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Chapter 264: Reappearance of the Fake Cheng Shan!

Chapter 264: Reappearance of the Fake Cheng Shan!

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“Stop feigning now. Why would the man in black capture everybody, but you?”

“When I arrived, how come you instantly appeared there behind me? How come you shouted at me? Didn’t you recognize my Qi?” said Lin Feng icily. The old man instantly started shaking as if an arrow had pierced through his heart. He felt ice-cold.

But the old man ground his teeth and continued begging, “Please save Savage Mountain, Master.”

“Enough! Old man! You’re really disappointing. Call that man now. I know Savage Mountain is probably close to him now.”

“Eh… Master, you…”

The old man looked furious and sad, but Lin Feng knew he was pretending. It was all a show.

“Stop pretending. Bring me to his place. I can sense his Qi,” snarled Lin Feng, glancing around. He could sense a weak demon Qi. The enemy was probably trying to hide, but Lin Feng could sense some traces.

“Hehe, Master, you’re really smart. So I can just hand you over to the Master!” said the old man, smiling sinisterly when he saw he couldn’t fool Lin Feng. He stopped pretending and revealed his elation for the man.

“I feel extremely sad for Mister Savage, how could he recruit such a shitty disciple as you here? You’re only interested in saving your neck,” sighed Lin Feng. He felt genuinely sad for Mister Savage.

The old man suddenly felt guilty, but only for a few seconds before he smiled ferociously. “Haha, what a shitty teacher! Strength is more than anything!

“That old dude didn’t give me anything. My Master can give me much, much more. He helped me become a High-Level Holy Emperor. He’s extremely strong!” said the old man, his smile almost mocking. He knew that Lin Feng was probably only a High-Level Holy Emperor, because that was his level the last time he had seen him.

Only a few months had passed, how much stronger could he have become? Therefore, the old man didn’t really think highly of Lin Feng anymore. He could already imagine Lin Feng becoming his new Master’s scapegoat.

The old man looked even more ferocious and evil when he thought about his master.

Lin Feng sighed. This old man was really miserable.

“Let’s go, call your Master,” said Ling, sighing and frowning. Lin Feng didn’t feel like killing the old man because of Mister Savage.

But Lin Feng didn’t know that the old man was already rotten to the bones. He had completely changed, and wasn’t the same old man as before.

“Hehe, you think you’re qualified to see my Master? Lin Feng, I am a High-Level Holy Emperor too now. You think you can compete with me?

“You think my Master has time to waste to see you? I will capture you and bring you to him. Then you can kowtow and beg for your life when you see him. Hmph!” said the old man mockingly, and then he threw a punch at Lin Feng.

He was sure Lin Feng would immediately be captured without being able to put up a fight, but he had no time to realize what was going on.

Lin Feng raised one finger and thrust his hand at the old man, piercing through the old man’s skull. The old man looked terrified and dumbstruck as his Qi dispersed. He was dead. He hadn’t even had time to regret.

“He could only blame himself,” sighed Lin Feng. He threw the old man’s corpse in his ring and continued flying to the top of the mountain. “You’ve been watching us the whole time, just show yourself now!”

“Hehe, no wonder you were the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ First Master. Your perceptions are really acute, as expected. Impressive!”

Lin Feng hadn’t even finished talking when the man in black appeared in front of him. He looked indifferent and his hands were clasped behind his back. He looked calm, composed, and fearless.

When Lin Feng saw him, he was astonished and suddenly felt extremely sad.

“Cheng Shan, what are you doing here?”

Lin Feng’s heart felt as if it was bleeding. Lin Feng would have never thought that the man in black was his first friend in the Continent of the Gods, his friend from Zhongzhuan City.

Lin Feng still remembered the first competition, during which Holy Fifth had been selected. Cheng Shan had appeared there, and Lin Feng had noticed there was something strange about him. He had completely changed, looking at Lin Feng as if he didn’t know him.

Then, he had disappeared. One year had passed and he had become quite strong. He was now a cultivator of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

“Hehe, you’re surprised? Lin Feng, here we meet again!”


“We’re old friends, right? Hehe. So, how come you didn’t come and see me? Since I’m your old friend, how come you despise me and forgot about me?” said Cheng Shan, smiling icily. He looked more and more ferocious.

Lin Feng frowned. He was now sure that even though that person looked like Cheng Shan, it wasn’t Cheng Shan.

“Who are you? How is Cheng Shan? If you don’t tell me, I won’t let you off!” swore Lin Feng icily.

Cheng Shan looked a bit surprised. Lin Feng was very perceptive, so it wasn’t easy to fool him.

“Hmph! You don’t need to know who I am. I came here to tell you one thing, Lin Feng. From now, I will kill all your close and loved ones to get my revenge!

“Haha, shake, Master Lin Feng! We can’t be alive in the same world. One of us has to die. Regarding Cheng Shan, he’s a piece of trash. He’s on the King of Hell’s side now, it’s been a while already! Haha!” Cheng Shan told him, smiling cruelly. He looked quite insane.

Lin Feng attacked without any more hesitation.

At that moment, Lin Feng had a bad premonition, and hastily jumped back. Something exploded in front of him, strong enough to destroy the whole mountain.

Lin Feng shouted furiously, raised his hands and released brightness strength to block the powerful energy.

Lin Feng was furious at the surprise attack. He hadn’t thought Cheng Shan would have prepared a trap.

But Cheng Shan had also underestimated Lin Feng’s strength, or, he would have prepared a better trap. He really could have injured Lin Feng badly.

When Cheng Shan saw that Lin Feng had blocked the trap so easily, he realized he had made a mistake. It had taken him three months to make that trap and Lin Feng had destroyed it so easily. He had to retreat.

He couldn’t compete with Lin Feng!

“Hmph! Lin Feng, I’ll get my revenge. Your friends, family members, they will all die. Haha! I will crush them all!” said Cheng Shan. He raised his arms, laughing madly. He quickly took out a blue talisman and broke it.

Lin Feng sensed an incredible space and time Dao emerge from it; it was definitely a teleportation talisman.

“Space and time cage!”

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  1. suicai99 March 28, 2019 at 1:43 am - Reply

    I have a feeling that guy was the Holy First? what was his name again?

  2. Ken April 30, 2019 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    The story become not worth reading sometimes.
    How come a cultivator make a person raised someones cultivation so fast within just a months from just a great emperor layer to high holy emperor? If someone can do that, then why most of the geniuses like linfeng and other cultivators need hundreds or thousands of years to cultivate to get to low level holy emperor layer?

    I waited this PMG2 for half a year but soo disappointing sometimes.

    • Gray June 9, 2019 at 5:47 am - Reply

      Because the Author didn’t care about those thing. He just want you to read and eat the shit he thrown.

      • StupidGray September 28, 2019 at 5:56 am - Reply

        Because the author know, even he didnt care about those thing, that his novel still make you curious, you just talk shit in outside but inside youre fans hahaha.. If u really think pmg2 worse why do u still continues reading.

  3. Commenter June 21, 2019 at 11:43 am - Reply

    That cheng san guy was already exposed as luo chen(brother of luo zhe killed in cheng clan) last time during god sect’s holy cultivator selection competition. What a shitty memory author has that he writes as if this cheng sang looking guy’s identity is still a mystery.

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