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Chapter 281: Lin Feng vs. Xie Chao Yu

Chapter 281: Lin Feng vs. Xie Chao Yu

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“Hehe, Brother Lin, you shouldn’t make such jokes,” said Xie Chao Yu, smiling mockingly.

“He’s not joking, he really killed Feng Yi Yuan,” said the managing elder, walking closer to Xie Chao Yu.

Xie Chao Yu’s expression changed to astonishment. How was that possible? Lin Feng had really killed Feng Yi Yuan?

Feng Yi Yuan was one of the great elders of the Sealing Clan, his rank was just below the main vice-elder and the main elder, he was very strong! Yet Lin Feng had killed him?

“Seriously?” asked Xie Chao Yu. He looked nervous, and didn’t sneer anymore.

“Yes, it’s true. Therefore, today…” said the managing elder, whispering something to Xie Chao Yu.

When Xie Chao Yu heard that, he glanced at Lin Feng, and after remaining silent for a short while, he nodded indifferently and said, “Alright, I accept.”

“Alright, good, haha, good!” said the managing elder. He was relieved, afraid Xie Chao Yu would refuse his proposition. But in the end, he had accepted. The managing elder was very happy. He would probably regain his reputation now.

Thinking about it the managing elder happily walked up to Lin Feng and smiled broadly. “Lin Feng, young friend, Xie Chao Yu would like to challenge you. Do you accept?”

“Oh? Xie Chao Yu wants to fight against me?” Even though Lin Feng understood what was going on, he pretended to be surprised.

The managing elder nodded quickly. It seemed he had a well-thought-out plan. He said cheerfully, “Indeed. Xie Chao Yu is 29th in the rankings and you’re 25th. Therefore, he wants to exchange views on cultivation with you. Of course, if he wins, he’ll be 25th and if you lose, there won’t be terrible consequences, either.”

“But will you accept?” the managing elder said provocatively. He was trying to push Lin Feng so he couldn’t refuse. But Lin Feng didn’t intend to refuse, anyway.


“Brother Lin Feng, don’t. You don’t need to accept! You’re a guest here. You don’t need to accept a challenge here. Xie Chao Yu has meditated in seclusion for a while, he…”

Meng Ke didn’t even give Lin Feng time to speak, he started a monologue and shook his head continuously.

Lin Feng just smiled indifferently and shook his head, “Don’t worry. We’re just going to exchange views on cultivation. I don’t have much to lose, right? Don’t worry. I feel confident,” said Lin Feng, smiling easily and walked over to Xie Chao Yu. He nodded indifferently to indicate he had accepted the challenge.

Xie Chao Yu watched Lin Feng, remaining vigilant, but he still underestimated Lin Feng a little.

“I hope I didn’t offend you, Brother Lin!” said Xie Chao Yu. He disappeared, and many people gasped with amazement. Some people already thought that Lin Feng was going to lose. Even as they were thinking that, Lin Feng disappeared as well. They gasped in amazement again.

Everybody ran to the windows, the two fighters were already outside. Many people rushed out of the mansion to watch the two fighters high in the sky.

“Bird Cage!” shouted Xie Chao Yu. He raised his hands, and some gigantic vines appeared. They turned into a cage, moving towards Lin Feng and surrounding him. The cage began to shrink quickly, and was about to reach Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled icily. He raised his left hand, now as sharp as a sword. White lights flashed and the cage broke apart. He released his brightness strength.

Demon lights flashed around him, like a floating demon god. He threw his hands at Xie Chao Yu, who shouted and threw a punch.

The two terrifying kinds of strength collided. The disciples who were watching all darted away to avoid the residual energies.

When the terrifying energies dispersed. Lin Feng stood in the same place. Xie Chao Yu was forced back and flashed away. Lin Feng remained focused.

The disciples of Sword Mountain were quite strong. This man was already a cultivator of the eight Holy Spirit Emperor layer, his rank was probably higher than Chen Zhan’s. He was at least in the top five in Sword Mountain.

Lin Feng was completely focused.

“Aggressive King Punch!” shouted Lin Feng, throwing a punch at Xie Chao Yu. Xie Chao Yu remained focused as well, raising his hands to defend himself… but when Lin Feng’s fist reached him, his defense instantly broke.

Xie Chao Yu’s expression fell. He took a hundred steps back and spun around to alleviate the pressure. He raised his left hand and a weapon appeared, a golden spear. He had shed lots of blood using it.

Lin Feng responded quickly, raising his left hand and taking out his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. It shot straight towards Xie Chao Yu, and collided with his spear. Sparks dazzled all around.

Lin Feng was pushed back a few steps, while Xie Chao Yu was blown away.

Lin Feng smiled coldly as he flashed away and released space and time Dao and entered another space. Xie Chao Yu threw his spear, but Lin Feng was safe in his parallel space.

Lin Feng threw a punch, aiming at Xie Chao Yu’s chest. Xie Chao Yu frantically used his arms to stop the attack, but Lin Feng’s attack pierced through and smashed him away again. But Xie Chao Yu was not Lu Li. He landed on the ground and disappeared.

Lin Feng had a bad premonition. He flashed away, creating a space and time cage, which broke apart. A spear appeared under Xie Chao Yu’s feet and shot towards Lin Feng extremely quickly.

Lin Feng landed on the edge of the mansion heavily, and threw out a punch to push Xie Chao Yu back. At the same time, he also threw out his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword. It was so fast that it emitted a sonic boom.

The gigantic sword cut through the air towards Xie Chao Yu’s spear. Xie Chao Yu threw a punch, but the Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword howled like tens of thousands of demon beasts. He was so frightened he started running away.

“That’s exactly what I wanted you to do.” When Lin Feng saw Xie Chao Yu retreating, he smiled broadly. He raised his left hand and pointed at the sky with his finger, chanting some incantations silently, only his lips moving.

Xie Chao Yu’s eyes glittered. An incredible Qi whistled for dozens of meters around him. Even though he couldn’t hear anything, he understood he couldn’t compete with such a terrifying Qi.

It was the Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell, Lin Feng had cast it while fighting, and Xie Chao Yu was already in the middle of it.

However, Xie Chao Yu didn’t want to submit. He lifted his spear, ready to break the deployment spell.

“It’s over. It proves that my reputation isn’t undeserved,” said Lin Feng, smiling blandly. He stowed his Ten Thousand Dragons Demon Sword, raised his left hand, and his deployment spell disappeared.

Xie Chao Yu was infuriated.  He raised his spear and ran towards Lin Feng, his eyes bloodshot. He felt humiliated. He had just one thing in mind at that moment… kill Lin Feng!

“Enough! You lost! You’re humiliating yourself now!” shouted a voice suddenly. It came from the mansion.

The atmosphere went silent. Someone appeared in front of Lin Feng at the same time, and blocked Xie Chao Yu’s spear. Xie Chao Yu frowned when he saw the old man in front of him.

“Greetings, Elder of Punishments!”

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