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Chapter 262: End of the Great Competition!

Chapter 262: End of the Great Competition!

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“Alright, the Great Competition is over. I’m sure everybody understands the results. You can disperse now.

“You can now either stay in the Dark Palace or go back to your respective groups. The Dark Palace won’t force you to stay,” said Mister Time. Everybody sighed, especially the disciples who hadn’t manage to finish in the rankings. They didn’t feel like staying, so they immediately left.

They also knew that because they hadn’t finished in the top ten, their future was compromised. The Dark Palace had organized the Great Competition so the rules were less strict, and it should have been easier to be ranked. Apart from the six big groups, only the Du Hu Government had participated, the other most powerful groups weren’t present.

Therefore, the fact that they had failed to finish in the top ten was a serious issue.

Very quickly, many people left the kwoon. Of course, some people didn’t leave, such as those from the Holy Shrines of the East. They felt proud and elated at the performance of the East!

Even though Lin Feng had only finished second, Yan Di didn’t really count. Therefore, people from the East considered Lin Feng as the first place. Regarding Yan Di, nobody knew why he had participated… except for Lin Feng, of course. Yan Di had made a great show of his talents, and at the same time he had offended the influential groups of the Central Continent even more by defeating their disciples.

Yan Di had defeated them, he had finished first, and he was from one of the three Dynasties, who would dare argue with them?

“Let’s go,” Song Yuan said finally. He had mixed feelings, glancing at Lin Feng one more time before leaving the kwoon. He didn’t even say goodbye to Mister Time.

“Let’s go too,” said Long Chen. He seemed annoyed. During the competition, the people he had challenged seemed weak, but in the end, they were extremely strong and had defeated him. Some people pretended to be pigs, but could defeat dragons in the end.

Long Chen looked at Tian Chi ferociously when he left. However, Tian Chi couldn’t care less. He was a Buddhist, calm and composed, so he just smiled at Long Chen and the other disciples of the Dragon Sect as they left.

The members of the Group of Six and the members of the smaller influential groups, including some people from a few Holy Shrines, also left. But they all knew that the East had dazzled this time, thanks to Lin Feng in particular.

Therefore, when they left, they took the initiative to exchange a few words with and say goodbye to Lin Feng. Lin Feng also cupped his fist and acknowledged them respectfully.

“Hehe, little boy, how do you feel? You feel imposing and awe-inspiring, right? You oppressed the disciples of the Group of Six, hehe!” exclaimed Yan Di, appearing next to Lin Feng suddenly. Yan Di was smiling teasingly.

Lin Feng glanced at him and shook his head, saying, “No, I finished second. I was lucky.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?” asked Yan Di. He didn’t understand, but he continued smiling teasingly.

Lin Feng looked at Zhuge Hao Nan and touched the Evil Demon Sword, saying, “If he had done things seriously, I wouldn’t have finished second.”

“Hehe, indeed! You’re right. Lin Feng, I know you’re proud, but I have to admit that if Zhuge Hao Nan had challenged you, he would have defeated you. You would have even suffered a crushing defeat,” said Yan Di, smiling wryly.

Lin Feng looked puzzled. Yan Di only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor but he could easily defeat cultivators of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, like the Great Elder of the Evil Soul Sect. Therefore, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Yan Di was as strong as a cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Lin Feng was surprised to hear Yan Di praise someone. Yan Di usually acted arrogantly and treated others with disdain.

“Lin Feng, you wonder why Zhuge Hao Nan isn’t ranked, right?” said Yan Di, looking unusually serious.

Lin Feng nodded. Even though he could guess what the reason was, he waited for Yan Di to confirm his thoughts.

Yan Di sighed while touching his left arm, which seemed injured. “I fought against Zhuge Hao Nan. Like me, he wanted to finish first. In the end, I was lucky because I defeated him. Then after that, I won nine more battles, that’s how I finished first.

“After losing against me, he didn’t challenge anymore else. He told me that if he couldn’t finish first, it was useless to continue. He didn’t want to finish second or lower.

“Therefore, be careful, don’t let yourself get carried away by success. There are many truly strong cultivators, you just haven’t bumped into them.”

“Alright, I know. Thanks for your advice, old buddy,” said Lin Feng. Now that he understood Zhuge Hao Nan a little bit better, he could make plans accordingly.

No matter how strong other people were, he had to continue becoming stronger. Nobody could predict the future, right?

“Lin Feng, the competition is over. Get ready to go to the Central Continent now,” said Yan Di. He seemed hesitant, as if he still had something to say, but he didn’t. Of course, it was only for a split second.

When the wind is strong, it can destroy mountains, the moon and the sun shine upon rivers. Lin Feng remembered those sentences from the Nine Yang magic Kung Fu skills he had seen on Earth. Now that he was a cultivator, he understood them.

Even if his enemies were strong, so what? Even if his enemies were dazzling, so what? He was like a strong wind, he was like the sun. He could destroy mountains and illuminate rivers.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled. He glanced at Tang Ye next to him, Tang Ye was precisely nodding and smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was polite and smiled back at him in mutual respect.

After that, Tang Ye left with the other members of the Gods Clan. The six groups had all left the Dark Palace, and were on their way back to the Central Continent.

“Brother, you’re going to the Central Continent now. Have a nice trip. We’re all going back to our respective groups, so I hope we’ll see each other there soon.”

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