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Chapter 275: Birth of a Buddha Technique

Chapter 275: Birth of a Buddha Technique

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“Tang Cheng Gang, mind your own business, will ya?”

“Hehe, Feng Yi Yuan, I am traveling with Little Lin Feng, and you’re causing trouble. If I don’t help him, it will have a negative impact on me and my little disciple’s trip.”

“Hmph! Are you sure you want to stick your nose in my business?” said Feng Yi Yuan, Feng Gu’s father. He looked at Tang Cheng Gang, Tang Ye’s teacher, ferociously.

“Hehe, what if I do?” said Tang Cheng Gang, smiling indifferently and stroking his beard. He seemed amused.

Feng Yi Yuan looked at him darkly. Then he looked at Song Yuan’s teacher and bowed hand over fist, “Song Luo Yun, Brother Song, the tensions between that son of a bitch and your disciple are such that one of them has to die. If we let that son of a bitch…”

“Alright, I understand. I’ll go and fight against Tang Cheng Gang, you take care of that young man,” said Song Luo Yun before Feng Yi Yuan finished his sentence. Then he charged forwards at Tang Cheng Gang.

“Tang Cheng Gang, show me how much you’ve regressed in the last hundred years!” exclaimed Song Luo Yun, throwing a punch aiming at Tang Cheng Gang’s chest.

“Hmph! I will disappoint you, I’m afraid,” replied Tang Cheng Gang. He didn’t seem easy to deal with. He leaned on his left leg to move and then threw his fist in the direction of Song Luo Yun’s attack.

Lin Feng didn’t know who was going to win between Song Luo Yun and Tang Cheng Gang.

“Hehe, you little son of a bitch. Tang Cheng Gang can’t do anything for you. How do you think you’re going to escape now?” spat Feng Yi Yuan. He wanted to slaughter Lin Feng and avenge his son’s death.

“Escape? Why would I escape? Why are you so sure I’d want to escape?” said Lin Feng, frowning when he heard Feng Yi Yuan. He looked quite amused.

Feng Yi Yuan looked grim, his eyes filled with fury. “What? Could it be that you think you can defeat me?”

“Hehe. How can we know if we don’t try?” answered Lin Feng, smiling airily, trying to infuriate Feng Yi Yuan. In reply, Feng Yi Yuan threw himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng watched him icily. He raised both fists and punched out at Feng Yi Yuan. Demon Qi as well as brightness strength rolled in waves. Feng Yi Yuan remained wary, but at the same time, he was sure Lin Feng was going to die.

Yan Di didn’t attack, because he had the impression it was the most dangerous moment; he had the impression someone was spying on them from behind and that if he attacked, that person would attack, too!

If Yan Di didn’t attack, the person who was watching them wouldn’t attack, and Lin Feng wouldn’t be under too much pressure.

Yan Di was convinced that there was someone behind because Feng Yi Yuan and the others didn’t seem to be worried about them. One or more people were probably hiding around, and they were probably from the Group of Six.

They were probably extremely strong cultivators of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer!

“Tang Ye, I will teach you a good lesson, what do you think?” shouted Song Yuan furiously at that moment. His eyes filled with flames of fury, which emerged and appeared all around him.

Tang Ye smiled indifferently. He was holding a fan, which he put it away as he raised his left hand, a blue sword appeared and lightning appeared all around him.

The flames and the lightning collided.

The battle became chaotic. Zhuge Hao Nan wasn’t idle either, as a strong cultivator of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer from the Unicorn Sect had attacked him.

Ruo Xie and Tian Chi were fighting against two cultivators of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer from the Jewels Celestial Sect. Meng Qing was fighting against the two kings of the Jewels Celestial Sect, King Blue and King White. They couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, so they decided to try and hurt Lin Feng’s wife. They hoped they’d be able to kill her, so Lin Feng would be devastated.

However, it was a mistake, because Meng Qing was extremely strong. Lin Feng wasn’t even sure he was able to defeat her…

Therefore, Meng Qing instantly bombarded King Blue and King White and flung them away. The entire area became ice-cold.

Explosions rent the air. Energies rolled in waves all around the mountains and forests. Lin Feng and Feng Yi Yuan’s battle was extremely fierce. Lin Feng was really getting into that battle. He was now convinced he could compete with a cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Feng Yi Yuan was more and more surprised, because Lin Feng could match him even though he only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. If Lin Feng broke through to the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, apart from Half-Godly Emperors, who would be able to compete with him?

