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Chapter 282: Elder of Punishments

Chapter 282: Elder of Punishments

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“Fellow disciple, you’re back?”

The managing elder looked surprised when he saw the old man appear. He was worried and nervous. He immediately bowed hand over fist and called him “fellow disciple”.

Lin Feng had his back to the old man. The atmosphere around the Elder of Punishments was oppressive. His Qi was much more powerful than the managing elder’s. He had at least the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor, maybe even the top of the ninth layer.

Lin Feng turned around and saw the old man’s face. The old man’s eyes glittered, as if he could see through people. He also looked stern, cold, and stable. His skin was dark from a dark aura.

“LAW ENFORCEMENT” was written on the chest of his robe. He was one of the top three elders in Sword Mountain. The two other main elders were the Mountain Protecting Elder and the Cabinet Protecting Elder.

“Xie Chao Yu, you lost, you have to accept it. If you don’t, you will never catch up with him,” declared the Elder of Punishments, glancing at Lin Feng.

Xie Chao Yu’s expression fell grimly. He clenched his fists, shouted “Yes, Elder!” and then flashed away, leaving the area.

The Elder of Punishments nodded, satisfied by Xie Chao Yu’s reaction. At least Xie Chao Yu was emotionally stable. Thinking about that, the Elder of Punishments looked at Lin Feng in surprise. He smiled thinly and said, “Hehe, the young man the Assassin God noticed is pretty strong, as expected.”

“Thank you, Master, you’re flattering me,” replied Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist and smiling humbly. He was both modest and polite.

“Haha, good! The younger generations will surpass us in time! Young man, would you dare come to the Court of Punishment with me?” The Elder of Punishments smiled fiercely when he asked Lin Feng that question.

A false smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face and he answered, “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

“Haha, good, come with me!” said the Elder of Punishments. He burst into laughter and disappeared. Lin Feng followed the Elder of Punishments after waving at Tian Chi, Meng Jin, and Meng Ke.


Tian Chi and his two fellow disciples rushed away. The managing elder, another elder and some guards remained behind.

The managing elder looked furious, but he didn’t say anything.

“Hehe, managing elder, don’t be angry. Don’t worry about Lu Li, he shouldn’t cause trouble anymore,” said the other elder, smiling mockingly.

The managing elder looked glum and asked, “Elder Lie Huo, why do you say that?”

When Elder Lie Huo saw that, he smiled and shook his head, then said slowly, “Managing elder, even though Lu Li is one of the ten chief disciples, he’s only the ninth one. Xie Chao Yu is fourth and Lin Feng defeated him, you understand what that means?

“It means that Lin Feng is abnormally talented. You shouldn’t have bad relations with Lin Feng because of Lu Li. You shouldn’t offend him anymore.

“Don’t forget that the Elder of Punishments never compliments any disciple but the three top ones.

“Now he had already complimented Lin Feng. So, don’t lose a big thing for a small one. Even though you have good relations to Lu Li’s teacher, it’s not worth it…” said Elder Lie Huo.

His words felt like sharp blades. Cold sweat appeared on the managing elder’s forehead. He felt awkward and smiled wryly. He couldn’t afford to offend Lin Feng, Elder Lie Huo was right. Being ranked 25th sufficed to make many influential groups feel vigilant.

The managing elder sighed, rolled up his sleeves, and left. Elder Lie Huo ended up alone in the hall.


The Court of Punishment was three li northeast from the main hall. It was also a big palace, but it was more resplendent than the palace of the managing elder. The Court of Punishment was also daunting, the Qi there bringing despair. At the front of the building were two bodies without heads dripping blood.

“LAW ENFORCEMENT” was written in big letters at the front. There were also two swords hanging the main gate, it seemed that they could fall anytime and behead anyone who might pass under.

“What? Are you afraid to come in because of the powerful Qi?”shouted a voice, bringing Lin Feng back to his senses. He smiled and rushed into the building.

The palace was composed of ten rooms made of bluestone. The doors were all golden. Horrible screams kept echoing through the palace. The Elder of Punishments was seated in the meeting room in the middle of the building. There were torture rooms all around.

“I admire your state of mind, Master,” said Lin Feng. The Elder of Punishments was chuckling as he watched Lin Feng. Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and smiled. Living in such a place, the Elder of Punishments heard screams all day long, hopeless shrieks all night. If someone didn’t have an advanced understanding of life and death and spent longer periods of time in there, they would inevitably go crazy.

Lin Feng had an advanced understanding of life and death, especially after having broken through thanks to the Assassin God’s help. Even though he wasn’t an enlightened being, his life and death Dao was already level seven, and he could easily withstand those screams and the smell of death in the place.

“Have a seat. Don’t feel awkward,” said the Elder of Punishments. He raised his left hand and a blood-red chair appeared in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng sat down face to face with the Elder of Punishments.

“Are you afraid in the Court of Punishment?” asked the Elder of Punishments deeply.

Lin Feng smiled casually and asked, “What did you invite me here for? To play chess? Chat? Or study the Way?”

Lin Feng didn’t reply directly. The Elder of Punishments’ expression shifted, but then he shook his head and smiled wryly. “I had heard about you, I didn’t know what to think or believe. Now that I saw you defeat Xie Chao Yu, I am impressed.

“Young man, I have to admit that you’re definitely qualified and strong enough to draw the attention of someone like the Assassin God.”

“But the Court of Punishment is not an ordinary place. Even the top three disciples of Sword Mountain can’t spend more than three hours here, I wonder whether…

“Master, I have a chessboard, let’s have a few games,” said Lin Feng, interrupting the elder. He raised his left hand and a chessboard appeared in midair.

It was the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. The rules of the Chessboard were different: the players played with Dao, deployment spells and constellations.

When the Elder of Punishments saw the Chessboard, he was surprised, even if it was a very ordinary holy weapon.

“Alright, even though there’s a huge age difference between you and me, I’ll play with you like an older and a younger brother. Let’s see what abilities you think you have to challenge me to a chess game. Haha!”

“Please, Master,” said Lin Feng, smiling easily when he saw the elder smile wholeheartedly. He raised his left hand and golden lights surrounded the chessboard. When they penetrated into it, Qi suddenly moved towards the Elder of Punishments extremely quickly.

“Alright, haha! I’ll show you!”

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