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Chapter 273: Hand Your Talisman Over?

Chapter 273: Hand Your Talisman Over?

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At that moment, Tang Ye and the short old man up ran behind Lin Feng. Tang Ye smiled at him.

Lin Feng nodded kindly, “Of course, we’re friends now. Haha!”

“Haha, yes, Brother Lin, don’t think we’re a burden. Hehe!” replied Tang Ye, laughing wholeheartedly.

“Haha, if you’re not afraid I could be a burden, then it’s perfect!” said Lin Feng, joking as well. They glanced at Feng Gu and Song Yuan.

Tang Ye laughed, saying nothing but understanding. They flew away together.

A short after Lin Feng left, golden lights flashed at the top of Foggy Mountain again. The Strength God was holding Yan Di’s talisman. He gave it to the Assassin God.

The Assassin God glanced at the talisman and smiled strangely. “Interesting. That young man is more complex than I thought.”

“Brother, could it be that the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty wants to recruit followers?” asked the Sword God.

The Assassin God shook his head indifferently and answered coldly, “So what? We are just independent gods. We don’t need to pay attention to everything the groups of the Continent of the Gods do.

“Let’s go back,” said the Assassin God, rolling up his sleeves and disappearing from Foggy Mountain.

The Strength God laughed loudly and disappeared too. The Sword God looked grave and serious. He sighed and said to Su Zi, “Su Zi, don’t blame Uncle Assassin God. Back then, you were extraordinarily talented, but there was still a tiny little something you needed. But as your teacher, I am extremely satisfied, keep up the good work. I am convinced that you will be in the top five sooner or later!”

“Thank you very much, Teacher. I will continue working hard,” said Su Zi, bowing hand over fist and lowering his head.

The Sword God smiled in a sinister way before also leaving Foggy Mountain.

When the Sword God disappeared, Su Zi lost his smile. He was furious, his eyes were filled with murder. He looked in the direction Lin Feng had disappeared.

“Hmph! A random cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, why the hell would the Assassin God think highly of someone like you?

“Hmph, Lin Feng, you better not bump into me anytime, otherwise…” swore Su Zi. His eyes were bloodshot with rage.


“Lin Feng , when we get past that mountain over there, we’ll be in the Central Continent. I hope we’ll be able to see each other again.”

It was evening, and Lin Feng and the others were drawing close to a mountain range. Tang Ye and Lin Feng were chatting and smiling.

“We will meet. In the City of Gods, I’ll come to the Gods Clan to see you,” Lin Feng promised.

Tang Ye nodded back. The short old man behind him looked very satisfied. It was good for Tang Ye to have friends like Lin Feng. Tang Ye was lucky that he had bumped into him. In the future, Lin Feng would probably become extremely strong, and Tang Ye would benefit from such friendships.

Of course, if Lin Feng was in danger and nobody was willing to save him, they wouldn’t take that risk either. Therefore, for someone like Tang Ye, there was no harm, only advantages!

“It’s a deal, Brother Lin, haha!” replied Tang Ye, laughing wholeheartedly. He clapped Lin Feng’s shoulders and got ready to fly away. However, Lin Feng stopped him, looking thoughtful.

Tang Ye was a bit surprised, his teacher and he both looked at Lin Feng. In the forest, some deadly energies emerged. The short old man frowned coldly.

“It seems someone is spying on Lin Feng, eh?” said the old man, smiling icily.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He gazed into the distance. At that moment, Meng Qing, Yan Di, Zhuge Hao Nan, and the others converged on Lin Feng and looked at the forest coldly.

“Stop hiding and come out. Aren’t you ashamed to hide like that to set an ambush for Lin Feng?!” shouted Tang Ye’s teacher, breaking the silence.

People poured out of the forest, all smiling mockingly. They were now a hundred meters away from Lin Feng.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you’re surprisingly relying on the old man of the Gods Clan to protect you. Impressive,” shouted Feng Gu icily.

“Hehe, even though the Gods Clan is one of the strongest clans in the Group of Six, the Sealing Clan is not afraid. The Unicorn Sect is not afraid, either. You think you can resist us?” added Feng Gu with a sneer. All them looked like predators looking at prey, like they could easily kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked them over coldly. Many of them were from the Sealing Clan and the Unicorn Sect. Feng Gu and his teacher represented the Sealing Clan, Song Yuan and his teacher represented the Unicorn Sect. There were also members of the Jewels Celestial Sect.

The chief disciple of the Jewels Celestial Sect used to be Duan Zhe Dao, but Lin Feng had killed him. Duan Zhe Dao’s teacher had also escaped after losing against Lin Feng and Yan Di. Therefore, the members of the Jewels Celestial Sect who were there were not as important, but they were even more furious.

“Hehe, the Sealing Clan and the Unicorn Sect want to join hands to kill me?” said Lin Feng smiling icily. He wasn’t afraid at all. On the contrary, he smiled mockingly back at them.

If he had still had the strength of the fourth Holy Spirit Emperor, he would have thought twice before reacting like this, but he was now a cultivator of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He could now hurt or even kill some cultivators of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Feng Gu and Song Yuan couldn’t compete with him at all. Their teachers were Lin Feng’s real opponents, both old men of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

But Lin Feng also had Yan Di with him, so they were sure to win.

Therefore, they were fools. But since they wanted to die, Lin Feng was going to help them.

Lin Feng’s mocking smile infuriated Song Yuan and Feng Gu even more. They ground their teeth and shouted furiously, “Hand the talisman over if you don’t want to die, and stop talking shit!”

“Talisman? Hehe, you came for the Assassin God’s talisman? But what could you do with it?” asked Lin Feng disdainfully.

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