That made him come to the conclusion that he really could not let this young man grow too strong, or he would pose a threat to the Sealing Clan someday. Besides, he had killed his only son! Feng Yi Yuan really could not let Lin Feng off!

Thinking about that, Feng Yi Yuan shouted furiously. His eyes were bloodshot, the veins in arms were pumped up, his muscles twitching. His whole body was distorted with hatred and fury.

“What the…” Tang Cheng Gang punched Song Luo Yun and pushed him away. When he saw Feng Yi Yuan’s face, his expression suddenly changed nervously.

“Haha! Brother Feng, you finally studied that godly technique. You’re definitely going to win that battle then!”

“Haha, Tang Cheng Gang, what will you do when Lin Feng is dead?” said Song Luo Yun smugly. He threw a punch at Tang Cheng Gang again. Tang Cheng Gang was very nervous, but when he saw that Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, he was a bit relieved and focused on Song Luo Yun.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you made me use the godly technique of the Sealing Clan, this is how I will kill you. You can be proud because it’s the first time I have used it in a real battle. I have to admit that you’re a real genius. If you had had the opportunity to grow stronger, you would have definitely have had the chance to reach the top of the Continent of the Gods.

“Unfortunately, you’re not a friend of the Sealing Clan. I have no choice but to get rid of you, besides…”

Feng Yi Yuan looked at Lin Feng ferociously, ground his teeth and shouted, “Besides, you killed my son, I must avenge him!

“So, die now!”

The explosion tore at the sky. Two arms which were powerful enough to destroy the attack appeared in front of Lin Feng and took him away.

They dragged him away so fast that Lin Feng’s clothes fluttered in the wind. That strength could easily kill a cultivator of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

When Yan Di saw that, he clenched his fists, he could sense danger coming, and got ready to attack.

However, at that moment, someone shouted icily, “Hmph! Your opponent is me!” Everybody frowned. A middle-aged man in blue clothes had appeared in front of Yan Di.

“Eh? It’s you?”

“Stop talking shit and fight!” said the middle-aged man, and immediately threw his hand at Yan Di. Lin Feng was in danger!

Meng Qing jumped and landed next to Lin Feng. She didn’t look scared at all when she saw those two hundred meter arm illusions.

“Meng Qing, move!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was extremely worried.

“No!” said Meng Qing shaking her head. She wasn’t afraid.

“Meng Qing, trust me, trust your darling!” shouted Lin Feng, pushing her. A talisman appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Feng Yi Yuan’s face paled when he saw that; it was the Assassin God’s talisman! If Lin Feng called the Assassin God, what would happen to Feng Yi Yuan?

Everybody paled as Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He threw a punch at the talisman and it broke apart. Ancient words penetrated into Lin Feng’s celestial spirit!

Lin Feng trembled. The Assassin God’s silhouette appeared in Lin Feng’s brain and spoke.

“Lin Feng, I was really happy to see you. You made the right decision. You decided not to rely on me to escape from danger. This technique is called the “Birth of a Buddha”.”

“Birth of a Buddha?” From that name alone, Lin Feng was convinced that that technique was extraordinary.

“Indeed, Birth of a Buddha. It’s a top-class technique, one of the ten best godly techniques. You don’t learn it and practice it in a traditional way. See if you understand what that means.

“Young man, if you want to become a truly strong cultivator, you need a Buddha’s heart, it’s all up to you now.”

Lin Feng felt like his head had exploded. He came back to his senses, his face was extremely pale, but at the same time, he was incredibly happy. Maybe some people were unable to understand what that Buddha technique was, but Lin Feng…?

There was probably nobody who could understand it better than him.

Life and death, boom and bust, ups and downs, luxuriating and withering, heaven and earth, the sun and the moon…

Buddha, it represented the ten thousand things of creation and their opposites.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled confidently. Some stars appeared and twinkled in the sky. The moon, the sun, the five elements, demon Qi, Lin Feng released all the sorts of energies and strengths he understood.

Everybody was astonished, including Yan Di and the middle-aged man, because they noticed something had changed about Lin Feng.

“Birth of a Buddha?”

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      You just read it. Buddha and Demon are two sides of the same coin. Extreme opposites. That’s why Buddhist cultivators and become Demons and learn Demon techniques and vice-versa. Buddhist cultivation is understanding the ‘Ten Thousand things of Creation’ and their opposites.

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