lin Feng’s attention.

The fifth one was Chen Zhan from Sword Mountain. Of course, he represented the East here, so there was at least one disciple of the East in the top ten. The East hadn’t lost any face this time.

There were two people in fourth position, who Lin Feng was very close to, Ruo Xie and Tian Chi!

Lin Feng hadn’t noticed that his two fellow disciples had the strength of the top of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer after they left the Dark Temple. One more step and they’d have the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor. Lin Feng admired his friends.

Ruo Xie was already a disciple of the Du Hu Government, one of the five governments, but Tian Chi was from a small influential group, so he would quickly become famous after this.

Third place was Tang Ye. Lin Feng found Tang Ye quite nice so far. Tang Ye was neither proud nor arrogant. He wasn’t like some disciples from bigger groups, seeming modest and honest. Lin Feng liked such people.

In second place was Lin Feng himself. He was surprised that he hadn’t finished first. When he saw who was first, Lin Feng was completely astonished and speechless.

Yan Di…!

Yan Di had participated in the tournament? Lin Feng was completely speechless, but when he saw that Yan Di had won ten times, Lin Feng could only suffer in silence.

Of course, many people weren’t happy that Yan Di had finished first, he was older after all. Therefore, many people considered Lin Feng was the best finisher.

Lin Feng was surprised because he couldn’t find Zhuge Hao Nan’s name in the list. Strange…

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