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Chapter 283: Three Days and Three Nights! Incredible!

Chapter 283: Three Days and Three Nights! Incredible!

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The Elder of Punishments put a finger on the chessboard. Stars appeared and moved like water. They instantly pierced through Lin Feng’s thread of Qi, but Lin Feng didn’t mind. That was what chess was about, tricks and countering every move.

Lin Feng smiled lightly. He raised his left hand and lights flashed above the chessboard again. A space and time cage appeared around the Elder of Punishments’ stars. Absorbing strength emerged and the stars slowly vanished. Lin Feng had countered the Elder of Punishments’ move.

The Elder of Punishments looked stupefied, before smiling in satisfaction. If Lin Feng had lost after one move, he wouldn’t have been qualified to sit there, right?

“Young friend, try again!” exclaimed the Elder of Punishments. He threw out his left hand, sharp lights moved straight towards Lin Feng’s head, but they didn’t reach his head, they collided with the chessboard. The space and time cage’s Qi became much weaker, about to break.

“Elder, you like to bully kids! Hehe!” Lin Feng chided. He used his left hand and the cage above the chessboard disappeared, but the space and time energy became even more dazzling and took control over the whole chessboard. The Elder of Punishments instantly lost a piece.

The Elder of Punishments was quite puzzled. He had underestimated Lin Feng!

“Haha, good, young man, I underestimated you. I won’t be polite anymore. I’m not letting you win!” said the Elder of Punishments. He hadn’t felt so excited in a long time. He lowered his hand again and made another move.

The two continued playing, using various tricks. They were extremely focused, no matter what was happening outside, they didn’t care, totally ignoring the screams echoing about.


Time passed slowly…

“What’s going on? The Elder of Punishments and Lin Feng are not coming out?”

The two disciples who were guarding the building looked intrigued. The Court of Punishment was still closed.

“Hasn’t Lin Feng been inside for more than three hours already?” asked a disciple. He was astonished.

The disciple on the right suddenly looked grave, and nodded, “Indeed, more than three hours already. Maybe the Elder of Punishments released pure Qi to protect him?”

“Right, the three top disciples relied on their own strength inside, and only managed to stay around two hours.”


“Elder of Punishments, it’s my turn.” said Lin Feng, laughing freely. He released brightness strength, six pieces dazzled with different colors and different sorts of Qi.

“You watch!” said the Elder of Punishments. He was having fun. He released strength and destroyed five of Lin Feng’s pieces. One piece remained.

The Elder of Punishments looked stupefied, raising his left hand and putting one of his pieces right in front of Lin Feng’s piece to prevent him from moving forwards.

Lin Feng frowned, but quickly moved again.

At that moment, more than ten hours had already passed. Neither of them realized it.

The disciples outside were astonished. They could imagine that the Elder of Punishments had used pure Qi to protect Lin Feng after three hours, but over ten hours had passed, how could the Elder of Punishments protect Lin Feng for over ten hours? Why would he?

Even if the Elder of Punishments was extremely strong, he couldn’t waste his own pure Qi to help Lin Feng stay in there, they weren’t even friends, or teacher and disciple, either… therefore, the disciples understood that Lin Feng was probably relying solely on his own strength.

“How scary. The three top disciples struggled to stay in there for two hours, Lin Feng has been in there for over ten hours and he’s still not coming out.”

“Maybe the Elder of Punishments got furious for some reason and killed him?”

“Nah, unlikely. The Elder of Punishments invited him, how could he get angry at him?”

“He’s a beast. Everybody must be talking about this in Sword Mountain right now,” the disciples sighed at the same time. They were right, everybody in Sword Mountain knew that Lin Feng had been in the Court of Punishment for over ten hours already and was still in there!


The leader, the vice-leaders, the managing elder, the Mountain Protecting Elder, and the Cabinet Protecting Elder all gathered outside of the Court of Punishment.

When the two disciples who were guarding the place saw the incredibly strong cultivators, they hid in the crowd. They didn’t dare say anything.

