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Chapter 279: I Am Lin Feng, You Have a Problem?

Chapter 279: I Am Lin Feng, You Have a Problem?

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“Your name is Meng Jin?” asked Lin Feng, smiling calmly at the man.

Meng Jin nodded, “Indeed. I am Meng Jin. My brother told me he had seen you.”

“Yes, indeed. I’ve seen your brother before. His name is Meng Ke, right?”

“Brother Lin Feng, let’s go in. I’ll take you to my brother, and Chen Zhan!” said Meng Jin. He was excited to see Lin Feng. What an honor!

Lin Feng smiled patiently and followed Meng Jin. They all entered a big palace.


The news that Lin Feng had killed Lu Yi had already spread all around Sword Mountain. However, many people didn’t know that Lin Feng had killed him. They just knew that Meng Jin had let some people come in and Lu Yi had then been killed. Many people simply didn’t care.

But what about Lu Li? His brother had been killed! Lu Li was one of the chief disciples of Sword Mountain, one of the ten strongest disciples of Sword Mountain. If Lu Li knew that his brother had been killed by someone Meng Jin had let in, how would he react?”

Meng Jin didn’t know what everybody was talking about in Sword Mountain. He was with Lin Feng, Meng Qing, and Tian Chi in a courtyard, going to report what had happened to Meng Ke.

Lin Feng was standing there calmly. Since Uncle Zi Jian had told him to come, Lin Feng had come. He had a strange feeling though, not that he was in danger, it was just strange…

“Lin Feng, you killed Lu Yi, won’t Meng Jin have problems because of that? What if he gets punished?” asked Tian Chi, bringing Lin Feng back to his senses. He had a bad feeling.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed, he said to Meng Qing, “Meng Qing, stay here. Brother Tian Chi and I are going to see him.”

“Alright, Lin Feng, let’s go!” Tian Chi nodded. They quickly left the courtyard.


In another mansion…

Two white-bearded old men with swords on their backs looked grim.

“You little bastard, Meng Jin! You dared let enemies in, they killed Lu Yi… You will be executed for that! Guards, bring him to the execution field, torture him before killing him!” shouted one of the elders suddenly.

One of them was the managing elder, his eyes filled with murder. Five disciples came into the room and grabbed Meng Jin.

Meng Jin ground his teeth and struggled to break free. However, with the strength of the second Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he couldn’t do much.

“Release me! Elder! You’re only doing this because Lu Li is a chief disciple and my brother is an ordinary disciple of Sword Mountain. Release me! I want to see the executioner!” Meng Jin’s face was red with anger.

The elder burst into laughter and smiled cruelly.

“Hmph! Indeed, I prefer Lu Li. He’s a chief disciple, he has privileges because he has a higher rank. He could become one of the ten great elders soon, then his rank would be the same as mine.

“Meng Jin, if I don’t protect him, how could I do my job peacefully when he becomes an elder as well? How could we cooperate?”

“Hehe, therefore, I can only punish you, Meng Jin. If I don’t, Lu Li won’t let me off.

“Guards, come and capture him, torture him before killing him!” shouted the elder again. The five guards grabbed Meng Jin so tightly he began to bleed. They were going to bring him to the execution field.

“Stop, managing elder. Be merciful.” Someone appeared in the mansion and knelt down while cupping their fist respectfully.

“Oh? Meng Ke, your brother committed a crime. You can’t save him. You also want to commit an offense?” said the managing elder evilly yet softly.

He couldn’t treat Meng Ke as aggressively as Meng Jin, because Meng Ke had a good network. Chen Zhan was also one of the ten chief disciples and his rank was a little bit higher than Lu Li’s, so the managing elder didn’t dare offend Chen Zhan.

“Managing elder, I heard that the person Meng Jin allowed in is not ordinary, he’s…”

“Hmph! Of course he’s not ordinary, how could an ordinary person kill Lu Yi?! He’s just an insolent bastard! After Meng Jin, I will also take care of that young man. Lu Li will be satisfied. I am a managing elder, I know how to do my job,” the managing elder immediately interrupted Meng Ke. Then he waved again and the five guards continued walking away with Meng Jin.

Meng Ke was extremely nervous. He couldn’t ask Chen Zhan for help because they were fellow disciples. Lu Li’s brother had been killed, Chen Zhan couldn’t prevent those involved from being killed, so he was panicking. His brother was the only person he still had in his life.

“Stop. I killed Lu Yi, leave Meng Jin alone. Release him now!” announced someone at that moment. People raised their heads and saw Lin Feng and Tian Chi slowly walking towards them.

Lin Feng was wearing a black robe, a talisman on his belt. He looked quite calm. When he saw the managing elder, he smiled icily.

“You’re the criminal Meng Jin let in without asking anyone else?” frowned the managing elder. He could see that Lin Feng didn’t seem ordinary. His Qi was thick and he was forthright.

The managing elder could imagine that the one who had dared kill Lu Yi was daring and bold. But he was the managing elder, he had to protect the disciples of Sword Mountain. Thinking about that, he made up his mind.

“Guards, capture him!” shouted the elder furiously. Instantly, a few guards threw themselves at Lin Feng.

“Piss off! You’re too weak to capture me,” sighed Lin Feng, raising his left hand. A terrifying Qi made flung the guards away screaming.

Instantly, the atmosphere became oppressive. The managing elder’s expression also changed drastically. He had never seen a young man who was able to dispose of a few guards like that.

The managing elder was nervous and asked, “Who are you?”

“Elder, he is Lin Feng,” said Meng Ke.

It was like the crowd had been struck by lightning. The managing elder’s expression changed drastically.

He understood what that meant. Lin Feng had become a small legend in the City of Gods recently. He had dazzled during the Top-Class Great Competition. He had killed Duan Zhe Dao, Feng Gu, and even an elder of the Sealing Clan, Feng Yi Yuan.

Everybody knew Feng Yi Yuan in the City of Gods, 25th on the Gods’ List… but Lin Feng had killed him anyway.

It meant that Lin Feng was also 25th on the Gods’ List now. Who would dare offend him?

“Why… why didn’t you say that earlier?” shouted the managing elder furiously, glaring at Meng Ke.

Meng Ke smiled icily. He had wanted to tell him, but the elder had interrupted him. When Meng Ke saw the elder’s expression change, he was angry, but he knew that in this world, strength was everything.

“Are you really Lin Feng? The one who… killed Feng Yi Yuan…?”

“I am Lin Feng yes, you have a problem?” replied Lin Feng indifferently.

The managing elder smiled and shook his head. He couldn’t afford to offend Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had killed Feng Yi Yuan. That managing elder had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer as well, but he was much weaker than Feng Yi Yuan, so Lin Feng could kill him as well. “I wouldn’t dare!”

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