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Chapter 268: Step By Step Test

Chapter 268: Step By Step Test

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“Lin Feng, Yue Zhi is the Sword God’s chief disciple. Despite the fact that he’s fifteenth on the list, if he had a serious battle again Song Tian, whose rank is tenth, he would win easily,” said Zhuge Hao Nan when he saw Lin Feng looked puzzled.


Then Lin Feng remembered that he could defeat much stronger cultivators himself, and Yue Zhi was one of the Three Gods’ disciples, so it was only natural he could as well.

“Everybody, I’m sure that many of you don’t know why my teacher, the Sword God, as well as my two other uncles, the Assassin God and the Strength God, organize these meetings.

“My fellow disciple, Su Zi, will tell you the details,” said Yue Zhi proudly. A powerful strength appeared around him, a blue silhouette flickered, and many people jumped back.

The blue silhouette passed above Lin Feng’s head. Lin Feng and Zhuge Hao Nan sensed a terrifying strength oppressing them.

Lin Feng was angry. He clenched his fists and his brightness strength exploded around him. Strength gathered around Lin Feng and then exploded out. A man in blue clothes appeared next to Yue Zhi, staring at Lin Feng for a few seconds.

“Brother, tell them the purpose of the Three Gods’ Meeting,” Yue Zhi told Su Zi, also looking at Lin Feng in a strange way.

Su Zi rolled up his sleeves, appearing aggressive and ice-cold. Yue Zhi was also like that. The difference was that when Su Zi faced the Sword God, he looked at him with respect.

Su Zi looked away from Lin Feng. Lin Feng took a deep breath as the oppression lifted. He was even out of breath!

Su Zi looked at the ocean of people and said indifferently, “Those who aren’t Holy Spirit Emperors can fuck off.”

Lin Feng glanced around and saw many people immediately leave. Initially, there were hundreds of thousands of people, now they were around a hundred left.

Zhuge Hao Nan was amazed. As the disciples of the Three Gods, with the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, nobody dared offend them, just because they were the Three Gods’ disciples!

When Su Zi saw that only a hundred, if not less, people were left, he smiled sinisterly and declared, “Those who can stand my oppressive energies can stay and I’ll tell them what the Three Gods’ purpose is. The others can fuck off as well!”

“What? How strict!”

“Hmph! You’re just a disciple of the Three Gods, how dare you talk to us like that?” said a cultivator of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer when he heard Su Zi. He was clenching his fists and looked angry.



The man’s scream stopped almost instantly as he exploded, blood splashing everywhere. Everybody was astonished and swallowed hard. Su Zi had instantly punched the disrespectful man’s dantian, he couldn’t be any deader now.

Many people’s backs were covered with cold sweat.

Lin Feng was impressed. How strong! If Lin Feng fought against a cultivator of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he’d need a while to defeat him, and he wouldn’t be sure he could win… But Su Zi could kill one instantly in one punch. Lin Feng was just astonished.

“They’re beasts…” Lin Feng sighed. He felt so ordinary next to such people. However, he didn’t feel dispirited. Even though they were strong now, how old were they? How old was he?

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled. However, at that moment, he sensed a terrifying oppressive strength sweep over him. He was running out of breath. Everybody had the impression a knife was piercing through their heart.

Lin Feng frowned, staying vigilant. However, he didn’t panic. He clenched his fists and created a space and time cage around himself.

A shiny and ice-cold Qi surrounded the cage as well. Lin Feng glanced at Meng Qing, who was helping him.

“I’ll help you, too!” said Zhuge Hao Nan. He knew that they had to cooperate to block Su Zi’s oppressive energies, so he released his strength to help Lin Feng without hesitation.

Ruo Xie and Tian Chi also released as much Qi as they could. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s space and time cage shone dazzlingly, and drew many people’s attention.

Su Zi and Yue Zhi also looked at Lin Feng. Su Zi grunted icily and threw a punch at Lin Feng.

Strength exploded in front of Lin Feng, but his cage didn’t break. They were safe.

When Su Zi saw that Lin Feng and the others were all safe, he pulled a long face and stopped attacking them, turning to other people.

Very quickly, eighty percent of the strong cultivators were eliminated and collapsed. Some of them were lying on the ground, shaking violently, pale and terrified.

“You failed, fuck off!” Su Zi told those people emotionlessly.

Many people were furious, but what could they do? Nothing! They rolled up their sleeves and left.

Around twenty people were left. Lin Feng still drew everybody’s attention.

Among those twenty people were Song Yuan, Feng Gu, Tang Ye, and the one-armed Duan Zhe Dao, but they were much farther behind.

In front of them all was a white-bearded old man. The old man in front of Duan Zhe Dao seemed extremely aggressive and was at the same cultivation level as Su Zi, the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

That was also why those people could resist Su Zi’s strength. In front of Tang Ye was a short old man. He looked kind and composed. With his eyes almost closed, he looked like a ghost. Lin Feng could see that that old man was extraordinary.

He looked discreet and inoffensive, but how could he be ordinary?

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  1. Gray June 9, 2019 at 9:25 pm - Reply

    “They’re beasts…” Lin Feng sighed. He felt so ordinary next to such people. However, he didn’t feel dispirited. Even though they were strong now, how old were they? How old was he?

    Yeah tell it to the New Author, how he mess up with the Cultivating process. And thanks to his ridiculous plot armor that makes you from half-holy Emperor to fourth Holy Spirit Emperor within 1 year.

    1 hundred year might be acceptable considering how the other need hundreds and thousands years to level up 1 time.
    But 1 year to level up 7 times? What the hell, it feels like 10.000 years compressed into 1 year.

    Thirty thousands years ago, a war broke in eastern region, and that time the spiritual region leader has the power of second or third Holy Spirit Emperor, and tell me again how many times that dude level up within Thirty thousands years? Hahahha.. Pathetic forced speed.

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