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Chapter 270: Studying Life and Death Dao

Chapter 270: Studying Life and Death Dao

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“Half-Godly Emperors all have an aura?” Lin Feng looked at the three silhouettes surrounded by dazzling golden lights. They looked inspirational.

“Yes, Half-Godly Emperors can have an original aura. That kind of aura also has a protective purpose. It’s one of the reasons why people admire Half-Godly Emperors,” said Yan Di, looking quite grave and serious.

Lin Feng felt even more determined. He wanted to become a Half-Godly Emperor!… Of course, he wanted to become a real Godly Emperor, too, but step by step…

“Alright, let’s go up. Meng Qing must be worried,” said Yan Di coughing before smiling.

Lin Feng nodded and they flew towards the top of the mountain. This time, nobody attacked them. Who would dare attack after what had happened?


Lin Feng and Yan Di arrived at the top of the mountain. Meng Qing was relieved when she saw that Lin Feng was safe and sound.

When Lin Feng saw Meng Qing’s pale face, he felt relieved for her. He clasped her hand and hugged her.

“Alright, you two, come here. I will announce the purpose of the Three Gods’ Meeting,” proclaimed Su Zi, watching Yan Di and Lin Feng arrive.

Everybody looked at Su Zi. The Three Gods’ Meeting was a great opportunity, at least as interesting as searching ancient sites and graves.

“Uncle Assassin God wants to recruit disciples. Therefore, if he notices you, you might be able to become his disciple. That way, you’d become one of the Three Gods’ disciple,” said Su Zi, glancing at the crowd. When he saw Lin Feng, he looked cold again. From such a long distance, Lin Feng also sensed the chill, but he didn’t understand why Su Zi was so hostile.

He had never offended Su Zi, so what was wrong with him? Lin Feng didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. Lin Feng was convinced that Su Zi wouldn’t dare provoke him too much in front of the Three Gods. Besides, even if he attacked, Yan Di would help!

Yan Di now had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and could easily resist Su Zi. Lin Feng couldn’t accept getting helped by strangers, but Yan Di was different. They had gone through so much together. They were old friends, like family members.

Everybody was stupefied when they heard Su Zi. The Three Gods looked dignified and majestic up there. Song Yuan and Feng Gu’s eyes twinkled, as if they had a well thought-out plan. They all thought the Assassin God was going to recruit them as disciples!

Tang Ye smiled indifferently. He wasn’t even listening to Su Zi, he was chatting with the short old man.

The others all stared at the Three Gods. Becoming one of the gods’ disciples was an incredible opportunity!

Who would dare offend the Three Gods’ disciples? If that happened, the Three Gods would kill their enemies directly!

Some other people looked extremely excited. They could already imagine themselves as disciples of the Assassin God.

“Su Zi, come back. Uncle will choose disciples himself,” a voice called out. A tall, sturdy man in black clothes appeared. He had a gigantic golden broadsword in his left hand, and a half-crazed expression.

“Zhu Deng Si, oh my… I’m not dreaming.”

“The seventh cultivator of the Gods’ List. Oh gods… Even if I can’t become the Assassin God’s disciple, I saw Zhu Deng Si today. Amazing.”

“Wow, Zhu Deng Si is here…”

When some people saw Zhu Deng Si, they gasped in amazement and admiration. Lin Feng glanced at the tall and sturdy man. Zhu Deng Si… That ordinary looking man was the seventh cultivator on the Gods’ List?

Lin Feng also looked at him in admiration. That man was in the top ten of the Gods’ List… with his current strength, Lin Feng didn’t qualify to be in the top fifty of the list.

“Understood, my friend,” Su Zi said, when Zhu Deng Si appeared of the top of the mountain. He retreated back near Yue Zhi.

Strength was more important than anything, Zhu Deng Si was younger than Su Zi, but he could talk to him as if he were the elder.

Su Zi had a special position, but he had to lower his head in front of Zhu Deng Si. Strength was power!

Su Zi and Yue Zhi withdrew behind the Three Gods, who then took things in hand. Golden lights flashed at the top of the mountain. When the lights dispersed, people finally saw the Assassin God’s face.

He looked like a forty-year old man, wearing a golden robe with black threads on it. His eyebrows were arched and made him look intimidating. An ancient word flashed in his third eye, the word ASSASSIN.

The Assassin God made a gesture. Everybody, including Lin Feng, felt as if their souls had been torn apart. They all became exhausted in the blink of an eye, and were covered with sweat. It was like they were crossing the Gate of Hell.

The Assassin God was too strong. They were all outstanding people, but in front of him, they felt weak.

But Lin Feng didn’t try to resist; he let the strength penetrate into his body, even if it could be dangerous.

Crossing the Gate of Hell excited Lin Feng!

Even though his life and death Dao was already level five, he needed to understand death Dao a little bit better. The Assassin God’s deadly determination could easily kill Lin Feng, which excited him!

Relying on danger, Lin Feng could cultivate. Lin Feng didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Therefore, as everybody was struggling to resist, Lin Feng let it go. He faced the Assassin God and sat down cross-legged. He put his hands on his knees and closed his eyes. The deadly energies rolled in waves around Lin Feng.


When the Assassin God saw that, he frowned. Lin Feng was meditating and studying his deadly energies! The Assassin God’s eyes twinkled.

He pursed his lips and continued releasing terrifying energies. Outside of Foggy Mountain, beasts fell down and howled in pain.

At the top of the mountain, a dozen people collapsed crawling to the ground. Their faces were deathly pale, and they were shaking violently. Their seven apertures started bleeding.

“You don’t deserve to be my disciples. Piss off,” scoffed the Assassin God. He slapped out and they flew away, crashing to the ground far away from Foggy Mountain. Nobody knew if they were still alive.

Yan Di was alarmed. That was a Half-Godly Emperor’s strength… one slap and a dozen cultivators of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor were blown away!

The Assassin God looked more and more like a scary murderer. Yan Di coughed up blood, his face paling. Lin Feng’s eyes were closed, he was smiling while meditating. Yan Di shook his head wryly.

“Little boy, you stay here, I don’t want to die,” said Yan Di. He flashed away, leaving Foggy Mountain.

Meng Qing’s face was also deathly pale. She didn’t want to leave Lin Feng, though.

When the Assassin God saw Meng Qing like that, he smiled and said, “Good girl, she’s a perfect match for that young man.”

He raised his left hand and the deadly energies around Meng Qing disappeared, restoring her color. However, the deadly energies around Lin Feng became ten times worse.

Lin Feng’s heart was beating faster and faster. His face began to distort under the pressure.

The Assassin God grunted, Lin Feng was challenging him. He continued releasing even more energies.

But Lin Feng was like the statue of a Demon God, remaining motionless. He was meditating peacefully, studying life and death.

Lin Feng’s reaction drew the two other gods’ attention. The Strength God and the Sword God glanced at each other and smiled.

“That young man is making all the others lose face. Hahaha!”

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