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Chapter 265: En Route For the Central Continent!

Chapter 265: En Route For the Central Continent!

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Lin Feng raised his arms and a space and time cage appeared all around Cheng Shan.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that Cheng Shan would have a teleportation talisman, so he reacted too late. Cheng Shan disappeared from inside the space and time cage before it fully condensed.

“Eh…?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck.

From that fake Cheng Shan’s expression, Lin Feng understood that they were enemies. That fake Cheng Shan harbored a grudge against Lin Feng.

However, who hated Lin Feng so much? Anyway, Cheng Shan’s words probably weren’t empty ones. He would definitely look for Lin Feng’s close ones and kill them. Lin Feng had to find a way to protect them.

I first need to release the people of the Savage Desert, thought Lin Feng gazing into the distance. He looked at the sky, where there were black holes with a chaotic Qi.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng took out the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword and made cutting motions all around, destroying the chaotic Qi. Many people started shouting as people started falling from the sky. It looked like a cloud of locusts.

Millions of people were still stuck in this world.

Lin Feng finally saw the siblings, they looked like a mess. When he saw them like that, he hated that fake Cheng Shan even more.

The siblings also saw Lin Feng. Suddenly, everybody was looking at Lin Feng. They all looked relieved and touched, but nobody dared say anything.

“Brother, let’s go,” said the girl to her brother after a few minutes. They disappeared back into the crowd.

Lin Feng felt sad, but he didn’t call out to them. He watched them disappear in the crowd.

“Sigh, Yu Yan, I hope you’ll find a good husband,” murmured Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

He quickly left the Savage Desert. He had initially come to take the siblings out of that world, but Yu Yan had looked at him coldly, as if they didn’t know each other. Lin Feng felt depressed, so he decided it wasn’t a good idea.

Lin Feng flashed away, disappearing into the sky.

In a distant forest, Yao Yu Long watched Lin Feng disappear in the sky. She suddenly burst into tears and let herself fall into her brother’s arms. She cried for a long time.

Yao Yu Long tapped his sister’s back and sighed, not knowing how to cheer her up. Lin Feng had come, for who else could it be? For his sister, of course!

But his sister had set her distance. Yu Long could imagine how sad Lin Feng felt.

Were they never going to see each other again? Yao Yu Long shook his head and smiled wryly.

And in any case, did she need Lin Feng to be happy?

“Brother, I want to leave and go to the Continent of the Gods,” said Yao Yu Yan at that moment, standing up. She looked determined and clenched her fists.

Yao Yu Long was surprised and looked puzzled. He knew she was so determined because of Lin Feng.

“Alright, sister, let’s go out,” Yao Yu Long agreed without hesitation. They couldn’t stand being in this world anymore. Yao Yu Long didn’t want to be a frog in a well anymore. He wanted to see the world.

His sister wanted to be happy, so Yao Yu Long did his best to make her happy.


“Lin Feng, Huo Wu hopes you can see her before leaving, even if it’s the last time you see her,” said Sage Huo. He looked saddened. Lin Feng was gloomy, too.

Lin Feng knew what Huo Wu felt like. Lin Feng also knew that he couldn’t disappoint a good person like Huo Wu. He already felt guilty for his wives, he didn’t want to hurt even more women.

Therefore, Lin Feng decided not to go and see her. He hoped she’d forget about him, and pursue her own dreams.

When Sage Huo heard Lin Feng, flames of fury appeared in his eyes, but then he calmed down and smiled wryly. He couldn’t fight Lin Feng, and besides, Lin Feng’s way of thinking wasn’t bad. Of course, he had no choice either, all he could do was go back to his daughter and tell her to forget about Lin Feng.

“Alright, anyway, Lin Feng, this time, you’re going to the Central Continent, it’s not going to be easy, so you must be well-prepared.

“For several reasons, I cannot come with you. I need to go to the Desiccation and Desolation Sea first,” Yan Di told him.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why was Yan Di going there? For the low-level godly imperial weapon, the Cursing Scepter?

Why would Yan Di want a low-level godly imperial weapon?

“Lin Feng, you’ve probably been to the Desiccation and Desolation Sea. I can tell you the truth, there’s a corpse there from my family. I want to bring it back,” said Yan Di.

Lin Feng suddenly understood. There was a corpse of one of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty’s ancestors there. The Desiccation and Desolation Sea had been one of the battlefields during the war of the ancient times. Therefore, there were many corpses there from everywhere.

“Alright, do your thing. I’ll go to the Central Continent with Zhuge Hao Nan,” Lin Feng nodded.

Yan Di looked at Zhuge Hao Nan in relief. With Zhuge Hao Nan, Lin Feng would be safe.

“See you, Lin Feng. Here’s my talisman. Take it. You can go to my family with it, but remember not to reveal my identity,” said Yan Di, and then disappeared from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine.

Lin Feng took the talisman without showing it to anyone and put it in his ring.

“Mister Savage, I want to tell you about something,” Lin Feng said to Mister Savage, throwing the old man’s corpse on the ground. He told Mr. Savage what had happened in the Savage Desert.

When Mister Savage heard the story, he was saddened. His disciple… But in the end he just sighed and left with the corpse.

Lin Feng didn’t know if Mister Savage was angry at him for killing him, but he was definitely very sad.

“Lin Feng, he’s not angry at you. He’s just furious,” said the Godly Leader at that moment. Lin Feng didn’t feel guilty anymore when he heard that.

“Lin Feng, don’t worry about You You. She’s not strong enough to go to the Central Continent, but in less than a year, she’ll come to the Central Continent to see you. Besides, you don’t need to worry about her safety. She’s my disciple, I will protect her.

“Regarding Feng Mo, he’s already on his way. Lin Feng, you, your wife, your two friends and little Zhu Ge, you should get going,” said Mara-Deva. Lin Feng looked at him and nodded.

He looked at Tian Chi and Ruo Xie. They had finished in the top ten at the Great Competition, so they could go to the Central Continent. Regarding Zhuge Hao Nan, he was already from there, so he was obviously qualified to return.

“Masters, you all took care of me for a year. I will never forget that. If you need anything, please tell me and I’ll come back as quickly as I can,” said Lin Feng cupping his fist. He gave the Godly Leader a blue talisman.

The Godly Leader now had a way to contact Lin Feng, and was quite happy.

“See you, everybody,” said Tian Chi and Ruo Xie, bowing hand over fist.

Lin Feng looked at the members of the Holy Shrine, he would remember their expressions before his departure. Then, he turned around, taking Meng Qing’s cool little hand, and left the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine.

Ruo Xie, Tian Chi, and Zhuge Hao Nan followed him, all of them leaving for the Central Continent. They would have many new opponents there.

Lin Feng was excited.

The people who watched Lin Feng leave looked at him as if they were looking at a deity. They were convinced that young man would become a dazzling cultivator in the Central Continent.

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