The managing elder looked confused. He regretted that he had behaved that way the previous day.

“Managing Elder, are you sure that the one the Elder of Punishments invited in was Lin Feng?” asked a middle-aged man in white clothes next to the managing elder. An illusory blue sword was floating above his head. His hair was hanging to his shoulders, and he was surrounded by sword Qi.

“Indeed, Cabinet Protecting Elder, it was Lin Feng.”

“I see.” said the Cabinet Protecting Elder. He remained silent when he heard the managing elder. The man in blue next to him didn’t say anything. Everybody understood that the Cabinet Protecting Elder was even more interested in Lin Feng.

“Let’s see how long Lin Feng can stay in there,” said one of the vice-leaders. Everybody stared at the Court of Punishment.

It was as if those in the torture rooms had sensed the terrifying Qi which came from outside, so the screams stopped. Lin Feng and the Elder of Punishments continued playing chess.

“Young friend, the Qi outside… you…?”

“Master, I am quite fine. I can sense the Qi outside, but I’m still here,” said Lin Feng, interrupting the Elder of Punishments and smiling indifferently.

The Elder of Punishments laughed, he admired people like Lin Feng. No matter who the winner would be, he appreciated Lin Feng as a person!

“Young friend, my turn!” shouted the Elder of Punishments. Golden lights appeared all around the chessboard as if it was going to break. If the chessboard broke, Lin Feng’s strategy would be ruined.

“Master, you’re not very kind, hehe!” said Lin Feng, laughing cheerfully. He raised his hands, put them on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and released brightness strength to block the Elder of Punishments’ move.

The Elder of Punishments remained silent, looking thoughtful. Lin Feng had already put twenty pieces on the chessboard and they were in a line, one more piece and he’d win.

{Translator’s note: for more info on Chinese chess, }

The first one who managed to put another piece would win.

But at the same time, they both looked thoughtful, and time continued flowing by…


One day.

Two days.

Three days.

Three days and three nights had passed. Nobody was moving. The elders, vice leaders, and leaders outside were astonished. They had never seen anyone who was able to stay in the Court of Punishment for three days and nights… apart from the Elder of Punishments, of course!

But Lin Feng did it. Lin Feng was only the second person after the Elder of Punishments who had managed to do that.

“Master, after having channeled all these energies, the chessboard is now not weaker than a medium-level godly imperial weapon. Haha! Thank you very much, Master!” said Lin Feng suddenly, laughing as he stood up and put the chessboard away.

The Elder of Punishments’ expression changed to someone dumbstruck. He looked embarrassed as he sighed, “Stinky young man, you wanted me to play with you to help you improve your chessboard?”

“Hehe, not only. I initially wanted to ask you to teach me some things, but you controlled your strength to have the same strength as me and help me, I feel infinitely grateful,” Lin Feng said jokingly. He was teasing the Elder of Punishments!

“Anyway, you stayed in here for three days and three nights, you’re a beast, extremely talented. If Sword Mountain rejects someone like you, I will be the first one to get angry. Hmph!” the Elder of Punishments grunted. He abruptly looked very serious; Sword Mountain had to do all it could to raise Lin Feng. It would be extremely beneficial for Sword Mountain! Favoring Lu Li would be a terrible mistake!

“Alright, let’s go out. It’ll be fun to see the expressions of those outside. Hahaha!” the Elder of Punishments laughed. He rolled up his sleeves and opened the gate of the Court of Punishment, going out first.

Lin Feng followed him.

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng, the beast who had spent three days and three nights inside the Court of Punishment.

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    Nope Nope Nope definitely not Xiangqi. The plot above state something about putting in chess pieces. There are no adding of pieces in Xiangqi, in fact xiangqi rules are almost similar to the usual western chess where you try to defeat and take off your opponent’s pieces, until you can checkmate the king (or General, in xiangqi’s term). i suspect it is something more like Go.

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    It sounds like gungi.hxh style.
    Also he leveled up his board.woot woot

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