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Chapter 276: Already Famous in The City of Gods

Chapter 276: Already Famous in The City of Gods

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“As expected, the Assassin God chose him.” The middle-aged man’s expression changed drastically. He punched Yan Di one more time, forcing him away, and then disappeared.

Lin Feng condensed more and more energies, but he was wielding the Birth of a Buddha technique, so his energies were becoming more and more dangerous. His energies were so terrifying that they crushed Feng Yi Yuan’s arms, and it wasn’t over yet.

The strength of the Birth of a Buddha technique washed out for dozens of li around. Everybody could sense how scary the energies were. A second later, a gigantic white light ball appeared, a dozen meters across.

Many people who were fighting Lin Feng ran away, but the energies killed them. Feng Yi Yuan’s face was ghastly pale. He managed to run away, but Song Luo Yun wasn’t that lucky. Tang Cheng Gang followed him and dragged him back so that the white lights could reach him. He was mauled by them and crashed onto the ground, coughing up blood.

Song Yuan was blown away, too. He also coughed blood. His teacher and he were now lying on the ground, bleeding and coughing.

“Teacher, hurry up and run!” shouted Song Yuan, his expression dropping. He didn’t care about the Unicorn Sect anymore, he grabbed Song Luo Yun and broke a talisman, disappearing from the mountainous forest.

When Feng Yi Yuan saw the two disappear, he also wanted to break a talisman, but Lin Feng smiled wickedly. He raised one finger and pointed at him.

“You think you can escape?” Lin Feng said mockingly.

Feng Yi Yuan suddenly sensed a terrible pain. He lowered his head as it became white as a sheet of paper. His legs were bleeding. He could see his bones sticking out.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU SON OF A BITCH, LIN FENG, I WILL KILL YOU!” Feng Yi Yuan was losing his senses; he went into a frenzy and threw himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng continued using the strength of the Birth of a Buddha, sharp white lights appeared again and Feng Yi Yuan’s body exploded.


The elder of the Sealing Clan was dead. He would never pester Lin Feng again!

Lin Feng didn’t know that Feng Yi Yuan had a really good reputation in The City of Gods. Everybody knew about him in the Group of Six… but Lin Feng had killed him, Feng Yi Yuan, Duan Zhe Dao… Lin Feng would become famous in The City of Gods too, before even reaching it.

From that moment on, that unnamed mountain would be called Mountain of the Sealings’ Collapse, because so many members of the Sealing Clan had fallen there.

That mountain would become a symbol of the humiliation the Sealing Clan had endured. The disciples of the Sealing Clan wouldn’t come here ever again.

“Master Assassin God, I will remember your kindness forever, thank you for the Birth of a Buddha technique,” said Lin Feng, glancing around at all the corpses. Apart from Song Luo Yun and Song Yuan, everybody had died.

Lin Feng realized how extraordinary the Birth of a Buddha technique was. It was indeed one of the ten best godly techniques, a supreme treasure!

“Alright, everybody is safe and sound, let’s continue!” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly.

Ruo Xie and the others were alright. In the end, the most stupefied ones were Tang Cheng Gang and Tang Ye, especially Tang Cheng Gang. Lin Feng was just too stupefying!

He knew how strong Feng Yi Yuan was. Even though Tang Cheng Gang could have defeated him, he wouldn’t have been able to kill him. However, Lin Feng had done so! Even though he had relied on the Birth of a Buddha technique, it still proved that Lin Feng was extraordinary.

He was a real genius. Tang Cheng Gang was relieved because he had made the right decision. If he had been short-sighted like the Unicorn Sect and the Sealing Clan, his disciple and he would have ended up the same way.

“Hehe, little friend. You’re amazing!” said Tang Cheng Gang, smiling calmly and bowing hand over fist.

“You’re flattering me. You helped me so much; thank you, Master,” said Lin Feng, also bowing hand over fist modestly and humbly. Tang Cheng Gang smiled in approval. Lin Feng was a good young man.

