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Chapter 272: Get Down!

Chapter 272: Get Down!

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“I already have a teacher, that’s why I can’t accept a new teacher, Master Assassin God,” said Lin Feng. He knew that if he said something wrong, the Assassin God would kill him instantly, but Lin Feng still told him the truth.

Everybody was speechless. Lin Feng had a teacher? Was that teacher as strong as the Three Gods? He clearly didn’t know how to differentiate good from bad.

People down the mountain didn’t dare make fun of Lin Feng again, though. If they did, the Assassin God would probably kill them.

The Assassin God frowned and said unhappily, “Who’s your teacher?”

“Emperor Yu,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist respectfully, neither haughtily nor humbly.

The Assassin God frowned even more, having never heard of such a person in the Continent of the Gods, he shook his head and asked again, “How strong is he?”

“Master, if my teacher is still alive, he must be a Holy Spirit Emperor now,” replied Lin Feng honestly.

What Lin Feng said surprised many people. The Sword God and the Strength God looked at Lin Feng angrily. Lin Feng was humiliating the Assassin God!?

How could Lin Feng say a Holy Spirit Emperor was his teacher, and refuse to have a Half-Godly Emperor as his teacher?

“Hmph! I’ll kill that young man for you, fellow disciple!” shouted the Strength God suddenly while throwing his fist. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength surround him, and had the impression he was about to die. He couldn’t do anything, he could only watch that punch come towards him.

Meng Qing’s expression changed drastically. She wanted to fly to Lin Feng, even if she couldn’t save him, at least, they’d die together. But Yan Di jumped out and grabbed Meng Qing, dragging her back. He threw a purple golden talisman towards the Strength God.

The Strength God frowned. His punch’s direction changed, moving towards the talisman. They collided; the talisman shook, but nothing happened to it.

The Strength God frowned. Then, he raised his left hand and drew the talisman towards him. He looked at it and saw Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty written on it. Suddenly, he looked a bit nervous.

The Assassin God didn’t pay attention to the Strength God’s reaction, he was clenching his fists. If the Strength God’s punch had reached Lin Feng, he would have saved Lin Feng. He didn’t want Lin Feng to die.

But Yan Di had moved first. Not bad, the Assassin God was happy about that. If he had saved Lin Feng, he would have humiliated both himself and the Strength God.

The Assassin God looked at Lin Feng and noticed Lin Feng’s face was pale. He felt oppressed and was out of breath. He didn’t look scared, so the Assassin God was relieved. Lin Feng was even using this dangerous moment to study life and death even more.

Life can be sad, but in death, one is never sad. Because Lin Feng thought that way, he wasn’t afraid of death.

“Lin Feng, you’re telling me that your teacher is just a Holy Spirit Emperor, so why don’t you want to accept me as a teacher? I am the leader of the Three Gods, I am the Assassin God. If you accept me as a teacher, nobody will dare bully you, you know?”

“What? Could it be that you didn’t think about those things?” asked the Assassin God after remaining silent for a few seconds.

Lin Feng felt a bit guilty when he heard the Assassin God. He understood that the Assassin God really wanted to recruit him as a disciple, he seemed like an honest man… but Lin Feng couldn’t betray Emperor Yu, so he said without the least hesitation, “Master, you’re right.

“You’re the leader of the Three Gods, you’re a supreme cultivator, you’re extremely strong, in the Central Continent, not many people can compete with you.

“But think about it; without Emperor Yu, I would have never become who I am today. If I accept you as my teacher, it will be helpful for me in the future, indeed. But I can’t forget people who helped me at the very beginning on the path of cultivation. That’s why I have no choice but to refuse.

“I know that you’re angry, Master, but by doing this, it’s also a way of respecting you. I don’t think of my personal interests first. This is not a selfish decision.

“What is the purpose of becoming extremely strong if one is selfish and has no moral values?”

The Assassin God, the Strength God, and the Sword God all remained silent. They didn’t look as angry anymore.

The strong cultivators of the Group of Six at the foot of Foggy Mountain looked amused. To them, Lin Feng was just a moron. What a piece of trash…

After long minutes, the Assassin God finally raised his head. He didn’t look angry anymore, a bit sad possibly, but also admiring. He smiled and nodded, “You’re right. I understand you. You don’t need to accept me as a teacher.”

“Thank you very much for understanding me, Master,” said Lin Feng bowing hand over fist and smiling happily.

“Yes, even though not being able to recruit you as my direct disciple is regretful for both you and me, here is my talisman. It contains a deployment spell. If you’re in danger, you can use it and I will immediately appear in front of you and save you.”

“That’s my reward to you for being honest,” said the Assassin God. He raised his left hand, and burning talisman immediately penetrated into Lin Feng’s ring. Nobody saw exactly what the talisman looked like.

Lin Feng felt extremely grateful.

“Thank you very much for your kindness, Master. I cannot thank you enough,” said Lin Feng clenching his fists and bowing again.

“Yes, also, that’s a godly technique. Even though Holy Spirit Emperors don’t really care about skills, techniques, and so on, if you don’t study a godly technique, you’ll always be a Holy Spirit Emperor…

“Alright, anyway, young man, take care. That godly technique is your talisman now. If you want to study it, open it in half a day. If you don’t want to study it, it will disappear in one day.

“Go down now. The three of us need a rest,” ordered the Assassin God impatiently. The Sword God, the Strength God, and the Assassin God turned around, lights flashed, and they disappeared without leaving any Qi behind.

Nobody dared disobey the Assassin God’s order. Everybody flew away from Foggy Mountain, including Song Yuan and Feng Gu.


Only Lin Feng, Tang Ye, the short old man and a few others remained behind.

“Let’s go,” said Yan Di, coughing and smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he was worried about Meng Qing. Meng Qing smiled at him, she was fine. Lin Feng was relieved.

“Let’s go. Brother Tian Chi, Brother Ruo Xie, Brother Zhuge,” said Lin Feng to the three people. Zhuge Hao Nan ground his teeth, but at the same time, he was even more curious about Lin Feng.

Yan Di led the way, and they all left Foggy Mountain and flew in the direction of the Central Continent.

They were three hundred kilometers away from the very center of the Central Continent.

“Brother Lin Feng, can we travel together?”

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