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Chapter 277: Going to Sword Mountain

Chapter 277: Going to Sword Mountain

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When Tang Ye heard the people, he had to tease Lin Feng.

The City of Gods wasn’t an easy ranking list to be on. Only very talented disciples and elders could be on it. Therefore, when the rankings changed, people naturally talked about them, especially when someone unknown like Lin Feng killed the 25th cultivator on the list.

Lin Feng hadn’t known Feng Yi Yuan was so strong. 25th on the Gods’ List… that was significant. Lin Feng wanted to say something, but kept it to himself.

“Brother Tang, you’re going to make fun of me, but I don’t really understand how things work here,” admitted Lin Feng, shaking his head.

Tang Cheng Gang and Tang Ye nodded. They knew that Feng Yi Yuan was 25th, but they hadn’t told Lin Feng, or he might have felt pressured.

But the teacher and the disciple could see that even if Lin Feng had known that, he would have killed Feng Yi Yuan without any hesitation. Lin Feng hadn’t intended to let Feng Yi Yuan live, anyway!

“Alright, we’re going to part ways now. Brother Lin, come to see us when you have time. We’re going back to the Gods Clan. We’re need to get ready for Feng Qi Mountain’s Great Competition. See you!” said Tang Ye when they arrived at an intersection. Teacher and disciple said their goodbyes to him

“Alright, take care. See you.” Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and wished them a safe journey.

Lin Feng watched Tang Cheng Gang and his teacher walk away slowly, and gradually disappear from his field of vision.

Lin Feng then looked around.

“Brother Ruo Xie, Brother Zhuge, you also need to go back to the Du Hu Government, I guess. The members of the Group of Six went back already, so you should also go back to your government,” said Lin Feng.

Ruo Xie nodded. Zhuge Hao Nan rolled up his sleeves and said coolly, “I’m not going back. Ruo Xie, you go back alone.”

“Brother, what do you want to do?” asked Ruo Xie. What else could Zhuge Hao Nan want to do?

“Don’t worry, bro. I’ll be at the Feng Qi Mountain’s Great Competition in two months.”

“During these two months, practice hard. We’ll fight for the Du Hu Government then,” Zhuge Hao Nan said to Ruo Xie.

Ruo Xie nodded indifferently and said, “I will do my best.”

“Alright, Brother Ruo Xie, you can go back. I’m going to sort out some things,” said Zhuge Hao Nan. He said goodbye to Lin Feng and disappeared into the depths of the magnificent city.

“Little Lin Feng, I’m off. We’ll see each other again soon,” said Ruo Xie, bowing hand over fist. He didn’t feel like parting with Lin Feng, but they had no choice. They all had things to do.

“Alright, Brother Ruo Xie, take care,” replied Lin Feng. He was sad too, watching as Ruo Xie disappeared into the depths of the city as well.

Only Tian Chi, Meng Qing, and Yan Di were still there.

“Young man, you can’t come to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, because you’re too weak. You need to have the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer at least. I will recommend you then,” Yan Di frowned. He said things honestly since those remaining, Meng Qing and Tian Chi, were trustworthy.

“Old buddy, thank you. Don’t worry about me. Take care of yourself,” Lin Feng smiled.

Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t blame Yan Di for saying that. Yan Di was an ordinary cultivator of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, after all. He wasn’t the leader here, like he was of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Yes, where are you going now? You should get close to an influential group now, don’t wander around aimlessly,” Yan Di frowned. He was worried about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and took out Patriarch Zi Jian’s talisman. He smiled and said, “It’s the talisman of the Sword Sect. I can go there.”

“But you..,” said Yan Di. He wanted to say something, but Lin Feng was smiling broadly.

“I know what you want to say. Indeed, even though there are tensions between Lu Li and me, it doesn’t mean that I offended the Sword Sect. Lu Li is a nobody.

“Besides, I am going to greet Mister Li Jian and Mister Geng Fu. I just arrived here and I am already famous, so…” Lin Feng smiled.

Yan Di hmphed and said, “What you want to say is that you just arrived in the Central Continent, you’re already 25th in the City of Gods, and that nobody will dare offend you? If the Sword Mountain’s leader isn’t stupid, he won’t cause you trouble? And he will accept you because of Zi Jian?”

“Indeed, that’s exactly what I think. Therefore, going to the Sword Mountain is the best thing I can do, old buddy,” Lin Feng nodded with a grin.

Yan Di didn’t say much, he just looked at Meng Qing and sighed. “Meng Qing, if this young man does anything foolish, punish him.”

“Don’t worry, Master. I am his wife. I won’t let him do anything foolish or dangerous,” said Meng Qing charmingly. She looked cold, but anyone could see she loved Lin Feng.

Yan Di nodded, said goodbye to Tian Chi, and departed.

Lin Feng took Meng Qing’s hand and said to Tian Chi, “Brother, let’s go to Sword Mountain.”

“Alright, as you wish,” said Tian Chi nodded. They walked away. Tian Chi chanted mantras while walking.

Even though Sword Mountain was called Sword Mountain, it wasn’t at the top of a mountain… but all their members were indeed sword cultivators. They had many swords they had piled up in one place like a mountain, which was why they had called it Sword Mountain.

Sword Mountain wasn’t far from where they were, in the north of the territory. Even though Sword Mountain was part of the Group of Six, it was quite weak. It was fifth, if not sixth, in terms of strength and power.


At night, the air was fresh and cool. Lin Feng and the two others had arrived at the gate of Sword Mountain.

“Who’s there? Do you have an invitation talisman?” asked the patrolling guards.

Lin Feng smiled and took out the purple talisman, saying, “That’s Mister Li Jian’s, as you probably know.”

The disciples looked at the talisman, their expressions changing quickly. They said, “You’re guests of honor invited by Elder Li Jian?! Please come in.”

Tian Chi put his palms together as a sign of respect, then Meng Qing, Lin Feng, and he walked inside.

The disciple was amazed to receive guests of honor invited by Elder Li Jian. They were probably very strong.

At that moment, someone shouted furiously, the disciple looked glum.

“Stop, Meng Jin, you let just anyone come in late in the evening?! What if they harbor evil intentions?!”

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