Lin Feng knew that Tang Cheng Gang was happy to know him because he was a talented young man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared offend the Unicorn Sect and the Sealing Clan.

But Lin Feng also knew that Tang Ye was honest and kind, and he was happy to have such people as friends. Tang Cheng Gang was Tang Ye’s teacher, so he also thought about such things. Lin Feng could trust them.

“Brother Lin, your Birth of a Buddha technique is amazing. Even though I am the chief disciple of the Gods Clan, I only have a third-class godly technique.” said Tang Ye, looking at Lin Feng in admiration. He glanced at Tang Cheng Gang.

Tang Cheng Gang sighed and asked, “Young man, do you know how precious godly techniques are?”

“Bah! You’re selfish. You keep the best things for yourself and give me the bad ones,” Tang Ye laughed jokingly. Tang Cheng Gang flushed.

He really kept the best things for himself, actually, but it was also because Tang Ye wasn’t the most talented disciple he could have.

“But I know one thing,” said Tang Ye suddenly, smiling at Tang Cheng Gang.

“What?” asked Tang Cheng Gang, curious.

“Hehe, I am not your son, otherwise you would give me the best things, hahahahaha!” said Tang Ye, bursting into laughter. He was making fun of Feng Yi Yuan and Feng Gu.

Tang Cheng Gang was speechless. He flashed ahead, flying away. “I’ll wait for you there.”

“Brother Lin, let’s go too. We can talk while flying,” said Tang Ye, chuckling.

Lin Feng nodded, taking Meng Qing’s hand and glancing at Yan Di and his friends. Zhuge Hao Nan nodded and smiled.

“Let’s go.” They all flew after Tang Cheng Gang.


It took them half a day to arrive in the City of Gods. Many people in the Central Continent dreamt of living in the City of Gods.

When they arrived in the city, Lin Feng was astonished. It was completely different from other parts of the Central Continent. Lin Feng was actually amazed. The buildings there were all made of pale jade, not bluestone. Some buildings were even made of dark gold!

It was a rich city, the City of Gods!

Lin Feng walked down the street, amazed that the road was thirty meters wide. It really did look like a rich place. He realized he had never seen such an incredible place.

“Haha, Lin Feng, are you alright? You seem stunned!” laughed Tang Ye. He could see Lin Feng was amazed.

Lin Feng smiled wryly.

Only Lin Feng and Tian Chi were amazed. Meng Qing didn’t care for it. She imagined the pale gold as snow. She loved a snowy winter.

Yan Di was from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, so he didn’t care about a tiny little city like the City of Gods. Ruo Xie and Zhuge Hao Nan were disciples of the Du Hu Government, they were used to such landscapes.

Only Lin Feng and Tian Chi were amazed.

“Hehe, this place is amazing. Only strong people come here,” said Zhuge Hao Nan, smiling expectantly. He rolled up his sleeves and walked ahead.

Lin Feng didn’t ask much. He knew that the City of Gods was a symbol of strength and power.

“Hey, have you heard of that guy called Lin Feng? He finished second at the Top-Class Great Competition and he killed Duan Zhe Dao, Feng Yi Yuan, and Feng Gu!”

“Duan Zhe Dao and Feng Gu, well… but Feng Yi Yuan…? Twenty-seventh of the Gods’ List? So does it mean that Lin Feng is now 25th on the Gods’ List?”

“Who said he wasn’t? I’ve heard that the Sealing Clan and the Unicorn Sect are already getting ready to send troops to fight against Lin Feng.”

“Hehe! I wonder where that Lin Feng comes from? It was like he has risen from one day to another. All of a sudden, he’s famous in the City of Gods.”

“Have you heard of the East?”

“The East? That shitty territory?”


On the way, Lin Feng heard people talking. Some of them were talking about him and the fact that he had killed Feng Yi Yuan, 25th on the Gods’ List. It meant that he was already 25th on the Gods’ List now, but of course, it was just temporary.

“Hehe! Brother Lin, you became famous in the City of Gods before even getting here…”

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