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Chapter 278: Humiliating Lin Feng

Chapter 278: Humiliating Lin Feng

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A man in blue clothes came out of a tower. He looked about forty years old. He wasn’t very strong, second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but in the East, he would have been considered powerful. In the Center, he was just ordinary.

“Lu Yi, what are you talking about?” Meng Jin frowned angrily.

“Hehe, what am I talking about? You don’t know who those people are and you let them come in? Aren’t you afraid of getting punished by the leader?” responded Lu Yi mockingly.

Meng Jin clenched his fists and shouted furiously, “Lu Yi, stop making unfounded and malicious attacks all the time! You’re just like your older brother Lu Li, you suck! These three people are guests of honor invited by Elder Li Jian, and you dare insult them!”

“Oh? What? Elder Li Jian invited some people? It’s a great event, then! Hehe! Elder Li Jian has been meditating in seclusion for a hundred years, how could he invite anyone?” said Lu Yi mockingly.

He noticed that Lin Feng’s Qi seemed ordinary, he couldn’t see how strong he was, but he didn’t think Lin Feng could be that strong. However, Meng Qing drew his attention. He almost drooled when he looked at her.

“Who are you? How dare you say Mister Li Jian invited you? Guards, come and help me capture those people!” shouted Lu Yi wickedly. Instantly, a dozen people in black clothes came out of the tower. They were all wearing iron armor and had swords, and all cultivators of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“Arrest him,” said Lu Yi, grunting icily. He looked righteous, but when he looked at Meng Qing, he smiled darkly.

“Kill the men directly. And the girl, the girl…” Lu Yi smiled, “Bring the girl to my room! Hehe!”

“Yes, sir!” said the dozen guards in unison, charging at Lin Feng.

His eyes were already bloodshot. When someone humiliated Meng Qing, they usually died. The same thing was going to happen to Lu Yi!

Therefore, Lin Feng got ready to attack and kill Lu Yi, who was coincidentally Lu Li’s younger brother!

“Stop causing trouble, Lu Yi! You’re not the guard of the sect,” said Meng Jin, pulling a long face.

However, Lu Yi just sneered and said, “What? You have a problem?”

“Lu Yi, don’t think that because you’re Lu Li’s brother, you can do whatever you wish. Don’t forget that Lin Feng defeated your brother, and it was a crushing defeat! He was punished by the elders, they put him in the oubliettes for half a month! Have you forgotten about that?” said Meng Jin, clenching his fists in fury. He jumped in front of Lin Feng to protect him, his cheeks red with anger.

“Bastard, you’re just a lackey! Guards, come and tie Meng Jin up. Then let the elders decide how he will be punished!”

“How dare you! My brother isn’t ordinary, either. If you touch me, my brother will not let you off!” shouted Meng Jin angrily. He didn’t intend to move away.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised by the number of disciples there were in Sword Mountain.

“Hehe, you’re completely worthless. You think that you can do whatever you want because you’re friends with Chen Zhan? So what? My brother is Chen Zhan’s fellow disciple! Capture him now!” ordered Lu Yi mockingly.

The dozen guards shouted out and threw themselves at Lin Feng!

“Lu Yi, you bastard!” shouted Meng Jin furiously. He wanted to throw himself at Lu Yi, but Lin Feng prevented him from doing so.

“You…” Meng Jin looked surprised and worried.

“Go back. It’s all because of me. I will solve the issue,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Meng Jin and pushing him aside. Meng Jin sensed a strength push him away, but it didn’t injure him.

Meng Jin realized those three people were probably even more complex than he had thought, or much stronger, at the very least.

“Young man, you’re going to die for trespassing on the territory of Sword Mountain. You will die today. Die!” shouted Lu Yi, smiling gleefully. He could already imagine Lin Feng dead. He had no idea that Lin Feng was strong.

But he was wrong. Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to him. His silhouette flickered, the dozen guards all collapsed instantly and silently. Then, a second later, Lin Feng was standing half a meter away from Lu Yi. Lin Feng raised his left arm and stretched it out, grabbing Lu Yi by the neck.

Lu Yi’s face became deathly pale, his legs were shaking violently. He shouted threateningly, “You… What are you doing? I… I am Lu Li’s biological brother, I…”

“You know Lin Feng?” said Lin Feng, interrupting Lu Yi.

Lu Yi smiled mockingly and said, “I know. A disgraceful son of a bitch who just relies on others or on insignificant victories to threaten other people? The managing elder told my brother to think about it.”

“Oh? Disgraceful?” said Lin Feng. He seemed amused, but he was also furious because this piece of trash had humiliated Meng Qing. Lin Feng couldn’t let him off.

“Hmph! He isn’t as strong as my brother, but he cheated to defeat my brother. My brother told me that if he saw Lin Feng again, he’d crush him and show him how strong he really is.”

“Oh? I see. Hehe! Do you also think that Lin Feng cheated? That he’s weak?” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

Lu Yi nodded and said evilly, “Of course, my brother is extremely strong, he could have easily killed that son of a bitch. I… AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!…”

Lin Feng couldn’t let him off. As he was talking, Lu Yi suddenly sensed a terrifying pain in his chest. His veins were burning like he had needles in his blood.

“You…” Lu Yi looked at Lin Feng furiously. He didn’t dare say anything anymore, Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot and filled with murder.

“I AM Lin Feng, you know?” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Lu Yi’s were wide open, he looked terrified. Meng Jin’s expression changed drastically, he looked extremely happy.

“You… No… I can’t believe it… You can’t be Lin Feng… Impossible… No!…” shouted Lu Yi. He was terrified and kept shaking his head.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. I’ll kill you anyway. I always kill people who humiliate my wife. I will not let you off. Remember to be a good boy in your next life and not to offend me.”


Blood splashed around and stained the tower behind them.

Meng Jin’s eyes were wide open as he stared at Lu Yi’s corpse. What he felt was a mixture of excitement, fright, and happiness. He couldn’t stand Lu Yi at all, but…

Meng Jin raised his head and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked indifferent, not scared at all. It was Lu Li’s younger brother, after all…

Meng Jin couldn’t help but recall the rumors. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of Lu Li!

“You’re really… Brother Lin Feng?”

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